For many of you, that first human incarnation was when Gaia called for help before the fall of Atlantis....Just as we are now, many of you had been in the state of the pure, formless consciousness of the eighth through tenth dimensions when you first decided to answer Gaia’s call. Beyond the tenth dimension, your light cannot be contained in form....We know that many of you came, not from Arcturus, but from other Star Systems. However, you all had lives of spiritual awakening in which you had the opportunity to visit, integrate, become one and ascend with other galactic civilizations. In this manner, you have prepared for the ascension process of Earth.










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We are the Arcturians, welcoming you back to our Corridor of transmutation. With your Third Eye opened, you will begin to remember the details of your true, Multidimensional SELF. When you are maintaining the habit of the third dimensional individuality, you have less memory of your SELF. On the other hand, once your Third Eye is opened you begin to live within the Flow of the ONE, and the memory of your greater SELF gradually returns. In fact, we ask you now to remember when you first decided to take on the challenge of inhabiting a third dimensional earth vessel. Free yourself of any self-doubt and quietly receive the information. Your answer may be in the form of words, a memory or an image.


For many of you, that first human incarnation was when Gaia called for help before the fall of Atlantis. Visualize the expression of your SELF who is holding only a faint form of wavering light. There is no concept of two legs as walking has not yet been experienced. Instead you Flow, which feels like you are floating in an upright position. Your arms are extensions of light that Flow out from your Center, the source of your unconditional love. This Center is the location of your High Heart in your third dimensional reality.


Shining up from your Center is your Universal Mind, your Control Tower. Your Universal Mind is a transmuting device, which receives the highest frequency of multidimensional light that your form will allow. The frequency of your Lightbody changes as you travel the frequency spectrum of possible realities. Your Control Tower shares this light with your Center where the Multidimensional Light is received and translated into the Light Language of unconditional love.


Just as we are now, many of you had been in the state of the pure, formless consciousness of the eighth through tenth dimensions when you first decided to answer Gaia’s call. Beyond the tenth dimension, your light cannot be contained in form. In fact, on your journey from the eighth dimensional resonance to answer Gaia’s call, you had to stop on Venus to prepare for your descent. While on Venus, you slowly lowered your resonance to the fifth, then fourth dimension so that you could be contained within an earthen vessel. Even then you had to lower your resonance even further in order to enter the physical body.




Can you remember now what a tremendous sacrifice you made when you so drastically lowered your resonance to assist Earth? Feel the power of your unconditional love that you would make such a sacrifice for your sister, Gaia. Before our ascension, we Arcturians, along with the Pleiadians, Sirians, Orions, Niburians and even some Andromedans, along with as others, had all spent time on the body of Gaia. We were in the “youth” of our civilization and made many mistakes that left psychic scars on Her body, Earth. 


Nonetheless, Gaia was always a loving Mother and patiently watched over our childhood and adolescent development. She forgave us when we experimented with our adult power by creating wars that damaged Her body, Then, finally, she loved us when we evolved enough to find new homes on different planets, galaxies and dimensions to continue our transition into the fifth dimension and beyond.


Therefore, how could we deny Her call? How, in Her time of need, when She had always been so loving and patient with us, could we deny Her call? Hence we answered her and lowered our resonance enough to inhabit her planet once again. In fact, we volunteered to remain on the cycle of death and re-birth of third dimensional form until Her time of ascension arrived. That time is NOW. Blessings BE to all of you—all of us—who have now taken a third dimensional form one last time in order to repay our Mother Gaia for all she has done for us.


We know that many of you came, not from Arcturus, but from other Star Systems. However, you all had lives of spiritual awakening in which you had the opportunity to visit, integrate, become one and ascend with other galactic civilizations. In this manner, you have prepared for the ascension process of Earth. Now, in your current ascension life on Earth, you will call upon the lessons that your Multidimensional SELF has learned in your previous experiences of ascension back into a higher expression of your SELF. Again, do not doubt yourself. Just allow the information to enter your consciousness when you are ready to receive it.




dec2With the opening of your Third Eye, your multidimensional memory will return. For example, you may even remember the moment before you were “born” into this very important ascension life. Allow your consciousness to return to the moment in which you took your current earth vessel. Visualize yourself, as a Lightbody, overlooking the small growing vessel in the womb of the woman who was to be your Mother. You were completely aware of the many dramas and scenarios you would face in your soon-to-be reality. In fact, you chose them to prepare your Earth Self for your participation in Gaia’s ascension.


