Selamat balik (greetings in Sirian,)

The Sirians have been working on multiple planes, re-calibrating the Sun's corona, so as to lessen the very dangerous solar minimum plasma discharges, hitting Earth. These wonderful space brothers and sisters, have had to focus all attention on this important work, which started in 2020, when the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM process began. These cycles of solar phases, usually pulse every 200-years, approximately. The difference in these times, is that mankind has become dependent upon highly sensitive satellites, to enable global communications....
Solar flares can knock out satellite equipment, as well as terrestrial power stations..

The last Grand Solar Minimum was historically noted as the Dalton Minimum; between 1790 & 1820...It did effect crops and food production, then, so another factor to prepare for...

These cycles cause GLOBAL COOLING, rather than global warming, as the "man-made climate" hoax, is erroneously suggesting...
Also, due to the lessening of the Solaris magnetic field, more cosmic radiation passes through to reach the surface of the planets.....including this one.
The result is an increase in solar flares, hurricanes, volcanoes, storms, heavy rains, earthquakes and lightning strikes...

Note the volcanic eruptions that have struck the Canary Islands for a long period and are still active in La Palma, causing absolute mayhem there...
If the ETs had not made corrections to the effects of the solar magnetic field, enabling some strength to return to it, the whole of the chain of islands in that region would have been wiped off the map, by now.

This is just one example of worldwide chaos caused by this Grand Solar Minimum...The elites are pretending that every event can be blamed on man-made carbon dioxide, but they are absolute idiots, in truth...

So that people reading this know that these events are truly solar related, I shall place an item of news which relates to AURORA BOREALIS extending as far south as England.
The ITV interviewee, an "astronomer," mentions the standard 11-years sunspot activity, but does not mention the even greater cycle, which is having a far more powerful effect on weather, than she can imagine...

Also, a general observation has been made of recent Earth human attempts, at confident space travel I share these sentiments held by the Arcturian M'Zupa and the Sirian, Sandara:

Note that true space faring peoples view complete space, as inter-planar. An energetic medium to travel through, not just a black, foreboding vacuum..."Out there."
When Jeff Bezos and his "astronauts," (lol) described how they felt, they reminded me of swimmers preparing to dive into blue waters, from a cliff, before suffering vertigo, and stepping away from the dizzy heights and thinking; "phew, close shave..!!"

The true space farer looks upon space with different eyes. Actually, upon the physical plane, space is foreboding, being inky black in appearance. On the sub-planes above plasma, space takes on a dark purple hue and is rich and deep...It's actually very beautiful..Upon the official transit-plane, for true space faring, which is the buddhic plane, space has a golden aura of such splendor...And of course, the speed of light is multiple times greater...But certainly, a "gold-vault" of Heaven....Utterly blissful.

A ship's sailor, captain, mate, etc, on Earth, looks at the sea, with eyes of fondness, not of revulsion. The beauty of the oceans, with their deep blue colours, or aquamarines, is very attractive...Mariners know of the dangers, yet still love the seas and oceans...and willingly risk life and limb, to explore and work..

That bold, confident spirit, has not been captured yet, among earth's astronauts....It must start with a love of cosmos, not a fear of space.



Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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 The link below takes you to the ITV broadcast. 


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  • Overall, as analysed over a ten year period, the Antarctic ice shelf has grown...It continues to grow, as we entered the Grand Solar Minimum, proper, around 2020...
    This data from the EGU completely demolishes the absurd theories promulgated by the likes of Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, John Kerry and the WEF globalists, in general....That the planet is warming, due to man made carbon dioxide....Which is obviously a lie...A proven falsehood....

    There is an inner warming, upwelling magma, which is why parts of the sea bed and the polar regions have warmed and this is due to an increase in the output from the Earth's inner core, in response to solar activities....But overall, the ice is not retreating and certainly not due to man-made industries..

    And of course, without carbon and CO2, plants die off and without plants, we die off.....If that is their plan, then globalism dies too...

