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Shared Awarness from the Elders to the Younglings; Waki Waki Young Starseeds

shared awareness

There were 6 pupils sitting in a small circle. They surround their elder guide. His conversation is a lesson. Now it was quite a beautiful day this day. The nature surrounding them resembling this back ground photo, a peaceful setting. The sounds filling their ears, along with their elders words of guidance, resembles the sounds in this song as well. A beautiful balance of life telling it's story in countless ways. Now it is no coincidence that the elders lesson this day was focused on that very point. The balance of sound surrounding them and the breath taking landscape in which they were observing but also being apart of and within at the same time.
The elder spoke to the pupils around him, and their eyes were trained on his every movement and gesture. Their ears were focused on his every word and ramble, yet their peripheral was also seeing more than just his every gesture, and the same is true with what they were hearing. There was more their secondary hearing was playing as a background, making the elders words even more inspirational and heart felt. Now the elder asked them all. "What do you hear my seekers? What stands out to you the most? I want each of you to answer, and do not worry if you hear the same thing, we will go around the circle". Pupil one answers:"I hear most of all the stream in the valley below us. Also the birds above us calling to one another. I hear the wind brushing thru the trees, allowing them a chance to speak in such a quiet existence they have. Now the rest of the pupils had a hard time naming anything new. They simply repeated what the first said. The elder guide then smiled and said "well done my seekers", now I want you to keep those answers in mind and I also want you to listen to what it is I hear as well.
Yes I hear the water trickling in the rapids and falls of the stream down below, but I also hear the rocks in which the current grabs and tosses. I also hear the birds up in the air. But I also hear the flapping of their wings and the splashing on the stream of them fishing. And yes I too hear the wind rushing thru the trees giving the ancient souls a chance to sing, but I also hear the moaning of the branches twisting and bending in the wind. I hear the small creatures jumping from branch to branch and carrying out their life's purpose. You see, the sounds we hear are simple, but to know them means we hear something deeper than that simple sound. We understand the sound to be sacred, and sacred things are to be cherished and passed down to seekers like you.
This is why we gather here today. For me to help you see, feel, and hear all this sacred wisdom around us. All thru observation of this nature around us, and doing our best to listen to all the senses at once. Your focus is strong yes, but so is your peripheral for all your senses. You have a scanning focus of the entire environment around you. Your focus. Better known as this first thought that enters your brain for the moment. This is your conscious. It is the focus. However it is not all of your awareness, only a focal point. Just as you look at the landscape in front of you. You see the trees and water, you see the sun and sky and all the life in front of you. It is all there, but your focus scans the landscape to see all of it even tho you're indeed seeing it all at once. Now your peripheral is like a secondary focal point or points.
This nature is found in all our senses. Just as the sounds blend, you need to focus on one to name it, but you hear it all at once. Even with taste, if you were to eat a salad you can taste many things at once, but would have to focus on one to name what you're tasting. This lesson is God telling us something special. Telling us that a landscape such as this can not be contained into one perspective, because it appears to us all in similar and slightly different ways. God is telling us that this nature is constructing everything around us. To all our senses and understanding. The differences aren't to be seen as alone or not connected, instead they are to be seen as building blocks to construct beautiful things together. Healthy things in all the mind body and soul. Harmony and balance is what God is telling us with this nature around us everyday and at every moment. There is no lie there. There is no deception there. This landscape is free for you all to observe my seekers. It is all hear for you to gain perspective and learn and build with others.
This one landscape as a painting on a canvas may appear as one piece of art, but what makes it a complete piece is a collaboration of things in celebration of the beauty and good that is God. How lucky are we to be aware of this? How lucky are we to contemplate with another about this awareness? The main lesson for today my seekers is for you to know this landscape is a blessing. And all the words and wisdom's shared with you today can be summed up as a blessing (like a beautiful landscape portrait). The blessing is the bond to be a aware of the life around you and how it is all the one portrait in light of God...yet you see how we are gathered here separately, this is why it is such a blessing...we are all aware of one another in this landscape of diverse harmony of one landscape portrait. Be wise to nurture. Be wise to always be eager to learn. Be wise and be humble when being eager to learn. Be wise to appreciate the landscape. Appreciate whatever it's diverse appearance is to your focus. whatever our focus is on is beautiful because the whole landscape portrait is full of beautiful features to focus in on.
God shows us this nature by being the same in all facets of this blessing and landscape. A healthy focus is being mindful and aware of your surroundings in all things mind body and soul. All senses. All layers of life. Balance is good health in all things. Awareness is the blessing that allows us to focus on as much as we can here. I want you to leave this circle with the thought of God in mind at all times, and an easy way to do this is to just know that whatever you focus on is God, no matter the landscape you're observing. God can't leave your focus because God is the whole all layers of life and understanding. All the senses. Everything. When you keep God in mind you keep love in mind, and when love is kept on the mind then healthy balance is all that grows. Just take a look at the landscape one more time before we depart for the days lessons. How lucky are we to be discussing such wonder? Blessing to you all my seekers". Love, beauty, and peace for all, for all are a piece of beauty and love. God bless.

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