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Sri Aurobindo (San Juan)

May 30, 2010

My name is Sri Aurobindo. I greet you, dear brothers and sisters here. Thank you for your welcome, your presence. Let me, therefore, to welcome you in my light blue. I, for those of you who do not know, as I do now, as one of 24 Old monitoring in the House, the gradual adjustment of the Light Unitarian in their world. I was, here is a very long time, John the Beloved (Discícpulo of Christ), who transcribed the Apocalypse. Do not be unaware that already broken all the seals of Revelation. Do not be without knowing either, and not living, that a great transmutation is currently in progress, you, as on this world and also in the whole of this Universe. La Paz, in you, calm is the best preparation for a life that is in progress, and welcome the light line. For those of you who've read what I said, here ten months ago, on paper Vibratory of Revelation (which no word is not falsified, translated Vibration of reading aloud in their language, this text), this book contains, I remember, all that is soft to the mouth and bitter to the belly is soft to the mouth by the vibration of your reading, check the belly because it is misunderstood by those who want to, before the time came, understand the meaning and non-linear vibratory spacetime. The set of stamps is broken, so you could appear in these writings, for those who have read it, indeterminate, goes on today, quite naturally, quite obviously.

Beyond these writings, as some of you know, and perhaps read it in my last life, I forwarded a series of writings, both in relation to my original environment and with my experiences of the Light or Supramental. Currently living in time, which was still far from me, to live, now came to his eyes, his consciousness. More than ever, time is going to happen, they will see for yourselves that a number of elements of their lives are going to move and above what is necessary to draw allowances and adjustments will only have their ordinary consciousness and only two alternatives two: to resist or oppose, agree or accept. Whatever the events that are before you, not seek to never give a positive or negative value because, initially, which may appear as you might not be negative. In the same way that what might seem initially positive, according to his limited view, may be opposite to the light. Live time of Revelation, the time of the signals, in you and outside you, these signs that had been announced, here are more than 2,000 years ago. The principle of the outpouring of Supramental in dimension and in yourself, will take to manifest in you and in your life, always two possibilities. First, the resistance and opposition to what is coming. On the other hand, the acceptance and receipt of what is coming. So do not judge what hot never propose life but wait.

Go, without trial, to what will be simple and easy as the opposition and resistance induce resistance and difficulties, both in you, and in the development of his life since, like it or not, which will run and work, in fact, is the Intelligence of Light. A series of direct resonances genuine Light Vibrant manifest themselves in time to live now, more particularly during summer. As it was said not to stop at what resists, do not judge nor to resist, in you and outside you. Best adhere to the principle of the Wave Galactic Cosmic Cross and best live this period and will have the ability to settle in their superconscious and live effects, especially the Peace and for some of you, Peace beyond the ability to live and experience, in its discretion, particularly the Samadhi Consciousness can reach for some of you, to the great Samadhi called Dissolution. The lightfastness imply in their physical structures and subtle phenomena of friction, while consent, whatever the heaviness of their lives in its various aspects, will allow and give them the power in this joy establecerlse in the Peace in this Samadhi. Try to accept that it is by the intensity of their desire to meditation, which is not the intensity of his desire to be carried out in this Samadhi, but, rather, relocating their own will to the light, agreeing to Intelligence , his strength and his goodness.

Do not judge any event of his own life as Life on Earth: although some senses or meanings are some escape, come all, without exception, of Light. Some of these demonstrations will be at the reception and therefore in the facility for the world to you. Others will try to establish themselves in the light resistance, both for the world to you and, at that time, you will need to put some light on aspects that might be perceived, for its part limited, as horrible or frightening. These descriptions themselves do not make sense because, if they participate in one way or another, in the resistance, you will be taken by the forces of resistance and no longer have to live through you and establish peace and harmony to extension. Some forces to work in the resistance have every interest to New Consciousness can not be installed. You have to know, in all clarity, if you go on your way or the sense of light. The sense of light was still vibrant and will still, something, to limited awareness, totally simple. It is this simplicity that should be included. This task is facilitated by perceptions of Conscience increasingly manifested in its physical-etheric structure. The nature, trees, in particular, are vectors of alignment and transcendence important because they, too, reflected the New Consciousness. The New Consciousness, the superconscious, refers to all Life and all that is forming from the electron, atom, to the collective consciousness, social or family.

Light reveals and acts in its own density. Light is set in La Paz. Only the resistance can get a lack of peace. Many of you will have to implement the choices, decisions could be extended or moved in time. Many changes will manifest in you as on Earth, during this period. Accompanying change is the best way to find peace. Accompany means no action, but Ser Accessing the reunification of their Triple Home (Corona Radiant head, Corona and Radiant Heart, Sacrum-Devoted Triangle), there will be more and more easily, from the moment that all desire in you faint because of the intensity of the light in you, his presence, his peace and his ability to make them see expansion. For each of you, and for the whole of the Earth, each thing, each element is displayed, manifests itself at its own pace of its own. A wind of freedom, liberation, will start to blow very soon. The Fire of Earth, omnipresent, intends to deploy the air. These changes, occurring in and about this world, your best way to reduce the load and resistance of his brothers, his sisters, our brothers, our sisters, you will find only in their ability to make peace in you, that Peace be shown in its immediate environment and widening as the Light Vibrant is Peace, above all, and love can arise only in La Paz.

