Sounds From Above - Lip Service
February 28, 2014
He Said, She Said - You Said, We Said - WHAT?! - As WE ALL "Spectate / Speculate" from our seats within this Grand Earthly Coliseum...( remember ROME?)  Does it really matter what I say, YOU say, they say?....ah, Nay Sayers....ARE WE ALL....not to say that WE ARE BEing negative....nor to say that WE ARE BEing positive....for WE ALL ARE bearing witness to THE GREATEST CHANGE(S) in the history of (Hu)man-kind....just like the "commoners" of ancient Roman times....our very comments, our very cries out, our very "actions" roar through the eternal ethers....adding fuel to the very fire WE ARE putting out. YES!!! 
I LOVE THIS....as I LOVE YOU ALL!!!  And fall from grace we have, perhaps....but without fail(s).....without "falls" there would BE, could not BE a RISE up from ashes of OUR very existence....leaving small footprints in the sands of time....which by the way is to BE no more....for as far as YOU,  the reader is concerned, there is no past.....there is no future...there is only NOW....HERE...within these very words  - YOU ARE FREE!!
As The Gladiators of our time(s) battle "it" out for their very lives, for which "they" cling to like Saran Wrap....some by "choice".....some by "trickery"....some by "enslavement"....it matters not...why YOU ask?.....simple....YOU ARE HERE....like that of the ancient "spectator"....'tiss not YOU who is fighting for their very existence.....or is it?......and if so, why?....ask yourself.  why AM I HERE witnessing the demise of those we are only watching?
What do YOU have to contribute to the dying fighters other than mere "words".....
For are YOU not entertained?!?
And if you are not....then why are YOU still "occupying" a seat?
LEAVE this man made "cage".....no one is stopping YOU....there are "doors" EVERYWHERE.....but none are clearly marked "exit".....and why would there BE?....for it is YOU, the "Spectator" that "this" was built for.....and the very fighters you point your fingers at....some with a "thumbs up"...."others" with a "thumbs down".....draw upon YOUR energy to continue on....for without the "applause"....this Arena we call Earth would fall silent....and soon, the seats you currently "occupy" would become filled with dust....and crumble away like that of "time".
The Sounds From Above are calling out to YOU.....to us ALL....
The Clarion Call.
I AM and have AWAKENED within this...
Universe of 3
Sector 3
Hello my Star Family!!!
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"It means indestructible."
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"SAN 不滅 Well, your Japanese characters mean; "Mrs Immortal." SAN Fumetsu...Can you explain why you chose this name...? It is interesting...😊

As for Pet Rock....He's definitely not "Illuminati blue beam," or whatever it was you suggested...
No, he…"
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"Woah are they really saying shortages are gonna continue until we get vaccinated? They are really screwing themselves over right there with those choice of words. More people are gonna wake up once they see that the tyrants said that to us."
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"government officials saying shortages will remain until all vaccinated. i guess they continue forever then.

or until all politicians and globalists are drawn and quartered in public squares.

Tarring and feathering would also be good

You can see…"
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"Mark of the beast (aka QRC)

Interesting to see it dating back in the Mayan’s timeline.

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"https://youtu.be/ZFtlMX-7cI4 Another really epic theme :)"
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"https://youtu.be/MXUDP6HP4qk More music incoming. Big Dc and Marvel superhero fan here and the music they bring is epic it has a way of cheering one up :)"
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Justin89636 replied to Pet Rock's discussion Australia building PERMANENT covid quarantine camps for “ongoing operations”
"Things may seem dark at the moment DemonOrca, but we have help here on Earth and from beyond Earth. No way will this planet fall and be taken over by some cabal bent on total control of the Earth and Humanity. Things are going on behind the scenes…"
2 hours ago