You knew that, above all, it would be vital that you awaken. To miss the conscious ascension that you had planned for in myriad lives would not be allowable. We remind you that, although you entered your first Earth form over ten thousand Earth years ago, most of you have chosen to incarnate in many different time zones of Gaia’s great history. From the higher dimensions, there is no restriction as to the time zone in which you may choose to incarnate. Therefore, you may have had many lives before the fall of Atlantis. In fact, you likely chose to inhabit Lemuria, as well as Atlantis during its peak. In this manner, you could better understand how each came to its demise.


You have all experienced other realities in many time zones and dimensions before taking the particular stream of consciousness that you now experience as yourself. Please remember that YOU are a great, multidimensional being who simultaneously experiences infinite streams of consciousness within the NOW of the ONE. In fact, we see that you are now remembering that fact. We ask you to return to the exact moment before you entered your form in your present life.


See that moment in your imagination. From the perspective of your radiant Lightbody, you recognize your Mother and other family members from alternate realities. You can also see the events that will likely occur in that life, because YOU have planned them as opportunities for awakening. From the perspective of your Lightbody, you are somewhat detached from these ensuing challenges, but you hold great compassion and unconditional love for this soon-to-be grounded expression of your Multidimensional SELF.


You realize how courageous you are to allow your great consciousness to be held in such a small, helpless vessel. Therefore, you open your mighty heart, which is directly connected to Source, and gradually send the birthing vessel unconditional love. You realize that this newborn portion of your SELF is of a very low resonance, so you slowly and carefully send your unconditional love. The newborn’s first in-breath accepts your unconditional love, as well as the spirit light of your breath, into its small form.




As you extend your consciousness into the new vessel, you remember the limitations of matter. At this moment of new life, you hold great love and empathy for the ensuing challenges of your newest expression of SELF. You promise this new being that you will always be within. Since you are multidimensional, you are no longer limited to only one reality. However, you know that your grounded self will likely forget you in the midst of third dimensional illusions. You are aware that your consciousness, held within this new, grounded expression, will suffer in a manner that is unknown in your higher dimensional realities.


On the other hand, you are confident that your grounded consciousness will grow from that suffering and find a way to use it to awaken to your true, multidimensional nature. You feel the density close in on the portion of you that has entered that form. You feel the rapid beating of your small heart, and the dreaded sensation of separation. Oh, you had forgotten how that feels, to be alone within a small vessel. You hear your vessel crying and feel the sensation of cold. You know now how it will go with you mother, but you also know that you will soon forget. You will forget it all, for you will forget your SELF.


Already, you can feel how your multidimensional nature is too much for your small brain to register. Quickly, while your multidimensional memory is still intact, you use the force of your unconditional love to embed a light message into the unconscious mind of your new brain. Knowing that this message will become conscious when you awaken, you lovingly sing into the heart and mind of your new vessel,



Great Being of Light, I want you to Know
How your true SELF appears as you travel the Flow

Your vessel of Light floats the great Cosmic Sea
The gift of your love is abundant and free

The planet's your SELF, the Sun your dear friend
Their message of Light, you accept and then send

The stars in your System are ONE with your Knowing
You work as ONE unit for the Path you are showing

Your Being expands to the heart of the Galaxy
As you accept and embrace your unending odyssey

The Home you once sought, you’ve found deep within
And the new life you’re making is about to begin

You’re ONE with your SELF and the “SELF” of each other
Your mind is your Father, your heart is your Mother

You have found and returned to the Flow of all life
To be free of the fear and above all the strife

To know of your SELF as a family of light
Gives rise to vast wisdom, pure love and great might

From the core of the ONE you remember each day
There is ALWAYS a reason and FOREVER a way

To find your great light you look deep inside
Where only love lives and fear cannot hide

