Selamat balik (greetings in Sirian,)

The Sirians have been working on multiple planes, re-calibrating the Sun's corona, so as to lessen the very dangerous solar minimum plasma discharges, hitting Earth. These wonderful space brothers and sisters, have had to focus all attention on this important work, which started in 2020, when the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM process began. These cycles of solar phases, usually pulse every 200-years, approximately. The difference in these times, is that mankind has become dependent upon highly sensitive satellites, to enable global communications....
Solar flares can knock out satellite equipment, as well as terrestrial power stations..

The last Grand Solar Minimum was historically noted as the Dalton Minimum; between 1790 & 1820...It did effect crops and food production, then, so another factor to prepare for...

These cycles cause GLOBAL COOLING, rather than global warming, as the "man-made climate" hoax, is erroneously suggesting...
Also, due to the lessening of the Solaris magnetic field, more cosmic radiation passes through to reach the surface of the planets.....including this one.
The result is an increase in solar flares, hurricanes, volcanoes, storms, heavy rains, earthquakes and lightning strikes...

Note the volcanic eruptions that have struck the Canary Islands for a long period and are still active in La Palma, causing absolute mayhem there...
If the ETs had not made corrections to the effects of the solar magnetic field, enabling some strength to return to it, the whole of the chain of islands in that region would have been wiped off the map, by now.

This is just one example of worldwide chaos caused by this Grand Solar Minimum...The elites are pretending that every event can be blamed on man-made carbon dioxide, but they are absolute idiots, in truth...

So that people reading this know that these events are truly solar related, I shall place an item of news which relates to AURORA BOREALIS extending as far south as England.
The ITV interviewee, an "astronomer," mentions the standard 11-years sunspot activity, but does not mention the even greater cycle, which is having a far more powerful effect on weather, than she can imagine...

Also, a general observation has been made of recent Earth human attempts, at confident space travel I share these sentiments held by the Arcturian M'Zupa and the Sirian, Sandara:

Note that true space faring peoples view complete space, as inter-planar. An energetic medium to travel through, not just a black, foreboding vacuum..."Out there."
When Jeff Bezos and his "astronauts," (lol) described how they felt, they reminded me of swimmers preparing to dive into blue waters, from a cliff, before suffering vertigo, and stepping away from the dizzy heights and thinking; "phew, close shave..!!"

The true space farer looks upon space with different eyes. Actually, upon the physical plane, space is foreboding, being inky black in appearance. On the sub-planes above plasma, space takes on a dark purple hue and is rich and deep...It's actually very beautiful..Upon the official transit-plane, for true space faring, which is the buddhic plane, space has a golden aura of such splendor...And of course, the speed of light is multiple times greater...But certainly, a "gold-vault" of Heaven....Utterly blissful.

A ship's sailor, captain, mate, etc, on Earth, looks at the sea, with eyes of fondness, not of revulsion. The beauty of the oceans, with their deep blue colours, or aquamarines, is very attractive...Mariners know of the dangers, yet still love the seas and oceans...and willingly risk life and limb, to explore and work..

That bold, confident spirit, has not been captured yet, among earth's astronauts....It must start with a love of cosmos, not a fear of space.



Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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 The link below takes you to the ITV broadcast. 


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  • The Elohim are the ultimate space faring race....The race of the devic kingdom....They serve the divine edicts of Logoic beings, of the Heavenly councils....They are responsible for the body of creation, itself...Just as, on a microcosmic scale, the devas within our own bodies, maintain the various tiers of bodily energies...So it is with the universe, with it's many galactic forms...
    The Elohim, unlike ourselves and Ascended Masters/Galactic Humans, do not require to live on planets...nor motherships....The Elohim is it's own natural "space ship." It is totally independent of the need to live in a planetary biosphere...It is self-contained in it's service to the Plan of God...But ever ready to serve in co-operation, with those who work for that plan, among the parallel kingdom. The Logoi, Kumaras, Ascended Masters, etc...Even human beings may call upon these angels...

    The Elohim work alongside the Galactic Federation, but are actually a parallel evolution to our own...That of the devas, time lords, angels and archangels...The smallest devas are sub atomic, with low consciousness. The higher Archangelics are super consciousness and totally inhuman, in appearance....Vast space-faring "rods," that vector interdimensionally, working to construct planets and suns, or destroy them.....They work to maintain the energies that allow form expressions, within the creation...

