The process that began in earnest nine months ago continues to progress toward its inevitable resolution, and our Earth allies are close to obtaining the final funding orders for Count St. Germaine's World Trust...The primary goal of the dark is this world war scenario...The dark can play around up to a certain point, and then our options are simple: to terminate fully their interference...This moment in our history is indeed to be treasured...We are at a point where great and tumultuous change is to happen




6 Imix, 14 Mol, 8 Manik


Dratzo! We return! The process that began in earnest nine months ago continues to progress toward its inevitable resolution, and our Earth allies are close to obtaining the final funding orders for Count St. Germaine's World Trust. As you know, the fund closes annually on Christmas Eve (December 24th) and reopens the day after Christmas (December 26th), unless this date falls on a Sunday. So this year, the fund opens the next day! Europe's Earth allies are ecstatic that the preliminary approvals to go forward have been issued. The next step involves obtaining the actual funding certificate. Once this is gained, the trustees can sign off on it and those responsible for the disbursement can begin their detailed procedures. We are monitoring these activities closely and intend to see that they proceed without a hitch. Our liaisons have already contacted those involved in the coming government transitions and have told them to firm up the final versions of their respective broadcasts. We, too, are preparing the personnel whose job it will be to safeguard the various new governments.


The new-government tasks, in order of priority, are: the disbursement of the new monies, simultaneous with the setting-up of the new caretaker governments, including the new financial system; and the administration of numerous programs that will lead in a few weeks to disclosure. We are confident that all this will not take long to manifest. We are also busy establishing the much-needed communications system by which each of the announcements will be flawlessly broadcast. In addition, our fleet is daily increasing its level of exposure in your skies, to give you enough evidence to prove without a doubt that you are not alone! This activity alone ensures that those who wish to carry on their old ways are doomed to failure. The dark ones are still determined to find a way out of their ever-deepening dilemma, despite our reminding them day after day that any such escape plots will be blocked by us. This includes the horrific scenario of creating an 'incident' to ignite WW III. Heaven and we no longer permit the nuclear option!


The primary goal of the dark is this world war scenario. Whether it starts in the Middle East or in the Far East does not matter to them. They have set in motion a variety of events which can easily expand into major incidents, but this persistence will not pay off. We monitor very closely all those governments that still support the dark cabal and its international intrigues. They insist on pursuing war and this is unacceptable to us. We warn them repeatedly that those incidents deliberately staged to ensure the start of a global war are quite simply, emphatically unacceptable! Yet despite these continual admonitions, their aggressive maneuvers continue to mount. Shortly, we intend to create sufficient snafus to utterly stall these infernal stoke points. Many world leaders say one thing in public while inflaming several incendiary events behind the scenes. These too will be nipped in the bud.


Our fleet has positioned multiple defense craft at strategic locations to uncloak if necessary. The threats we are monitoring require a means to greatly reduce their possible incendiary affects on your world as your current reality is growing more and more fragile each day. Simultaneously, your new reality grids slowly manifest. The effects of these energies are still quite subtle, and predictably, your dark ones are busily engaged in trying to subvert them. Let us inform you, as we have informed them: these grids are building a new reality; this will proceed without interruption. Heaven has drawn up a timetable for this, and we have a divine mandate to complete your return to full consciousness. The dark can play around up to a certain point, and then our options are simple: to terminate fully their interference. You are to be given enough time to discuss and explore what is involved in your return to full consciousness. Then, in joy, you are to be transported to Inner Earth and transformed by the Light into who you really are!


Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This is the time of year when many look at themselves and their loved ones in a spiritual way, assessing how the past year went and what growth was seen in themselves and in those they most cherish. Likewise, we take the time to review how humanity has progressed spiritually and assess what still needs to be done to draw all of us closer to our joint goal of a fully conscious reality. We see that much progress has been made! The next step is, of course, to remove the obstacles left by the dark for all of us to surmount. Despite your treacherous world environment, we have moved our Earth associates to the very brink of success. Now we require divine assistance to ensure that your prosperity funds are delivered on time. Our spiritual and space families are ready to comply with the wishes of Heaven, and thus the moment comes for a most sacred miracle to manifest.


