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We are the Andromedan Council of Light, and we are very excited to be connecting with you.

Somewhere deep down inside of yourselves you know who you really are, and it is your life’s work, your mission, to find that place within you. And then it is your purpose to live that truth. Once you discover who and what you really are by feeling the love blossoming from within you, then you have the task before you of showing the world that love. Some of you may do that through artwork. Some of you may do it through song. Some of you may do it through creating buildings, books, clothing, and some people just exude that love so that everyone they meet feels the love within them activated when they are in that person’s presence.

So you see, it matters not what you do. But what really matters how you do it and how much of that love you truly are you infuse into what you are doing. It is important for you to know this because it is important for you to be focused in the right direction. If you are focused outside of yourselves, and you are looking for that love to come to you from someone or something else, then you will undoubtedly stumble and fall. If you are looking to get that feeling through the accomplishments of having done something that you put out into the world and that is appreciated by others, you may also find that you hit a brick wall.

Even those who have produced amazing work there on Earth eventually do lose that experience of creativity, and when they are not producing, they can feel quite empty inside. Therefore, if you look within first and find the love that you are, and then you infuse everything you do with that love, it won’t matter so much whether anything that you do is openly appreciated by any other. You still will have infused that love into it and grounded more of Source’s love into the world. And if you can maintain the feeling of the unconditional love of Source after you do what you do, then you won’t judge it with a harsh critical human eye.

You can love all of your creations. You have the capacity to do so, and you will find that loving yourself, loving others, and loving what you do are the most satisfying experiences that you will have in your physical body while residing there on Earth. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that. If you are having trouble finding the love that is within you, it is because there is something is getting in the way. And the something might be fear, it might be sadness, it might be anger, it might be disappointment, it might be a lack of trust. Whatever it is, if you feel into it long enough, you will disintegrate it with your attention to it, and you will find that the love existed underneath it or behind it all along.

And then you can go about your mission of being that which you truly are and sending that love out to all others, even if it is only with the creation of a smile or a thank you, even if you just show compassion for another person as you move through your day, you are still sending that love that you truly are out into the world. And that is what you are meant to do. That is why we all exist, and it is what brings the most light to this universe of ours, light that we may all then enjoy together in harmony with Source. 

We are the Andromedan Council of Light, and we have enjoyed serving you in this way.

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