    Sometimes, fiction can inadvertently reveal a truth and an actual Archangel Elohim, mostly resembles the "robot destroyer," in an episode of Star Trek...Albeit, without the gaping mouth, that shoots out a beam....lol

    They are miles in length, with silvery-grey scales, like a large fish.....A cylindrical body/hull...
    They do not breath air and are at home in space...

  • More proof of global freezing, rather than global warming, as Brisbane, Australia, records the coldest start to winter, since 1904..Temperatures plummet across southern Queensland....
    Politicians will need to ditch the idiotic green policies of solar panels and wind turbines.....They need real energy sources, such as coal, gas, and oil....Unless aetheric energy "national secrecy" classifications are lifted....in all Anglospheric nations..

    "Sky News host Andrew Bolt says we have to hold the government “to account” over their “idiotic” energy policy.

    “Global warming isn't the great threat we were told,” Mr Bolt said.

    “Solar and wind aren't the great solution we were told.

    “And, by the way, Labor's plan will cost an absolute nightmare.”

  • The future sun will be enhanced to perfection, within a revitalized solar system....
    Readers may be interested to know what the future solar system will comprise....Which planets remaining, or removed, or added.....

    The Solarian Star Nation will be designed, by the Elohim and GFL solar engineers, to be as perfectly viable as the system that existed before the cosmic wars, in ancient times....(GFL-Anchara.)

    This system's natural "chime," or vibration, will be altered, electro-magnetically, using the proposed changed configuration and that will cause our solar system to be attracted, magnetically, closer towards the Sirian star nation (comprises nine suns; Sirius A, B, C, etc.)
    Sirius A is twice the size of Solaris and is a white star. Sirius B is a faint white dwarf star, as are the many others...

    Currently, Sirius A is 8.6 light-years distant from Solaris...That distance, upon the physical plane and higher, will be reduced to a mere 2 light-years, distant, which is a drastic step in cosmic evolution terms.....Also it will alter the night sky cosmic vista..
    Earth will become Solaris 4, with Vulcan becoming Sol 1.🖖

    1 Solaris (our yellow star.☀️)

    2 Vulcan (returned to physical aethers. already present on higher.)

    3 Mercury (orbit moved slightly further out.)

    4 Venus (retrograde correction to planetary rotation. water world status restored.)

    5 Earth (two new natural moons, to replace the current artificial one.)

    6 Mars (water world status restored. oxygen atmosphere restored. orbit correction.)

    7 Pax (reconstructed asteroid belt. Earth's current moon returned to former Maldek,)

    8 Jupiter

    9 Saturn

    10 Uranus (current angle correction by 90 degrees.)

    11 Neptune (corrections to differential rotation.)

    12 Nibiru (former hostile battle station, now functioning in positivity.)


    Note that mass ascension/planetary ascension, does not mean an "escape" from Earth, so that we "leave the physical plane behind." As many in our New Age movement, seem to believe, in error...
    No, what it means is that we are perfecting the physical plane, we are all aware of and have been serving within, perfecting it's character, so that it becomes a better "mirror" for Heaven...Heaven on Earth, as it were...

    Religious minded people may seek a word for this and could adopt; sanctify..

    So the future Solarian Star Nation, will be multi-dimensional, but will include this physical aether, as part of the whole...Perfected under spiritual will....A solar initiation, indeed...A notch on Lord Aten's evolutionary achievements; The Solar Logos..or poetically described as the "Grand Man of the Heavens."

    So we will be able to visit a future physical plane, much transformed in it's potential and beauty...And at will, vector back and forth, between the multiple dimensions...
    There will be oceans and seas, upon both Mars and Venus, to compare to Earth's. Also, a planned reconstructed Maldek waterworld....It shall be called "Pax," as peace was achieved in the mid 1990s, between Anchara and the Galactic Federation...
  • There is much solar flare activity at present.....Including the strongest X-class....

    "Large solar flare blasts toward Earth, causing radio blackouts."

