Flames of green and gold are being confirmed from our side of the veil. This means that the activation of divine consciousness has begun...Those who are truly AWAKENED to what human consciousness is as their natural condition are to get the call....November 11, 2011 is the anticipated date.


October is now over and the ascension gateway is open. None have ascended. My teachings have not connected many to this gateway—more are needed to have the desired impact. Some will ascend during the next two weeks, although those making a complete ascension are few. We are not asking for the love of others to complete the incarnation cycle, much more is needed. Completing the next growth in awareness occurs as the natural deletion of mental concepts. This is what will define the attitudes within the mass consciousness in the next days.


Are the 5,000,000 who asked to complete in one more lifetime able to? Only one million, and many of them are not reading this blog. Pretending an ascension can be done is not the case here. Making it available to all of those ready for it has been our intention. This has been done. Those who are truly AWAKENED to what human consciousness is as their natural condition are to get the call. What's next is their choice. November 11, 2011 is the anticipated date. Are those ascending able to detach and disappear? We will soon know.


Flames of green and gold are being confirmed from our side of the veil. This means that the activation of divine consciousness has begun. All areas on the Earth have many new containers of this vibration giving out their light. Change in their daily lives may not be apparent, but anyone who comes into their auric field will be effected as a consequence of this contact.


Man does not have the ability to gauge his own level of awareness. Only those observing his aura can tell. All concepts about this or any other determination must be deleted. Your mental desire for ascension is not needed.


Are these words giving you more clarity or confusion? Confused? Than more depth of awareness is needed. Clarity? Ascension is the next step.


Fragments of one multi-dimensional being are unable to ascend without all the others. All must be aligned in consciousness. Are these fragments all in the same physical area as the others? No, most are not. Then how will one know if the others are able to ascend? They can ask their higher self to give them that information. Can they assist the non-aligned to come into alignment? As one man to another they cannot. As one mass consciousness they can. Uplift the others by awakening yourself. Once one of the fragments awakens, the others will get that same awareness on the inner planes. It can develop them and make them more aware. Call it awakening or call it magic—neither actually applies. An advance in consciousness comes whenever a change of attitude occurs in man's mental dialog. Without negative dialog, any change that occurs within the whole will effect all of the parts. When all of the fragments are empty of their concepts, the divine offers them all its mastery. One fragment may appear more complete, even though all are consuming the same dose of light that is being delivered. Awakening the masses is now happening through these contributions of those who are already awake.


One awakened one in an area contributes to the mass consciousness in all areas, but the delivery of light in the actual location of the body does more for that area than all the others. This is why we ask our conduits to go to different places. Moving around does more to advance the consciousness in every area they appear. We want them to activate the awareness of anyone who can accept it. Does it matter where or who? No. Are we manipulating anyone? No, because acceptance is always in man's free will choice. All we do is open the gateways.


Hope is not a very activating concept. It does not demonstrate any conviction, and, in fact, it is the absolute denial of it. Neither hope nor desire for difference is needed from you as a method of altering the mass consciousness. Loving the complete duality as it is creates the kind of change that is needed. Not being against anything is the awareness we can move mountains with. Gratitude, appreciation, complete acceptance, and celebration of differences will make an ascension the next act of divine grace for all of the dear ones ready to complete their contract. All are being asked to ascend. Please be among those who will.


Ascended Master Saint Germain


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  • Should spiritual awareness not come with clarity of thought?
  • I dont resonate with this Chanel,  this does not seem like Sant Germain.  The message is positive and pessamistic at the same time.  It feels like this chanel is using her mental opinions of what could be happening. I simply dont trust just anyone who claims to be chaneling Ascended Masters.  

  • Hello Helper,

    Hello All,


    Please do not be offended but for the pursuit of Truth and its finding I must speak, may any who read bear the weight of their own judgement in this these matters, I will bear mine and the weight of the upset and the insight invoked by this which i share. I must object to at least of few specific points that you have brought before us.

    First is that the concept that one can guage ones own awarness must be deleted in order to ascend. I tell you to follow this will ensure ones own stagnation, as one has only ones own awareness in which to gauge its growth or diminishment and then only with understanding of this can one hope to look outward at others and have any true glimpse of their own degree of awareness's.


    Second, the mental desire is just as needed for without it there is no imperative to acclimate to the changes coming into one's own being, and am not meaning the desire by ego, but the desire for truth that can be refined from ego, for with out truth there is no ascension and without the coming in of truth then lies and untruth will come in its place with much confusion to guide you away, these are the liars in wait who conceal the way to the gate.


    Third the loss of all the concepts does nothing to attain the divines mastery, for these concepts are very much a part of that very mastery you seek, what divine master would grant further insights into divine mastery if you just threw out the very first concepts of which discernment is reward and the very basis of the greater insights you are requesting, though i will agree it is a matter of mental and spiritual attitude, the mental attitude that there are yet concepts to obtain for mastery along with the willingness to take them side by side the concepts you know, and trust that your own spirit, your inner knowing can point them out in ways you can grasp. Give yourself a moment of contemplation of any thought, which you would immediately doubt or discard otherwise, because you would not have had it if not for a reason that your own inner self felt to be important. Through moments such as this you can get to know your own true self and your own true voice.