Your bright inner light finds life all around 
Where peace, love and beauty exist and abound

You may lose your great blessing to the jaws of illusion
And fall into the depths of fear and confusion

But your family of Light will open your eyes
So you can remember, all life is a prize

A prize, free for the taking, just ask and you’ll have it
Thought fear's an old friend, and worse yet, it's a habit

Yet, if you call to your family to remember your Being
You will enter their feeling, their hearing and seeing

With your family of light around you once more
You can never feel empty, lonely or poor

The wealth of pure spirit lives at ONE with your Soul
As you travel the cosmos, once again, you are whole! 

Click here for the Audio of this poem.

“Dear new expression of myself, always remember that you are not alone. 
You are a member of a great Galactic Family. 
Remember me, dear ONE, remember your Multidimensional SELF.”



dec4When you hear this message and remember your SELF and your Galactic Family who lives within, you can more easily remember that you joined the hologram of third dimensional life, not from above, but from within. From your third dimensional mind you are accustomed to being outside of things. Therefore, when you wish to experience something, you go into it from the outside.


On the other hand, with your opened Third Eye you are remembering that all life is inside you. Consequently, when you travel inter-dimensionally, you do so from inside of your imagination, mind, emotions and consciousness. The higher dimensions are not higher up above your head; they are deeper into the core of your SELF. The further and further you go IN to your SELF, you will experience higher and higher frequencies of reality. See your SELF as a spiral of light, such as a torsion wave, that is moving deeper and deeper IN to your consciousness. Experience how your light circle becomes tighter and tighter and it vibrates faster and faster.


dec5This journey is replicated in your body in the cochlea of your inner ear. The outside of the cochlea holds the lower frequencies, such as the frequencies that create the third dimension. Then the center of the Cochlea holds the mid frequencies, such as the frequencies that hold the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is visited by your consciousness every night in your dreams. Therefore, it is a well-known waypoint along your inner journey. As you go further within, you move past the fourth dimension and into the fifth.


Your inner journey begins with the familiar rhythm or space and time, which are greatly altered by the mutable time and space of the fourth dimension. As your consciousness expands, it raises in frequency and creates brainwaves that create higher and higher states of consciousness, the boundaries of time and space blur more and more into the now. Therefore, as you enter the core of your consciousness, the frequency is so high that it can no longer be measured by the limitations of the third dimensional world and can only be perceived as HERE and NOW. 

dec6It is at this point that perceptions and languages of the third dimension become completely extinct. Human language has been based on organizing sounds and words in a sequential order that take a certain amount of “time” to hear, read or speak.  Therefore, these language systems are obsolete in a reality that is free of ALL concepts of time and space. A crop circle is a physical representation of Light Language in which one picture relays a huge amount of information in ONE moment of perception. A crop circle is embedded into a field of grain, whereas a Light Language message is embedded into the receiver’s consciousness.


Light Language is images, like a crop circles, that activate patterns of perception in the higher consciousness (higher brainwaves) of the receiver. What takes “time” is the translation of this message from the neural/light picture into your sequential 3D language. These messages of Light Language from us, as well as from our entire Galactic Family, are being sent to everyone. The grounded ones who are “channeling” our messages have gradually, or suddenly, awakened to their ability to connect their higher consciousness with their voice and hands to speak and/or write the translation of our Light Language into third-dimensional, sequential language.


However, this type of translation has already become passé, as many of the “new children” can understand and communicate Light Language without the burden of translation. Unfortunately, like all vanguards of change on a fear-based, polarized reality, these awakened ones are too often judged as having a “problem.” Instead, they should be recognized as having evolved perceptions and cognitive abilities.


We salute these brave ones who chose to enter Earth at this moment of transition. They have had to bear the prejudice of judgment by those who are, in fact, less evolved. However, their Souls knew the challenge they would face. They also knew that, eventually, they would be called upon to be inter-dimensional translators. The technology that will carry you into the New Age is based on the circular patterns of light and the science of holographic perception.


