Sun Powered By Gravity

Sun Powered By Gravity

The Horse:  How might we ever obtain abundant energy?

The Lion: By tapping into the flux of weakly interacting particles (eg neutrinos ) that are rushing towards the earth surface, driven by the earth's gravity.

These particles comes from the rest of the universe. They are pulled towards the centers of massive bodies. Such a source of energy will be akin to hydroelectric power albeit one that doesn't require a constant lifting of the fluid because the fluid is already naturaly lifted. In other words abundant, gravirational potential energy is already there. This is due to some cosmic particles being naturaly 'up there', unlike water which needs to be lifted by evaporation, requiring input energy, e.g. from the sun. Here, I am going to explain sunlight using this cosmic energy, rather than the usual thermonuclear engine.

Why Do We Need Another Theory Of Sun's Energy Source

There are two major reasons that makes me reconsider the source of Sun's energy:

1.) The consistent failure of the nuclear fusion research.

2. )The inverse temperature gradient of sun's corona.

The laws of thermodynamics forbids energy from being transfered from a colder place to a hotter place. The sun's atmosphere is hotter than the sun surface. Therefore probably the sun's energy flows from the atmosphere to the surface and not the vice-versa! According to the standard model, a cold surface will have to be sandwiched between two hot regions! How can this be? Can you cook food using the flames beneath the cooker without heating the cooker itself? It is true that another form of energy, other than heat, such as chemical energy, can flow from a colder place to a hoter place. The petrol in your car flows from the colder place, the tank, to the hotter place, the engine, where the chemical energy is converted to heat. But I will argue that such cannot be the case inside the sun.

Though you can take chemical energy from a cooler place to an hotter place, you cannot transfere heat energy from a cooler place to a hotter place by first converting it to another form of energy. So you cannot, for instance, convert heat energy in the engine to petrol energy, then take the petrol into an even hotter place, eg a furnace, and then turn it back into heat energy (without inputting any other energy eg by pumping). Such a transfer of energy will lead to a perpetual moving machine of the second type, which violates the second law of thermodynamics. One could convert heat from one part of the ocean into fuel take it to another part and burn it, extracting energy in a system at thermodynamic equilibrium. So the only way for the sun to transfer enery to the hotter corona is by converting the heat energy into magnetic energy from the even hotter interior. Why should this happen? At what point and why will heat say, well, lets now turn to magnetism and escape? Though it may not be impossible, it is not plausible! Why not try another model and see how it perform?

Can 'force' such as gravity produce energy? The answer is yes, if there is an object already distant from the source of the force. That object accelerates towards the object that is sourcing the force. Infact the best example is elecrostatic force which normaly creats light, e.g. when you take off a cloth. The electrons accelerates towards a charged object, then upon hitting the object, they stop and thus converts the kinetic energy to light energy. The disadvantage with creating light using electrostatic force is that it quickly neutralizes. So However powerfull, e.g. lightning, it last only for a while. This limitaion is not there for gravity. Infact for gravity, it is the opposite. The more particles fall into a gravitating object, the stronger the gravitating object. This is because the gravitaing object is now heavier.

 The sun's gravity is imence. If you were standing on the sun's surface and then release a stone, (i.e. from an height of around merely one meter) by the time it reaches the ground, it will be whizzing at around 120 km/h, i.e. faster than a speeding car! Now imagine a pebble comming all the way from pluto, steadily accelerating how fast will it be moving by the time it hit the sun? It is almost beyond imagination! A mere collection dust that is fraction of the earth's mass is enough to create sparks visible from the earth, should they colide with the sun. So yes, a constant bombardment from cosmic particles is enough to create the sunlight you see! Comparing the light emitted due to earth's gravity with the one emitted due to the sun is like comparing what the electrostatic force in your comb can do with what the electrostatic force can do in lightning. In other words, the electrostatic force in the comb is not enought to creat visible light. But then one in the lighning is enough to illuminate a swath of land. It is the same with the sun. Only replace electrostatic force with gravity and electrons with any particle that is acted upon by gravity, and you see that indead gravity can be the source of sunlight.



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  • Futile Fusion Research

    To fuse two hydrogen atoms to form helium, they need temperature upto 200 million degrees! That is over 6 times the supposed temperature of the sun centre! Such a temperature probably will always require more energy used for heating than energy produced from fusion. If fusion can can constantly produce this amount of energy to sustain itself, why cant fusion heat sun's core to this temperature?

    They never measured energy from fusion. They measured hydrogen's mass and that of helium and then concluded that the mass reduction is due to some converted to energy. But perhaps the mass simply escapes away without being converted to energy, e.g. via some unknown, weakly interacting particles. There theory needs to be tested through a controled experiment, which they didn't as a bomb is not a good lab to test such. They went strait to construct reactors. The result is constant surprises and frustrations.

    We have probably not yet unlock the secret of the sun's energy!
  • Laser Cooling

    This is the only way to cool using electromagnetism. So are there lasers in the sun? When a charged particle moves in a magnetic field, It can begine to decelerate, converting the kinetic energy to electromagnetic energy. Compare this with an object being stoped by another object so that its kinetic energy is transferred to that other object. This is how water can cool another subtance. The hotter substance has its molecules moving back and forth in a chaotic manner, faster than the molecules of water.

    A laser then can be seen as an ensemble of 'very cold photons'. Infact it is a 'bose Einstein condensate'. By 'cold', it means that 'all of them are moving at the same momentum. So it is like 'cold, flowing water'. In other words, temperature is related to microscopic wigglings and not the macroscopic movement. In case of electromagnetism, em field that is wiggling alot is corresponds to a 'hot electromagnetic field'. This is because when it interacts with an electron, it causes it to wiggle. But an electron will not make such an electromagnetic field to wiggle even more. If it does that, it violates the second law of thermodynamics.

    It appears then that given a static magnetic field, we can cool an ensemble of electrons. This is indeed the case. A static magnetic field is a laser of frequency zero! Except that magnetism is never static to the microscopic level, i.e. the level relevant in this case. It is just like the way moon or earth etc appears smooth when seen from a distance when it is extreemly rough when we zoom it. So usualy magnetism is never static in this relevant scale. Infact, it is as 'hot' as the ambient temperature because the atoms emitting the magnetism are wiggling due to the ambient temperature. This means that magnetism, in the ambient temperature can never cool! Don't let the mainstream scientist fool you that the sun's plasma is cooled by magnetism!!
    This domain may be for sale!
  • Now, the mainstream's sun works like a microwave oven than anything else. We have electromagnetic energy, more abundant behind the walls, escaping the walls without heating it and then heats the food so that the food is hotter than the source of energy.

    But the sun will have to do acrobatics that no one understands in order to behave like an oven! Somewhere in the interior it is sizzling hot. But somewhat as the plasma flows, it holus bolus, cools down somewhere in the interior! How do this happens when everywhere was as hot? The dynamic electromagnetism inside the sun is just like the one in the food in the oven, i.e. it easily turns to heat as it vibrates the particles. However, the mainstream theory demands the opposite to happen! Amidst chunning ocean, heat energy is converted to magnetic energy. Thus magnetic field is a cooler more formidable than water! Is this reasonable?
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