Their ability to exist in Being and Peace in the Crown Heating and alignment of the three homes, confer, to some extent, this being a form of immunity in relation to waves and vibration resistance. It remains in this state of alignment, Peace, Samadhi, which carried out more useful aid for the Earth to all humanity. Moreover, there can be no peace but otherwise this alignment. There shall be no satisfaction elsewhere but in this vibrational state. They return each day increasingly easy to stay and persist in this state, was passing through meditation. This state will initially be like a second nature, slowly, absorb and will remove anything that's not it. There is nothing in the return of Light. There are exactly complications related to the resistance as you know, with fears, with the mental, emotions. Remember, at this time to come, which are neither his mind nor his emotions, though the logic of this duality led him to define his emotions and his mind. Only the visible and audible than they are. In truth, they are very exception to that. L'Archange Mikaël vous et nous l'a dit, Anciens, et vous aussi disons him l'ensemble des Consciences of the Lumière UNIFIEO pourrait vous dire him in la même façon. Make calls to us. This call must be made as simple as possible. As one Friend, Heart to Heart because the Light is simple.

The provision of light and the action of Light in the unified world is something they will learn to recognize, to live in this simplicity. So it is necessary to go to that state, this grace, to accept to go to the fundamental. It is so vital to live every minute with intensity, with this awareness that the Light is revealed. Learn, in the days and weeks to come, to keep the Corona Radiant Heart and Unified Consciousness, regardless of their meditations and times given by Mary and Mikaël on this period. The Light will become palpable, visible, audible. Some of you begin to perceive the plot and their intelligence in their establishment in this dimension. For the more sensitive of you, do not take the sounds, images, the same perceptions of what is resistance in the world and in their environment. Cultivate Peace cultivate harmony. Sean lucid, Help each other, once again, nature, trees, your own breath, your own vibration. If the presence of light becomes too intense, that it is on its corona radiata on the Sacrum or your new chakras, take the time necessary to melt in yourselves. Embrace these moments of intense vibration for what they are. The discovery of Light is the installation of Light. All of you that are personified in this dimension, all the brothers and sisters, who took the body and flesh, have a unique opportunity to experience the passage of Duality to Unity, which is the most important aspect would certainly existed since a very long time in these dual worlds. Remember also that there are no limits other than those imposed in limited consciousness that can keep them from living this transformation. Keep this spirit in his consciousness, which are only masters of their access to light and, increasingly, even sometimes can not seem to be no longer masters of the whole, of everything that happens outside: that is the reversal necessary.

Include with the Heart, the process of the Switch of Consciousness. He had given them, behold a few months, precise gestures. A friend gave other processes allowed to live, at most about, the discovery of Light. They should also let the Intelligence of Light, the Supramental, work, not only you but also set to work to clean up should be, in you, internally and externally. Of course, I realize that to live in the duality, the problem of discernment, trust is essential, but as of today, the arrival of light allowed to pass to another stage. Well beyond the discerning, well beyond the confidence to place easily learn what is of Vibration and Light and what is not. There are certainly learning to make but it will be easy. It is enough for that, to be perhaps a little more attentive and more lucid than usual but nothing is insurmountable effort or an effort out of reach, whatever their life, whatever the events and elements of his life be. Here, my dear brothers and my dear sisters, wanted to add some elements. If questions relating to the New Consciousness, mental above and the period of installation, have a few moments before leaving the floor to those to come after me.

Question: Knowing all this gives us the responsibility to speak to our environment?

Dear sister, is not strictly speaking anything. The best information we can give is your state of Being can never convince or inform someone who refuses to see the Truth of what is coming. Some people may persist until the end to be called destruction and disaster. The best way is to testify in this state of Being Peace, Samadhi and then radiate the light in you and this light does not need words. The words belong to the duality. Single Vibration belongs to the Unit. Report may also lead to reject, deny, to bring them to yourself in a situation of resistance or opposition, just about their neighbors. We however trust in the ability of human beings, as the days and weeks to be passed, to get in tune and in harmony with the light because, never forget that the original nature to all without exception and that anyway, at any given time, the mental, emotional, Vibrant Light capitulate. Of course, before the capitulation of the Shadow, there may be tensions, resistances. In this sense, telling them not to stop. The Intelligence of Light will always be much smarter than your mind. In this sense, I talked about trust, faith and abandonment to the Light and that, so genuine and true, to surrender to the light, become clear: go to their unification, to Peace whatever the initial circumstances that may be, I must admit, sometimes difficult. But the difficulty is only a limited view that will yield before the Unlimited.

Question: Does the announced change will be established quickly?

Reentered, as Mikaël Archangel said, in the last change. Your superconscious knows, Earth knows it and lives and lives her body. That is not tomorrow, that's not the day after tomorrow. There is nothing to wait. Everything happens now. Everything is at your own pace in this transformation but the pace will increase. Mikaël already increased since you spoke and they were announced. But they can not force anyone in the human conscience, to live what you do not want to live. Indeed, for some of its surrounding environment, emotional, family, professional, that may represent, initially, a form of dilemma, a form of resistance. No alarms and then agree there, too, to trust and establish increasingly exactly what they perceive as real and authentic. They must also accept that some human consciousness does not want and can not agree to the Light. But until the last breath of this world, this dimension, everything remains possible. Remember that the best way to go within the meaning and the Intelligence of Light, is the permeate leave and work.

We have no more questions. Thank you.

My dear my dear brothers and sisters, they all convey the blessings of the Source and Truth. Be blessed.

Eduardo Terrero. Facilitator: [email protected]
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