Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are as happy as many of you are about the disclosure that is taking place at this time on the topic of UFOs. This disclosure has been happening for quite some time, and every time that something else is disclosed, you get a bit more confirmation of what you already knew to be true. So what does this then signify for humanity? What does it mean when a country’s military announces publicly that they have seen objects in the sky that they could not account for?

We want to stop those of you who are going to see this as an intentional distraction from going there, and instead, we want you to open yourselves up to the possibility that this means more humans are ready to understand that you are not alone in the universe. From where we are sitting, that is the takeaway. Now, many of you will get very excited about sharing this with members of your family and with friends who have thought your beliefs were quite bizarre for a while now, and certainly you can take some satisfaction in knowing that you were validated.

But the much bigger picture here is how these disclosure events keep getting bigger and bigger, because that indicates that something big is going to happen there on Earth. What will happen will be much bigger than people feeling validated about their beliefs. Many people have wondered when contact with e.t.s would be openly discussed by high-ranking government officials from powerful countries. You are coming into that time now, and you can rest assured that this all means that more is coming, and more and more.

And someday you will have e.t.s walking amongst you, openly. You will be able to ride on their ships and go to faraway places, and they will share their technology with everyone. This is happening, and it’s a part of the shift in consciousness. Now, you might wonder what the relationship is between UFOs, e.t.s, and your ascension. It is quite simple, really. You need to know that you are much more than just physical bodies with brains who are living out a lifespan in a single lifetime on a single planet. You need to know that there is a bigger story to who you are, where you came from, and even how you were created to be the way you are right now as a human race.

The answers to those questions will expand consciousness there on your world. People will start to think differently, and it is okay to have something happen that then causes people to think differently. It is perfectly fine that it’s not just coming because a person meditated for twelve hours a day for twelve days straight. It is reasonable that it is happening through e.t. contact, rather than through some other spiritual practice that led to someone’s enlightenment. That is one way; that is one experience, but you don’t have to earn the expansion of your consciousness. It’s very natural for it to occur, and it is occurring, and this is a reflection to you of that.

And you can all breathe a sigh of relief because this is hard evidence that more is coming and that the more that is coming is what you have wanted for a very long time. Relax, smile, and take a deep breath, because you have made a tremendous stride forward yet again there on planet Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

**Channel: Daniel Scranton


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