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I Am Sananda, I come to be with you at this time, Iin these special times that you are approaching now,  Know that everything is indeed shifting at this point. Timelines are shifting. Life itself is shifting. And you are a part of that shift. Even though you may not feel like it at times, even though you may feel like you are certainly back within the third dimensional matrix, being a part of that going about your everyday lives and in many ways like others across the planet that are oblivious to even the fact that they are in the matrix. But you yourselves know that you have moved beyond that and at times you are certainly beyond that. There are times when you are indeed walking in the fourth and fifth dimensional expression.

There are times when you can see that overlay of the fifth dimension and you can reach for it. It is right there in front of you and you know it. You feel it. You feel it deep within you. Not sure sometimes where that feeling comes from, but it is there nonetheless. You wonder, why am I feeling so good? But why wonder why?  When you can just be, just be in the moment and feel good. Do not be concerned about where that came from. Just be who you are in that moment. You will find that more and more as you do this, you will be in that moment. You will be in that fifth dimensional expression. You will be a part of the fifth dimension moving closer and closer to your full ascension.

Know that you are in the process of ascension now. There are many things happening within your body, within your bodily structure that are moving you closer and closer to that ascension and certainly within your consciousness. As your consciousness continues to rise, as the vibrational frequencies all around you  are raising the consciousness of man, always though it does not appear that way, but it is indeed doing so.

You are moving forward, forward each and every day, each and every moment. So trust that. Trust in the plan as you have heard many times. The plan is God’s plan for this world, for the earth. It is a universal plan that has been in place for a very, very long, long time.  And you are in the process right now of the culmination of this part of the plan.

So as you look at this more and more as a movie playing out, as you have heard many times that we have said this and many sources have given this, watch it as a movie playing out in front of you. Because if you do that, then you are not attached to the results of what occurs within that movie. You are just watching it, knowing that at some point this movie will come to an end.  And of course, when there is an end, there is always a new beginning. And the new beginning is your ascension.

So many wonder, will there be a major event to occur? Will something happen to, as you have heard, trigger the next phase? But I will tell you now, as Sananda, the next phase has already begun. You are already in it now. And yes, there will be triggers.

But various triggers that will occur are in the process of doing so. And you will find one day when you awaken in the not too distant future, that one of those triggers has gone off, which will lead to the next one and the next one as the domino effect. And this is in process of happening now.

So sit back, my friends, sit back, watch the movie, watch the play out in front of you. Do not become involved in it or attached to it. Just let it be what it is. You will find that you will be in the right place at the right time in the right moment to be about your mission, which you came here to do. Each and every one of you came here for a reason, came here for a mission. And that mission is about to open up in front of you more and more. Some of you have already begun that part of the mission, the part of the mission that leads you to the end of this movie and the beginning of the continuing journey of your lives.

I am Sananda and I leave you now in peace and love and oneness. And that you continue to move forward being in the moment, every moment that you can, being in joy in that moment, finding the joy in that moment.

Because these moments, right now, are yours.

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