Spiritual Awakening and the Freedom to Choose

Three frogs are sitting on a log and one decides to jump, how many are left?


The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions.

Making the commitment to change is the easy part, taking the action to change takes courage and commitment. In this article Spiritual Awakening and the Freedom to Choose I will discuss the facts one learns when they find the courage to change the course of their life and begin the journey of self discovery, truth and enlightenment.

Ultimately one learns that our lives our not our own, that we are merely actors on the World Stage here to play a role for the enlightenment of others. However before we discover this truth, we can only see life from our own perspective.

Make no mistake the road to this simple truth is painful, full of obstacles and once you begin you can never go back to being the person you were before you began. They say ignorance is bliss and from my own perspective I can say that I agree whole heartedly. I was advised to think long and hard about whether or not I wanted to become truly enlightened, that the truth can be a very powerful feeling but that once you discover it you can't undo the knowledge of it.

I didn't heed this warning and pushed naively to begin my journey.

I was told in no uncertain terms that I would be guided to the truth but ultimately I must decide for myself what to believe. At the time I didn't understand why this would be necessary, why not just tell me or give me the information I sought?

The reason of course is that the truth is so incredibly fantastic that no one ever contemplates it or can imagine it. People don't blindly stumble on it like lost treasure, it isn't whispered in your ear like in the movies, you don't just suddenly wake up one morning and realize it, you have to seek it.

You have to seek it with an open mind, you have to be willing to cast aside everything you have ever learned in school, you have to look for it from every angle possible and even when you think you have found it, then you have to dig even deeper.

To find the truth we must learn to 'think' with our heart, this takes practice and a willingness to listen with an open mind, while observing the synchronicity in our daily lives. We must cast aside any preconceived notions about what we have been taught is the truth and begin to look for it from a different angle.

We must embrace an almost childlike wonder for learning by seeking to open our minds to new ideas and concepts. We must not judge the messenger but rather listen intently to the message, honestly. This means that when we are learning new ideas or even old ones we must focus on the information, without distraction.

All that being said there is one place you can go to find it, In your heart!

Having a Spiritual Awakening and the Freedom to Choose is the key to unlocking the truth and learning to 'think' with your heart.

Your heart knows the truth beyond any doubt but because humanity has been conditioned to think with their minds, their logic, their reason, very few people recognize this.

Learning to 'think' with your heart takes practice and commitment. I only began practicing this method after I began my journey on the road to the truth.

One of the best tools to help anyone attempting to 'think' with their heart is to unlock the powers associated with the Pineal Gland. This little known, all important organ located just outside the brain blood barrier, is the key to unlocking and gaining access to information that has been systematically denied to us through conditioning, education and the introduction of fluoride into our drinking water.

The Pineal Gland is often described as the God Organ and although 'science' pretends not to understand its purpose the truth is that it is well understood but The Powers That Be on this planet have censored much of the information surrounding this mysterious organ.

This is because, when we begin the practice of using this organ on a daily basis, it will lead us back too being able to understand the true nature of humanity. The Powers That Be fear this because it will provide us with the truth of our existence, our purpose on this planet and in this Galaxy and will unlock many unanswered questions that have remained censored from our education.

Our ancient ancestors understood the importance of this organ and used it to communicate telepathically with each other, access other dimensions of reality, astral project on a daily bases and travel the stars to distant planets to communicate with our star brothers and sisters.

Using this organ on a daily basis provided the ancient cultures Atlantis and Lemuria to achieve such a high degree of spiritual sophistication, technology, architecture and communication and is one of the main reasons their culture existed for more than 4 million years. The activation and continued use of this organ is what will provide the current civilization with the needed information to move to the next evolutionary step.

Too read this entire article one can simply follow this link Spiritual Awakening and the Freedom to Choose is an attempt by this author to explain to my readers how I arrived on this path and where I hope it may lead.

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