This moment in our history is indeed to be treasured. We have all seen the dark cabal's program for the most inglorious objective that it is! Their goal is terrible and infamous indeed, and this baleful vision will be banished by the sacred activities of our spiritual and space family. Our own contribution is nearly finished, and with grace and joy we are handing over this task to some incredible Beings who are prepared to intervene massively and swiftly to terminate this present, crumbling realm. In its stead will emerge a far better world, where we can all achieve our goals and welcome our greater family. This family, in turn, is to ensure that all will be well with Gaia and her peoples. Every part of Gaia will be renewed and returned to its former pristine state. We, the Ascended Masters, welcome this and look forward to being able to greet you all openly.


The celebration that will ring out in Heaven and Earth will be most exquisite! Finally, you will all experience full consciousness and become one with all of physicality and Heaven's vast expanse. Millennia ago, what is now about to happen was carefully planned and then executed by the dedicated unfolders of the Creator's divine plan. And as we have stated many times, it will free you from the unending turmoil of the dark and reconnect you with the Light. This mission has proved to us all to be a true mission of Love and we have never swayed from this special task. Now is the time of completion and it will be one of celebration for us all! More importantly, it is a supreme and sacred moment to be remembered with joy by us all. Gaia also intends to rejoice in her return to her natural state of Being. Blessings to you all! Ekta Cresos! (Love and Light!)


Today, we continued our continuing transmissions about the coming changes for humanity and this part of physicality. We are at a point where great and tumultuous change is to happen. This reality is at long last ready to accept the sacred transformations decreed by Lord Surea and the divine plan of this universe. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours!


So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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  • I got a premonition that GFL will be much more active in next week, following Iraqi dinar reevaluation.

    We have not too much time left, so.........

    10 years already lost, thanks to cabal's tactics.

    Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

    Looking ahead to see Lord Surea as well.

  • And I think that once we have everything we need we will see that the material things aren't important, from my point of view, thats the reason of this...

  • One question, once all the world have the infinite wealth that St.Germain brings, that means we can pursue what we really want to do without worring about better jobs/tittles, but rather knowledge? and someone can further explain the Replicators technology? it limits, the paradoxes it could bring and how they are solved...?

  •  I am reminded of the song Mr In Between tell me what you have seen. Who needs Money it is a 3D

     reality and we are all moving to 4D and 5D very soon. There is a Second Sun in the Sky. I sent a Gold Pattern to my Spiritual friend who told me that the energy was burning and could I change it which I did by overlaying it with Lime which is softer and on a higher vibration and takes the place Gold has had for millions upon millions of years.. It was then impressed upon me to use the pebble analogy. We throw a pebble into a lake and it ripples equally to all points. It was shown to me that this the Sacred Feminine Mother Energy in Action. We throw an idea into the pool and it manifests. The Sun shines the same way on all equally. Then I got the idea of Replicators and other devices will be seeded and manifested to all of us on a Wave Ripple Effect. We will be able to manifest and do anything and go anywhere we wish with NO TRAVEL AGENTS NO MONEY AND NO GOLD. It is all remnant 3D but for those still stuck in fear who have not centered, balanced, and nurtured themselves and need to re incarnate who don't want to move they will be cared for. As for me I know the Tractor Beams as has been reported by Tolec to Lisa Harrison have been put in place by the Mid Wife Biospheres of the Andromedans around Our Sacred Earth Mother Gaia and that she is very delicately being nurtured at this time as are we.At the same time there are many many Star Ships from many different Galactic Worlds and different dimensions working on different levels. You have to work out which level of the Skyscraper you feel most comfortable on. I will be on this Planet for the next 100 years of our time because of the knowledge I have to impart. I will not be jumping ship as that is to me unthinkable. I believe Traxiss that we will all be manifesting our own Replicators once we are shown the knowledge. We are also going from the Universe to the Multiverse which is part of Soarce/ Prime Creator's Omniverse. Which reality do you feel comfortable in. Blessings Love You All In The NOW Kingjeff

    Architekten Prachensky
    Architekten Prachensky
  • Well, I'm hardly waiting to see White Knights!

  • The more mass-consciousness believes the above-mentioned has already been attained, the faster the manifestation. We create our own reality through our own conscious and sub-conscious belief system. That is the lesson here of learning to work with energy. Let's keep the faith and trust and project a belief system that evil no longer exists and that love reigns this planet now!

    Love and Light

  • Amen!

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