I read this message and had no trouble understanding what Kathryn must have endured...I don't expect everybody to see the truth in this message, since not everybody is in the heart where truth lies..But whether we understand it, believe it, or not, we owe her our respect, for she has given up her time, Love and energy to make sure that many could be enlightened...She has brought us truth and knowledge so that we could progress and advance in confidence...and especially to those that have just awakened who can find  through her messages some meaning to what is happening in their lives...I wish you all Peace, Love and Light...Amparo 

Sananda: A Call to Help Our Kathryn


Beloved Ones, I wish to talk with you about something that is dear to my heart.

During the time while I have been in higher dimensions preparing for this dramatic time which is to be the great ending of our time in darkness and the beginning of the glorious Golden Age, I have treasured the times when I was able to speak through a partner who was there in a body, carrying my message to the world. You cannot imagine how gratifying it is for us, the Company of Heaven, to know that we can be heard with perfect clarity, without having our words reinterpreted or changed, or worse yet, deliberately distorted.

It has been only in recent Earth time that we are able to communicate to all the world, through channelings and their translations, to reach thousands of people who are still behind the Veil. It has been a rare pleasure for us during these recent years to have such an experience. Imagine - after eons of walking among you in our spirit form, we are now able to speak to all at once, rather than being satisfied with the knowledge that occasionally, one individual would sense our presence and open their heart. How gratifying it is to know that now, many listen to our messages and read our words.

Three things have occurred to make this wonderful experience possible: The invention of the internet, which allows the instantaneous transfer of information around the globe, the thinning of the veil which not only allows more of you to channel, but also makes it more believable to you that we are actually coming through to speak to you, and third, the fulfillment of a soul contract on the part of our dear Kathryn, Lady Portia, who has spent long years in preparation and training to become what we call "the clearest channel on the planet." This does not take away from others who have also developed admirable skill as channelers; it simply means that we now have a resource who is always ready to accept and bring forth our messages, no matter what they are.

Here is a case in point. Kathryn is objecting to having to write this message of praise, but she has vowed to us that she will always pass on what we say as clearly as she possibly can, no matter what it is. We have created this dilemma for her a number of times recently. It has caused her some difficulty and discomfort, but she continues to transcribe our messages as frequently as we ask.

I entrusted my New Scriptures to her because every word she has written down is my own, although she has occasionally suggested a word or phrase which describes my thoughts more eloquently than I would have done. There are also times during her radio shows when her emotional expression of what I am feeling is so intense and clear that it feels as if we are of one voice, and hers is even more powerful in clarity and tone than mine.

A speaker and his channel are like a musician with an instrument. It is a lucky speaker who is given the opportunity to play an instrument which is so finely tuned that the result is completely harmonious in tone and feeling. Such is the work we are able to present to the world through our Kathryn. She never misses a note, and we now wish to reaffirm our confidence and our great love for her. (And now she is cringing and asking me if I really want her to publish this. Yes, indeed, I do. I have told her these things in private. It is now time to let others know.) She has been under attack, and we feel it is time for us to step in and correct the wrong that has been done.

When we - the Ascended Masters and Archangels - choose to bring messages to you, we consult with each other, decide who will reserve the time and energy of the channel who is most able to carry the message with clarity. I can tell you there is a line around the planet waiting for a chance to work with our Lady Portia. Father God asked her to be "The Voice of Mother/Father God" and I have designated her as "The Voice of Sananda/Jesus." Of course her beloved St. Germain also gets to claim some of her channeling time; it's only fair. Given her other work as workshop leader and my partner in healing groups, we must take care not to take advantage of her willingness to the point of completely wearing her out.

This week, we have told her we have many messages for her. We have decided in the Council of One to come forward to sing the praises of our much-appreciated conduit to humankind, in contrast to the abusive treatment she has received at the hands of those who believe they know better than we do who she is and what she stands for. We do not turn our backs on those we love when they are under attack. We will stand by you - each and every one of you - to provide for you what will help you to grow, and sometimes that which will challenge you the most. We do not abandon our loved ones.

We now present you with this dilemma: What will you do with this unlikely message? Will you accept that our love for our beloved Sister does not allow us to see her defiled, or will you dismiss this message as just more proof that she is acting on her own, from a position of darkness? How is it possible to believe that, after the years of good work she has offered to so many, with so little reward? What meanness of character would possess a person to wish to discredit one of their own?

We are in a difficult position here, since it is rare to find a channel who will carry our message no matter what it is. We ask here for any credible channel who has channeled the words of the Ascended Masters to come forward to accept our request to record and publish a message of truth in defense of our beloved Kathryn. Are there some who are willing to do this, even if it is not necessarily in their own self-interest to do so? Is the job of channeler so competitive that no one is willing to reach out to help a colleague - especially one who has been an inspiration to so many?

