We have successfully raised the frequencies of the 12 EARTH CHAKRAS to one hundred percent. We completed that mission in May. We raised the frequencies of all of the GRIDS connecting the 12 Earth Chakras to 100 percent. We completed that mission in August. We have now raised the frequencies of the 12 Stargates to 87 percecnt. Two of the Stargates have already been completely repaired. So, when we finish raising the frequencies to 100 percent, those two will be able to be used in just a few more months. Those two are Stonehenge and Chichinitza. The next two will be Puma Punka and Mt. Shasta. We have been putting more energy into those four than the others, so that we can begin working on engaging the landing process. All 12 Stargates will be completely usable by 2029. However, many of them will be ready long before that date. The 13th Skull that activates all 12 Stargates will ignite at that time.


Please let me explain the function of the CHAKRAS, GRIDS and STARGATES.

When all three of these are at 100 percent, the Creator has guaranteed that we will have a wonderful probable future of ascension in 2029. This project has improved our future beyond comprehension.

My Father, the Great Creator of Everything, told me that no one has ever bothered doing this before. He told me that if I could do this, he would guarantee the most perfect future for the Earth.

Without these original Vortexes and Grids of Universal Energy being completely opened and functioning perfectly, we just could not get enough energy into the Earth. The Sun  could not begin doing his job until the Chakras were activated to at least 60 percent. The Sun has been bringing great transformational energy to the Earth. The Chakras allowed the ionization to take place in our atmosphere. The Iions will eventually come down into the biology of the people. That will tranform consciousness.

Those who do Grounding or Earthing work can now enjoy the Original energy of the Grids coming from the crust of the Earth. That Energy had been blocked by several over lays of non Christic Grids that was

not allowing the correct energy to connect with human DNA. Now the Grids are working perfectly. Grounding and Earthing work will take on a brand new meaning, function and energy than ever before.

The captains of the Starships landed in 2017. They have been working on the ground work of preparing the starships that were buried beneath the 12 Chakras. They have completely fixed the ones in Stonehenge and Chichinitza. Three of the ladies from Venus who arrived in 2017 have also been helping with the Sun's energy. They have been making sure the radiation of the Sun does not fry us. The Fifteen who landed through my Central Portal in 2017 will be the ones who fly the starships from the 12 stargates in the future.

The Chakras and Stargates are at Mt. Shasta, Puma Punka, Chichinitza, Uluru, Stonehenge, Mt. of Olives, Abu Simbel, Mt. Kailash, Mt. Fuji, Halealaka,Maui, Gobekleteppi and Angkor Wat.

I have been running frequencies into these 12 for about nine months now. Of the Breath of Light taught me how to use the Tesla Energy in the Scalar Wave Generator to send the energy to them.

The frequencies were raised from the 40 generators that I am using in my home. There were a few other people who purchased generators and helped with this project. My great friend from Sirius also used 12 generators to send energy.

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