As you move deeper into your core, you will realize that it is YOU who is projecting a portion of your Beingness into the external holographic projection of the third dimension. Within that projection there are many portals through which you can log-out of the hologram and return to your “real world” in the higher dimensions. This process of logging-out can be confusing at first, for there are as many versions of “reality” as you can imagine. Therefore, when you log-out of the hologram, to which real world do you wish to return?


In other words, when you return to you SELF, to which SELF do you wish to return? THAT is how powerful you truly are! Your earth vessel is merely the character that you have chosen to wear while you are logged in to the 3D Hologram. Fortunately, as you continue to awaken, you realize that you can easily maintain any portions of the holographic reality that you love, because YOU created that reality via your projection. Because of this, you can easily re-create it in the higher dimensional projections, as well.


We say “higher dimensional projections,” because when you return to your true SELF, you will at ONE with the formlessness of pure consciousness. You are all members of the ONE. You cannot lose anything, for YOU are everything! You are the creator, the observer and the participant in your holographic world. YOU have created “windows” through which you can visit HOME while within your projected life. It is vital that you remember this fact, which is why we have been talking about portals in so many of our communications. Through your personal Pineal Portal, you can connect yourprojection (your grounded self) with the projector (your Multidimensional SELF).


From the perspective of your Multidimensional SELF, you can perceive and use the many personal, planetary, galactic and cosmic Portals. More and more of these Portals will be staying open to shine the multidimensional light and unconditional love from the Galactic Center out into your world. You see, dear Ones, the Galactic Center is not “over there” across space and time. That is the projectionof the Galactic Center. You are the projector of the Galactic Center. You, every one of you, is projecting your inner perception of the Galactic Center out into and through your personal hologram.


We understand that this message may be nearly impossible to compute with the outdated Third Dimensional Operating System of your organic, computer/brain. It is imperative, that you complete the download of your new Multidimensional Operating System and switch all your cognitive functions to that system. In this manner, the linear/time-bound perceptions and cognitive abilities of your Third Dimensional Operating System will be replaced with the omni-present/infinite perceptions and cognitive abilities of your Multidimensional Operating System.


Many of you are falling out of alignment with the “normal” routines and expectations of “daily life in the third dimension.” Your Soul/SELF is creating this choice of attention in order to nudge you into full awakening. Your Soul knows that your ego can get too complacent if your attention remains too focused on your third dimensional reality. Therefore, your Soul is rattling your mental cage as a means of coercing you to release your old patterns of thought and embrace new ones.


As discussed in our last message, your primary patterns of thought are stored within your Pineal Gland, your personal inter-dimensional Portal. Fortunately, the higher frequencies of love-based thought will over-ride and replace lower frequencies of fear-based thought. Every time your Personal Portal is opened to the multidimensional light and unconditional love of the ONE, the same thought is embedded into your consciousness. As you relax into the FEEL of SELF you hear this thought, as it reminds you again:


“Dearest grounded one,
 It is time to log out of the 3D Game and come Home to your SELF. 
But first, please tell as many people as possible, 
‘You can wake up now. The dream is over!’”




As you download more and more of your Multidimensional Operating System, you become more and more aware of the holographic nature of your third dimensional reality. You begin to remember and experience the YOU inside of you who is actually projecting its consciousness into the you in the 3D Game. This memory expands your consciousness beyond Personal Consciousness and into Collective, Planetary, Galactic and even Cosmic Consciousness. You also FEEL these states of consciousness not above you, but within you. It is then that the third dimensional based illusions of UP and DOWN shift to the truth of IN and OUT.


Your new Operating System reminds you that by projecting your attention OUT, which is similar to the old concept of DOWN, you place your primary consciousness into the polarity of the hologram and further away from the ONE of your Core. Conversely, by projecting your attention IN, which is parallel to UP, pulls your consciousness IN to your core. Therefore, to log out of the 3D Hologram you “turn your attention inwards” to release your attachment to your projection (earth vessel) who is playing the 3D Game. Then, you can choose to focus your attention on the projector(Multidimensional SELF) who is creating your third dimensional experiences.