    Large solar flare blasts toward Earth, causing radio blackouts
    Will auroras follow?
  • Anyone who is interested in understanding the science behind the colours of aurorae, both northern and southern, here is a quote....And yes, it depends on which atmospheric gases are present at various strata, of the atmosphere.........

    "The colors of the aurora are created when charged particles (electrons) from the solar wind bump into the different entities of our upper atmosphere. These collisions transfer a certain amount of energy to the entities that gets them to an excited state. They radiate back out this energy in the form of a photon of light to come back to a more stable energy state."

    Aurora Borealis Colors Explained
    Aurora Borealis Colors: The colors of the aurora are probably what make most of its charm. When people think about the aurora
  • In spite of the Elohim solar engineers remaining sentinel, within the corona, a sizeable solar flare (CME) was ejected towards Earth the other day, effecting radio reception in areas of the globe facing the flare, in the regions of Australia and South East Asia.....

    As well as the Grand Solar Minimum now in effect, the 11-year sunspot cycle will be repeated....Adding to the problem of Coronal Mass Ejection (CME,) which at higher levels, can knock out power stations on the ground and satellites in orbit...

    In 2012, we had the last sun spot cycle of high intensity CME.......Luckily the ejection was not pointing at Earth, so passed away from this planet, from the other side of the sun....If it had been directed towards Earth, it could have been comparable to the Carrington event of 1859, which effected telegraph communications....So obviously, our current civilization is far more vulnerable to solar flare, than in the past...

    Indeed, the concept of making all financial transactions, digital, completely fails when the internet is down, following a major blackout....

    July 2012 solar storm
    The solar storm of 2012 was an unusually large and strong coronal mass ejection (CME) event that occurred on July 23 that year. It missed Earth with…
  • Volcanism continues across the globe, with several new explosions, in recent days...Although the worst excesses of the Grand Solar Minimum effects, have been moderated by Sirian solar fields engineering, the dangers are still present....The Elohim remain on station around the Sun and within the corona...

    Note that several recent volcanos have detonated, including one in Hawaii....Special note of this potency may be seen, because it involves TETRAHEDRAL TELLURIAN ENERGY FEEDBACK, at 19.5 degrees north of the Pacific equator...
    Indicative of a strong planetary response to the Sun...

    Tetrahedral latitudes exist at 19.5 degrees north and south of the planetary equator...They are regions of great tellurian forces, in which volcanos and earthquakes rise in their potency. As with Hawaii's Kilauea volcano...

    See this recent video which backs the evidence. All on the 6th February, a couple of days ago...:

    Ebeko volcano eruption, Paramushir island, Kuril archipelago, Russia (02/06/2022).

    Eruption of Merapi volcano, Java island, Indonesia (02/06/2022).

    Active lava lake in the Halemaumau crater of the Kilauea volcano, Hawaii, USA (02/06/2022).

    Volcano and island Anak Krakatau, Indonesia (02/06/2022).

  • "How Krakatoa caused the worst year in history..??" And this does not refer to the famous 1883 volcanic eruption, but the much more explosive and globally destructive eruption of 536 A.D.
    Using historical records from numerous empires and nations of that era, as well as modern science's tree ring records, ice core samples, from both Greenland and Antarctica, it has been proven that a major eruption happened in the middle of the 6th century A.D. that had world-wide effects....
    See this excellent investigative documentary....

  • The massive explosion of the volcanic detonation was heard, across the Pacific, from Fiji to Alaska, over 6,000 miles away..

    The recent Hunga Tonga volcanic eruption sent a shock wave around the world. Pressures changes in the atmosphere where being detected in the UK, more than 10,000 miles away and 15-hours later...
    A great tsunami was created and the waves were still being detected in Australia, 2-days later..
    Tonga itself was covered in volcanic ash and this effected the quality of air and drinking water. Many coastal buildings were destroyed...
    Both phone and internet cables to Tonga were severed...
  • "The 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora was the most powerful in human recorded history, with a Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) of 7. It is the most recently known VEI-7 event and the only unambiguously confirmed VEI-7 eruption since the Lake Taupo eruption in about 180 AD. "
    mount tambora eruption 1815 - Bing
    Find high-quality images, photos, and animated GIFS with Bing Images
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