talents :/

i tell many people that i don't fight and dis-believe in violence since my entire being is against it, yet in the same tocken i'm so bloody good at it!

honestly i don't understand how, but for some reason when need be i can pull off move's i never even knew possible, my brain just goes into combat mode and suddently i'm freakin unstopable, i mean almost litraly, and to be honest the main and probably only reason why i don't fight nor defend myself unless life or death is because i'm capable of so much damage, i think it's because my brain has obsorbed so much information that i just kind of tap into it when i need to!

the only problem is when that side of me is released it's because i'm in seriouse danger wich means it's hard to stop

i don't suppose that anybody on here can explain to me how i'm suddently got these mixed martial arts talents when i never studie'd or practiced any of them?

i mean i didn't even get past white belt in karate lol

i believe everything happens for a reason and i've been having wierd dreams aswell, i get the feeling that they may be linked, but for that to happen where talking about a country over-run and pretty well left for dead civilian wise!

the dreams re-accure, usually different people but they all simbolise one person i love or care for deeply and usually the guy i hate and full of jelously off, i come speeding through the road in a bike that's been altered with two samarei swords behind me guns on the side of the bike, wich the other side has wheels so i can go sideways safely and a shield and i pretty much jump off the bike after killin some army looking dude's fly through the air and use knife's and swords and even one of the guys grenade's to take out not only a tank but a car and others!

now usually i would think yer it's one those dreams after action movie's but how many time's has somebody watched a soppy love story and had that kind re-accuring dream afterwards and after getting laid?

i've had other dreams that have violence in them, and for some reason when in the face of danger i am somebody else, confident cool, fast and quick thinking and analyse the entire area plus the person and total of 6 - 8 out-come's of events and choose the best out-come all in a matter of 2 sec MAX, i've been faced with more than one gun to my head and to be honest i was shitting myself a little bit but for some reason i keep being able to survive!

i gues the main question here is what in the hell is any of this good for?

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  • for what i've forseen coming, none of us will be ready for, however we all have the choice to take the chance of surviving running or possibly dying protecting something bigger!
    i may not be one for orders and i may never take orders, but from my experience they don't have to give them when your in the right place at the wrong time, and i never was one to hide or run unless everybody else was safe first!
    ironically from what i've seen it's how i die, but not for a long long time yet and i've also forseen children in my future, however all of this could be wrong, a single decision by a single soul can alter and change the world to come!
    hence they say that a see'r only see's things based on decisions made!
    i know alot more and have recently begun to accend quickly into a higher power, i can hear the tree's talk to eachother and mother earth listen i can feel other beings that are well hidden and know more than i should, something has unlocked inside my brain and leaked out the information, wich in turn concern's me more because i'm not suppose to know anything until i have to be ready to use it!
    sadly this means that something is coming, i can feel and have been feeling mother earth and mother nature being restless and trying to prepare for survival but neither have ANY or barely a clue as to what from!
    my time will come when all this is needed and i will play my part, all i know for sure is that for the first time i'm starting to feel complete and my very existance is starting to come together ready for my future that i honestly hope doesn't happen!
  • sereyel: are you refering to cristal beings?
  • Blue_Wolf_Cat:
    i do understand what you mean, it does feel so real, but in another sence it feels like training, like being in a simulator where if i'm about to die i wake up and i have failed, it's unusual theo only way to describe it is like the matrix simulator really,
    on the other hand some are actual predictions, there has been more than one time where i have failed in one of these so called tests because one guy i didn't see before had a gun, then i'll be sitting at my local pub and the even will be happening, but just before it does i get a feeling and semi vision that tells me whats best to do
    it's kind of creepy but it almost feels as if there is somebody there guiding me through these things in life and keeping me alive, i just don't understand why i'm so frickin important really! :/
  • sereyel:
    it is interesting that you say "rainbow warrior" normally i would shrug it off as some kind of greenpeace act, but for some reason that term sounds so familiar and i've known of it in a past life but have no recolection of it now!
    what i haven't said is that i go into a daze when in a fight, my brain starts to sting for a few seconds almost like a sharp high pitched tension before i come out the other end something else!
    i can see and feel everything there about to do and how thier about to do it, i don't know really i have never said this to anybody in my entire life but it's not just my brain, i mean at first i thought because of my autism over analysing so many kung-foo or jackie chan or matrix movie's that i may have remembered that but it's not just that, i go into a higher being, something i would call accent or the closest i've felt to it anyway, i move ever mustle with not only passion but force that isn't my own, i have speed that my physically body doesn't posses or know's how to do, i can manipulate something i'm not sure what to move things out of my i.e somebody threw a table at me (and it wasn't a small or ligth table) and i moved my hand and backhanded it out of the way as if it was a feather, i can feel the other person emotion, almost see thier thoughts, it's like i'm in thier head sometime's!
    i am also a see'r (not sure how it's spelt) but i can see the future within reason of choices already made, i can see and feel and sence the current and i strongly deal with the past and past live's not only by me but of others aswell, normally brought on by touch for more intense visuals!
    i can see things around me, but not using actual sight, it's wierd because i can tell you a full description of the spirit infront of me right down to what he's wearing and if he is missing a button on his shirt or not and what colour but i can't physically see them yet, mainly because i have to restrict my higher being whilst in this house with my parents who are fully christian and believe that spirits and magic are work of the devil!
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