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The future that is ahead is very simple. We are moving into a time line that allows us to shift into whatever VERSION of reality that we choose. What is that Version? Does it include EVERYTHING THAT YOU REALLY WANT?

Which Time Line actually contains every thing that you really want?

What does it mean to Shift to the most Perfect Time Line, which will allow Mother Gaia to fulfill her Prophecy of the Savior of the Universe?

That means, if we look back through history of all of the Akashic records of every race line who has been involved in all of the creation of all of the star systems in the Earth's Cosmic make up, and we shift into a time line when each and every one of those systems, and every member of every system within each of them was in the most perfect attunement, resonance or at one ment with the absolute perfect Original Idea of the Mother Father God creation, and we choose to SHIFT INTO THAT VERSION OF REALITY, we return to the place before there were any wars in heaven that resulted in more wars and more wars and more wars.

This means we return to the place where all time lines of any date that is required in the past and in the future where each and every one of these most perfect realities exist and we intersect into that most perfect harmonious place in NO TIME. That would be a place in time before the Dolphinoid Family of Sun Ha were turned into the Fallen Angelic Race line of the Draconians.

So, we would have our perfect Dolphinoid Family back. That would be before the war between the eleventh and twelfth stars broke out which created the revenge agenda resulting in the creation of the Fallen Angelic Annunaki. So, we would have our original creation back. The Annunaki were created by the Lyran Aveyons of Star Gate 11, who were originally one of the highest most respected members of our Starry Family. The Aveyon Race that was taken control by negative forces of some kind, just like the Dolphinoids, who were taken possession by the Draconians, decided that they did not want to forgive Aramatena for the losses they suffered in their battles. The reason for the original sin, was simple- lack of forgiveness.

However, there is a place in time that exists before the wars that caused the killing of members of Aveyon, which led to the revenge scenario. So, we move in our time line to this place when there was only Love between Stargate 11 and 12. This doesn't mean that all of those who were created as a result of the original scenerio (the Annunaki) will disappear. It means that they will now exist in a reality where those past time lines were not a part of who they were. It means that every one returns to a time line where there is no conflict of any kind and no memory of any war because we shift to a timeline when these ERRORS in Mother Father God's Original Creation no longer exist. So, you see, the repair of this entire 550 million year drama can be removed by returning to that place in time before the war broke out between stargate 11 and stargate 12.

This is the time when there was still peace and harmony in the entire Universal Structure. That would remove the TIME in history when the original sin took place of one Star System completely Destroying an entire race line and an entire Star. We would also need to shift our time line into the place in time when the Zeta's had not yet manipulated our DNA, and the time when the Draconians did not negotiate One World Order with our governments, etc. etc. We would also be shifting into a time line when we were not controlled by money that was created by controllers. We could shift into a new type of money that is just used to exchange one type of valued thing for another in whatever way is agreed upon.

We would also be shifting into a time line where there is already a cure for all diseases or a time line where there are no diseases to cure. We would also be shifting into a time line where all of the greatest technologies of all star systems were made available to all on Earth and all other Planets and Stars. This reality is already manifest on Planet Earth. We are being given help from technology from many of the highest systems in the Universe.

When we obtain the technology of the Keia, all of our problems on Earth will be removed. That will happen within ten years. Actually, we do not need to navigate the course of all of those time lines intersecting into the most harmonious place in history because it has already been done for us. This intersection will take place in December.

However, each individual must plug into and return to this place of Eternal Reality that has always existed in the God World and will always exist in each individual's Mind of God. We must be willing to remove ALL PAST HISTORIES. My personal journey of remembering, understanding, and becoming ready to be the most important part of this RE ALIGNMENT began with the SONG THE PROMISE OF THE PERFECT KINGDOM-BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN

I spent the last thirty years of my life finding that place in time where this Promise could take place. I learned that it was me- Mary Magdalene- who made that promise billions of years ago. This place of BEFORE is shifting into the Time lines before any of these SINS of one race line destroying another race line that has continued for billions of years. This is the year that we can return to that place in time BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN.

The album and the book THE PROMISE OF THE PERFECT KINGDOM tell my story of how this journey began for me. I continued the journey of learning what this all meant in my Quantum Journey series and in the Matrix of Illusions and in the Cosmic Twins Diary. My journey continued in the 12 DNA Music of the Spheres Ascension Program from the Diary of the Cosmic Twins, and now my final chapter of my understanding has been written in my REMEMBERING WHO WE ARE BY COSMIC MARY. What I have just written as my most current understanding of where we are and where we will be in 2017 will be the beginning of my next chapter in life.

I have already been told by Yeshuwa and Elaika that they have already planned my next mission with me, Mary Magdalene. If you think you might need help shifting into this PERFECT TIME LINE that has already been prepared for you, begin with the TIME CAPSULE ALBUM. This is the Time Capsule that shifts you into the Version of reality where all of the most perfect time lines intersect.

You can also have an INDIVIDUALIZED TIME CAPSULE ALBUM created for you, to guarantee your Personal Shift into this Time Capsule where all perfect time lines of your personal past and future intersect into the NOW NO TIME of your desired reality.

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