    Ice Shelves GROW 🧊 Climate Activists Don’t Want You To Know…

  • "A 'hole' 30 times Earth's size has spread across the sun, blasting solar winds that'll hit our planet by end of this week."

    "The sun is sporting a giant coronal hole that could fit 20-30 Earths across, back-to-back.
    Coronal holes blast rapid solar winds into space that travel 500-800 kilometers per second.
    The winds are relatively harmless and should reach Earth by Friday for a more stunning aurora."

    "A giant, black region of the sun — called a coronal hole — was spotted on Monday by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory."

    "Despite the name, however, this isn't a physical hole in the solar surface; coronal holes are cooler in temperature, so they don't glow as bright as other areas of the sun and therefore look black."

    "The current coronal hole, the big one right now, is about 300,000 to 400,000 kilometers across," Alex Young, the associate director for science at NASA Goddard's Heliophysics Science Division, told Insider over email. "That is about 20-30 Earths lined up back-to-back."

    A 'hole' 30 times Earth's size has spread across the sun, blasting solar winds that'll hit our plan…
    A giant coronal hole, spotted Monday, is releasing rapid solar winds expected to reach Earth on March 24, causing more vibrant aurora borealis.
  • This recent newslink suggests that the aurorae will be seen, in England, at latitudes further south of the norm...Again proving that the solarminimum is currently operating, as described.....

    Met Office reveals time and location to see Northern Lights across England tonight and tomorrow
    They could be visible much further south than usual
  • There are valid reports in the MSM which are factual observations of recent solar anomalies, such as the observed "solar vortex" and "X-class and M-class flares in January 2023, the biggest and second-biggest eruptions the Sun is capable of."

    These are being attributed to the 11-year sunspot cycle, but are actually linked to that, PLUS, the Grand Solar Minimum, discussed here, in this blog...

    Part of the sun did indeed "break off." This does happen in greater cycles, and natural...As flares increase...

    Part of The Sun Has Broken Off And Formed a Vortex… What The Heck Is Going on?
    For all that the Sun is a ubiquitous and vital part of our lives, a lot about it remains baffling. And now it's done something decidedly peculiar. Ma…
  • I wanted to glean more perspectives from US based media....No one has dared hint that "global warming" is being reversed, by an ice age effect..

    More coverage of the severe winter weather, caused by the solar minimum, described as "historic," even for Buffalo, in New York state...Renowned for the lake Erie effect......And this year, more severe..

    "Buffalo saw nearly 4 feet of snow and at least 25 people have died in New York’s Erie County, with the death toll expected to rise."

  • The winter storm continues in North America, which is breaking records, even for places such as Buffalo, New York......
    More snowbound scenes from across the country....

  • The New Ice Age is hitting Canada, even more than America, as power is cut off and more..They cannot leave their homes in some places....Hey, didn't John Jancar from Quebec and an ACC member, promote "climate change," meaning he believes in global warming...?? Well the FREEEEEZE may change his mind on that one...This is a sun driven process.....Looks like people are being forced to stay home, without power...Hope they had the sense to get wood and coal, to burn, for warmth...??

    "The snow apocalypse can't be stopped in Ottawa. People can't go home. All roads are closed in Canada."

  • The media are calling the beginnings of the new Ice Age, a "once in a generation event."

    "Millions of Americans are under severe weather warnings as a major winter storm moves across the US.

    Freezing Arctic air is bringing blizzards and icy winds to much of the country as it pushes south-east. Forecasters are warning that temperatures could plunge as low as minus forty-five degrees celsius in some areas. The record-breaking cold comes as millions hit the roads and the skies for the holidays. Airlines have already cancelled thousands of flights. "

  • North America gets a taste of the new Ice Age....as predicted.....It begins....This winter...in earnest...The trend in global cooling will continue...Grand Solar Minimum.

    There are multiple reports coming out of Canada and the USA, over the last few days, describing this as an "historical freeze," or "once in a generation ice storm."

    "-45°C Historic blizzard caused by bomb cyclone that swept through the USA."

  • Wow....ok. 😮
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