See all as LoveAll Creation is governed by Universal Law. Mind is the builder. Be aware, as related to self and others and know that in love all life is given and in love all things move.In giving, love becomes the fulfillment of desire and brings perfect knowledge of self.When we merge with the God Source, we expand the mind of God. We are expressions of the Creator and as we experience, so the Mind of God experiences. As we evolve, so the Mind of God evolves. Our God Self always points us in the best direction to achieve the optimum outcome, so if we listen we can choose or reject what we hear, sense or feel. The Creator is non-judgmental and will not punish us for our perceived mistakes. It is our perception of what is right or wrong that determines how we judge a situation or not and how we punish ourselves. The goal is to reach a point where there is no judgment or attachment to negative situations around us and to be in neutrality. The words, thoughts or deeds of others is about them. How we react to that, is about us.Whatever our potential gifts may be, only action brings them to life. We create knowingness when we act, as doing also become understanding. We may spend time meditating or reciting positive affirmations, but unless we take action, our desires will not move toward our reality.The Universe is a continuous, endless process of Creation. Everything in Creation is connected to everything else. The amalgamation of individual consciousness and universal consciousness results in the development of universal knowledge, of omniscience, that is, all science/all knowledge. A continuation of consciousness is achieved after the soul acknowledges, awakens, is liberated and identifies with the whole. The path to enlightenment involves being aware of our thoughts, emotions and actions and always striving for the highest good in every situation, remaining in neutrality, showing compassion and giving love.To be in the Divine Flow, is living in the moment, centering ourselves in love and being of service to others as well as meeting our own needs.If we create actions that reflect love and allow others to reflect their love in whatever way they know, we will say just the right thing and will do what is best for all concerned.The major correlation in the Universe is the energy of love, wisdom and purpose. This will lead the mind back to a sense of oneness. Our thoughts and reflections or images that are held within our conscious mind manifest a mirror likeness in our now reality. Our outer world is a mirror of our inner world. Energy follows thought. Our beliefs, expectations, environment and genetics create our experiences. If we change our expectations and our mind set, we can change our experience of every aspect of life. This includes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. We are masters of our own creation and we always have a choice as to how we live our lives.See all as love. Forgive and release old anger, allowing the Law of Grace to intervene as all good comes from forgiveness and
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"Well 𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅 ......You seem not to realise, that you, yourself posted this very video, recently, on this thread and it was from the album "Magic" by the singer who died....Olivia Newton-John.

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"Shan (Earth) a Spaceship with cut off wings. Home Starsystem from Shan (Earth) is the Pleiades. How do you think Shan (Earth) did come here? Who can move a Planet?
Can't read RL? I didn't say that a parasite is evil! It's I didn't say that a…"
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"Sirian starseeds are worldwide and we are detecting them and joining our efforts...Some are telepaths and there is one in Russia, who is a telepath and Sirian Shiratar.....Some may be surprised that she was introduced to me by the Count, as a 7th…"
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"Olivia Newton-John.....RIP.......🥲.......🪦"
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"RL You should never say on a Webpage like this something evil like that about the Humans for who we come for. Mission Rama is about Humans not about Shan (Earth). Humans are not parasite. The true Parasits are the Reptilians and Co. who are…"
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"Dealing with the dark cabal reps I have myself performed the duties associated with GFL/DC liason work..
One has to be open minded, as sometimes we can get dark agents to defect to our Lighted cause....It's a bit like the old "cold war," between the…"
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