In this manner, your consciousness is placed, not in the projection of your ego self into the 3D Hologram, but in the projector of your 3D Reality, your true SELF. Since your SELF is multidimensional, you can easily participate in the 3D Game while simultaneously attending to programming and projecting OUT into your 3D Hologram your experiences of Planetary Ascension. Since your Multidimensional SELF is ONE with all life, there is no “conflict of interest,” which is so common in the 3D Game. Everyone is infinitely together within the ONE. Some projectors wish to experience being the “bad” polarity, whereas other projectors wish to experience the “good” polarity of a dualistic reality.


This shift from down to out and up to in is one of the many perceptual and cognitive paradigm shifts of your Multidimensional Operating System. The modification from polarity thinking to unity thinkingis another paradigm shift. It is this second shift that will be the most difficult to adapt to because your communication system, language, is totally based on polarity thinking. Therefore, all concepts are “I” or “not I.” In other words, all pronouns are based on individual consciousness with even “we” meaning many individuals who are temporarily joining in a certain endeavor. This individual thinking was within the Divine Plan for Earth to create the challenge of: “Can individuality exist within unity?”


dec7As your consciousness adapts to your new Multidimensional Operating System, you all naturally perceive higher and lower frequencies of light and sound. Therefore, you will consciously perceive the fourth dimensional auras of all life forms that radiate out into the hologram to intermingle with the auras of other life forms. You will be surprised to see how many inanimate objects have auras because the humans using them have left their signature pattern on that object. Over repeated use, the object begins to become sentient due to the constant infusion of the fourth dimensional aura of the one using it.


The objects that many people use will develop on a group sentience. On the other hand, the objects that are used by only one person will take on an individual sentience. This is why you can look at your car as a metaphor for your body. It is also why well-loved objects are kept as family heirlooms. A sensitive person can feel the energy of the owners on that object. Therefore, if they loved that person or family, they will love the object and want to keep it with them.


You see dear ones, all that you see is just as alive as your earth vessel for all that you see outside of you is part of the same holographic projection as your own earth vessel. You log out of this hologram when you sleep or meditate, which raises your consciousness enough to consciously operate your new Multidimensional Operating System. The manual for this system is encoded not in to your brain, but into your High Heart.


As a protection for the consciousness of the collective hologram, you can only read the Manual when your consciousness is attuned to the frequency of unconditional love. In this manner, those within the higher dimensions of the ONE can vicariously play the 3D Game with unconditional love serving as the firewall to assure that the lower frequencies of thought, intention and emotion of the 3D Game can not leak into the purity, peace and calm of those observing the Game withIN the ONE.




dec8With the opening of your Third Eye, the gap between your self and your SELF, closes. The gap of which we speak is the illusionary “distance” between your ego, grounded one and your Soul, multidimensional ONE. It is time now, beloveds, to complete the process of closing this gap. We speak to each of you specifically as well as to ALL those who receive this message in any form. If YOU are ready to receive this message, somehow it will get to you.


Closing the gap is the process of fully remembering, downloading, integrating and being your true SELF while still holding your earth vessel (participating in the 3D Game). Your earth vessel is indeed a vessel, much like your car. Just as you enter and leave your car, you exit your earth vessel every night when you’re sleeping and during deep meditation. Whenever you exit your earth vessel and direct your consciousness inwards towards the higher worlds, you strengthen the Bridge between your Personal Pineal Portal and the higher dimensions.


This Bridge is like a neural synapse in that whenever you use it, the connection between the two experiences, perceptions and/or thought patterns gets stronger. There are so many of our beautiful grounded ones have created bridges, either consciously or unconsciously, that there is a virtual highway of bridges from third dimensional Earth to fifth dimensional Terra. It is on fifth dimensional Terra that our Planetary Ascension Team holds a Light Vessel, which connects them with their third dimensional counterpart.


The closing of the gap between the two is like lassoing a horse. This horse is a great stallion of immense power and leadership abilities. Therefore, if you throw out your lasso in fear or anger, this powerful being will easily escape your grasp. On the other hand, when you throw out your lasso in unconditional love, the stallion literally steps into its loop to assist you in coming Home. In other words, your fifth dimensional SELF will “catch” your light lasso and connect it to its Core.