    And Fourth hopefully the start of general enlightenment, Hope and desire are integrally needed just it needs to be understood that when the time comes that it will not be all that is needed but when that time comes you'll understand and be more than ready to take that extra step, for confidence will be with you because you will have made the plan which you understand and know innerwardly to be true and right for you.  For Hope builds within the subconscious a positive declaration of need and will for something, desire again builds motivation, and with these the subconscious can direct the conscious mind in the contemplation of concepts needed by understanding, the pursuit of collected knowledge in books, and searchings for people and places such as this website which has the understanding and concepts of that which is yet to be understood.  All of these toward the fulfillment of truth which the surface of your hopes and desires only covers, the truth which revealed in understanding is to you more fulfilling than what you look back on as truly only shallow hopes and desires, facades of the deeper you who once found is the fulfillment and fulfiller of those hopes and desires and so much more.  Besides you cant very well act in conviction or at all toward something if you dont believe it can happen, can you?


    I am Ra

    I am Light

    Light, Life, and Love to Us All


  • Wow, this really resonates with me.  

    I was just thinking about some of the things that were mentioned here.  

    I feel like something is happening, and it does feel like I'm being put into this neutral state of consciousness, and I feel energy flowing and changing me.

    Thanks for posting this Karma, powerful energy is changing things! :)
  • neverending_dreamer_cutout.jpg


    Global Events for 11-11-11 ( I found this on Lightworkers, thank you to Divineclown)

    Sedona Conference with Solara An-Ra & Tribe: 11 - 13 Nov: Return of the Wisdom Ways More info here Fri 11th 10am - 2pm: Free 11-11-11 Ceremony & Gathering out on the land! Solara An-Ra, Dennison Tsosie, Anrita Melchizedek, Aluna Joy Yax'kin, Gabrielle Young, Amateo-Ra, AstarRa & more! 11:11:11 WORLDWIDE DRUM CIRCLE, WITH THE HEART TO JERUSALEM - Join us from anywhere in the world on Friday 11/11 at 11:11 your day time, and start a drumming circle, come and join us to create a net of circles all over the world which will resonate with all human race - One Love, One heart, one beat! Please register so we can add you to the growing list of Peace Drummers, and create a worldwide list of Drumming events. List of drumming circles will be constantly updated according to the registration on site. ENGLAND: Avebury. 10am at 'The Devil's Chair' (renamed the Stone of Initiation) opposite the Red Lion Park Carpark. Join your Light tribe in the sacred standing stones of Avebury. We will be toning in the new energies and firing up the energy grid to link us all on this special day! Also, singing OM NEELAMA SHANTI at 11.11 - to awaken all beings on the planet! Contact Szaphiel on 07717732639 for details ENGLAND: Bristol, Stanton Drew Stone Circle. £1 site entry + donation. Wedding of Diamond Light Mandala Map with 108 human anchors (seeking participants!), together with the crystal skulls, performing a sacred connection dance in the three stone circles. For more info contact Laura (tele: 07916260433) or ENGLAND: Warrington, 103 Longford St, WA2 7PJ. 11/11/11 event at Angelic Lightworkers Centre - Tranquil Space & Crystal Shop. For more info contact Margaret McDowell ENGLAND: London SE - LOVEBEAM on ONE TREE HILL - HONOR OAK PARK, SE23 3QZ - Friday 11th November - gather 10.30am for 11am through 11.11am for the meditation and OM to beam Love, Light & Peace to the area, Gaia & all Beings. Bring crystals/special items for the centre of our circle, drums, shakers, musical instruments, picnic blankets, rain shower cover & flasks of tea & nibbles. For info contact: janeom@essense.me FRANCE: On 11.11.11 at 11am a portal of light will be opened in the heart of prehistoric France. The opening of this portal will aid the transition of the earth as she moves into the Age of Aquarius. You are invited to join in the opening ceremony. If you would like to be part of this once in a lifetime 11.11.11 event please contact Hilary Carter, author of The 11 11 Code (o-books 2008), at CROATIA: Istria, Motovun. 11.11.11 celebration. For more info see!/event.php?eid=285988808087567 Contact: Association One Love, Alida Del Bianco Mexico City: Teotihuacan. 11.11.11 ceremony with Armukara Angel & tribe. Contact MEXICO/GUATEMALA - 11:11:11: "Activating the Mayan Stargate" - Full Moon in the Land of the Maya. Walk through the 11:11:11 Stargate on November 11, 1011 during our 11-night spiritual tour to the Mayan Temples of Mexico and Guatemala, coming up November 3 to 14, 2011. Join famed radio personality Sean David Morton and best selling author and spiritual teacher Dr. Susan Shumsky, whose vision made this once-in-a-lifetime experience possible. Join us as we experience the Full Moon in Tikal on

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