I, Sananda, ask the community of spiritual leaders to come together in a new way, to support and encourage one another, to offer Truth in the face of slander, and courage in the face of a personal challenge. I especially ask those who have been given the opportunity to channel me, Mother and Father God, St. Germain, Archangel Michael, Ashtar, Prime Creator and the Council of One, to offer their services to bring forth a message of love and support to one who would unhesitatingly do it for them.

You see, it is a time of tremendous change. We are asking you, our trusted partners, to create the structures of Love and fairness which will become the foundations of the New Golden Age. Each day, each action you take part in - all of you - establishes the pathway which others will follow. Will you trod the old rutted road which has kept you in separation, fear and darkness, or will you rise to new levels of compassion, love and generosity? What action will you take today to change the world - your world? What expression of virtue will we celebrate in the coming week, when all of you reach deeply into your hearts and choose Truth?

Perhaps this request makes you all a bit uncomfortable. What if no one comes forward to answer my call? Does it mean everyone has decided to turn their backs on me? Does it mean your immersion in suspicion and doubt has made it impossible for you to hear the urgings of my heart, and yours? Does it mean you all believe that Kathryn has truly lost her mind, and I am a figment of her imagination? How can you be sure of that? Do you want to be right in your negativity and mistrust? or would it be a greater triumph to be kind, even if it means changing your mind?

Yes, we have presented a dilemma for Kathryn too. Will she publish this outrageous request, coming from her computer to the world? Will she risk the possibility that no one will offer to channel a message on behalf of another channeler, or worse yet, that no one will help because it would help her? Will she take the opportunity to initiate a new era of shared responsibility and the rewards of friendship which accrue?

Have we purposefully created a dilemma for many, whether they be active participants or observers? Yes, we have. We have continued this Ascension Project through thousands of years when we did not know whether it would come to fruition or to nothing, because we believed in humankind. I have always believed that when it came to the last days, the fire in your hearts would awaken, and humankind would once again reach for the stars. I believe in your power as the Creator Race, and I believe in the power of your hearts.

I am not the Sananda/Jesus who was presented in the Bible as mild, mindlessly sweet-tempered and disconnected from family and loved ones. My brother Michael, protector and healer, messenger of God, is portrayed with an enormous silver sword and a blue flame. St. Germain burns away the old and creates anew with his violet flame. A passion for Truth and Justice takes many forms; none of them is complacency. It is my resolve in this era to demonstrate to the world that I am not afraid to express the desires of my heart - otherwise how can I expect you to do the same?

It is our desire to see our beloved sister vindicated, and offered a public apology from those who have spent many weeks trying to silence her and destroy her work by doubting her character, questioning her sanity, and casting aspersions on her motives. We hereby demand an end to the conflict and withdraw our certification from any and all who take part in the negativity and false testimony against one who has done nothing to earn such deplorable treatment.

We do not punish, neither do we abandon those who have strayed from the path of Truth. I will continue to love and nurture all who have made the choice to take the low road in this and other lifetimes. This does not imply approval; it is my way of healing all wounds, urging all who have taken a turn toward the dark to come back Home. No one is beyond my Love, and no one is to be left to suffer injustice alone. I will hold the Light as long as any soul needs his or her path to be illuminated. I will urge kindness, compassion and generosity in all encounters, and I will hold fast to the principles of fairness and Love which will raise all of us to new heights as we create the New Golden Age together.

Lift your hearts, Beloved Ones. Breathe courage into the marrow of your bones. Find your center, where you and I are One. I will walk with you in the Light of our beloved Creator, and we will together raise the energy on Planet Earth to new and glorious heights. Banish all fear - it is the enemy of Love and of Justice. Embrace instead the power of your heart and your Great Soul, which is your true self.

I am here with you always, in Love and in Hope. Together we will Ascend, in this the greatest challenge a being can assume. Take my hand.

I am your Sananda, together with the Company of Heaven and the Council of One.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD,

July 8, 2014, 8 PM, EDT, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org.

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  • Dear Kathryn. On behalf of All humanity I salute you for being a stand for humanity and for the Galactic Community. I bow to you for the wonderful human being on Earth. We are all proud of You.


    I hope evrybody agrees with this.

  • Thank you Kathryn,

  • Thank you Kathryn i appreciate all the time and love you put into your work. I have received so much from your channellings.
  • Beautiful words noone should ever slander another brother or sister for doing what they are called I dont know Kathryn but words so beautiful as this when it rings beautifully and true to the soul she has to be trusted loved and on the path the right path that she was put upon for her destiny. You are loved dear beautiful daughter Of God and Mother

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