Take a moment to visualize the beam of light that is connecting you to your fifth dimensional SELF on Terra, fifth dimensional Earth. The way that you close the gap is not by pulling on the light lasso, but by surrendering to it. In this manner, your fifth dimensional SELF can reel you into your Core while you, its grounded part, surrenders to this process.


This exercise is a version of the Native American Sun Dance in which the “dancer” hangs from a tree via the hooks embedded in his chest. These hooks cause great pain, but it is by overcoming the pain that the “dancer” can truly surrender to the Sun, Higher Self. In the same manner, if you can fully surrender to the pain of your daily life, without inner dialogue or self-doubt, your SELF can use the mighty force of its unconditional love to more easily “close the gap” between you.




As you surrender to returning Home to the fifth dimension, the wounded fragments of your ego/self come into your consciousness. Therefore, we ask you to turn around in your mind to gather these many wounded ones into your heart. As you do so, place your point of perception in your High Heart, where you can best express unconditional love. Slowly move toward your wounded ones, arms spread wide and heart open. Just as you would swoop up beloved children, collect your wounded ones into your heart. Hold them close, even if they struggle to escape. These wounded expressions of yourself may still want to play the 3D Game, but you firmly and lovingly say,


“It is time to go Home now, my ones. I love you very much, and I won’t leave without you. I AM your Higher SELF. Therefore, I AM aware that you are afraid that you are not ‘good enough.’ I want you to know that you are perfect. In fact, you were always perfect, you just forgot.”


Encompass these wounded ones within your multidimensional light and unconditional love. With your great compassion, you realize that some of your wounded expressions are too tired to continue and too blinded by illusion to assist Gaia. Lovingly, you decide to send these ones on ahead. You call upon the many Angels that always surround you to release these wounded ones into their care. Having NEVER known illusion, the mighty Angels can embrace them with their Light and carry them off to be healed in the Mystery Temples of the Fourth Dimension.


You are likely surprised by how many of your wounded ones have decided to stay with you. Although in pain, they are Spiritual Warriors and determined to continue, for they will NOT abandon their Mother Gaia. With this decision, veil after veil of illusion is released from their consciousness. With the release and healing of your wounded ones, the gap between your body of clay and body of light is greatly diminished.


dec9You see the Angels and other higher dimensional beings around you and remember your longing to return Home to your fifth dimensional SELF. More and more of the fifth dimension is leaking into your life because the cycle is closing. You feel ready now to BE your Multidimensional SELF in daily life. You know that you will forget this feeling of confidence when you are tired, emotional or filled with stress. Nonetheless, you are confident that you will remember to decree,


“I AM ready to return to the fifth dimension.”


With this proclamation, your inner light expands to fully illuminate your Path Home, and your heart bursts open with unconditional love. As you bask in the feel of unconditional love, you begin to hear the Cosmic Quiet. The sounds of your external world are still captured by your ears, but they do not enter you mind. This Quiet rests in your Opened Third Eye, guiding your thoughts towards peace and calm.


Because your mind is silent, you can more easily feel your great longing to return Home. Without a thought, you surrender to this longing. As you do so, you experience Gaia all around you. You experience Her Light, Her longing for Home and, most of all, you experience Gaia’s unconditional love. You place your hands on your High Heart to assist you in centering your focus on the frequency of love.


Slowly the world around you begins to morph and change. You are accelerating your consciousness into the higher frequency of reality. You remain in the same place, for only your frequency changes. Your body feels lighter and lighter as you raise your resonance. Gradually you are returning to your true form of Lightbody. You float and Flow, as a deep peace begins to take root in your core. Your mind is washed clean of thought and your heart shines upon your Path.


As you follow your heart, world after world Flows past you. They do not distract you as you seek a certain frequency of reality. Slowly you feel this reality move into and through your body. You remain calm and accept these new sensations. As you surrender to the Flow of unconditional love, all sensations of movement are released. You feel only PEACE, only CALM. As you surrender to the Flow, you calmly and peacefully Flow Home.




Being Lightbody
            Audio meditation
Calibrating Peace and Calm
            Audio meditation

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