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SaLuSa - “Anchor Light” - by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Gabriel Raio Lunar - SaLuSa - “Anchor Light”

My Dear Ones, due such important moment of your progress, we are very happy to be able to say that you are reaching a wonderful state of consciousness.

Your vibration is opening more and more doors for us to come to you in a direct way and without interference. Dear ones, with these doors opening in front of you, thanks to your efforts, you are seeing with this, the abundance and happiness growing increasingly around you.

There is no doubt that you are on the correct track and that you must follow the path that is being indicated by your heart.

As the days go on, you are being led to increasingly to exercise the love which is expanding greatly in your heart.

Many people in your midst can feel the expansion of your heart and you are having to take a little more time in your daily routine to attend the questions from those people that see beams of Light in you to guide them on their way.

Do not be afraid at the amount of people who will come to you, this was predicted and that’s why you have come.

You, at every day, feel more comfortable in your tasks and the external conflicts tend to decrease, according as your mind conceives the love acting everywhere. In response to this, more and more people will come around you and more and more celestial beings will have direct access to you by grace that you are opening the doors for this communication.

Day after day, our contact with you will be in a parallel way and you will have no doubt that we are helping you in this process.

Mother Earth is preparing, second after second, to the great moment and you, honorable sons of the Creator, feel this time is quickly approaching. We, from our point, we are observing an increase of Light in every place of the Earth and the dark forces being trapped for a single point on the planet.

We’re sending all the love for this place and we ask you to do the same. There will remain no doubts for you about what this place is as your communication media tends to openly show the point in question …

Dear ones, it’s a sacred moment of your evolution and we are flattered to be able to participate in it along with the Intraterrestrial brothers that has given full support to you since long time. Save a little of your daily time, to the extent possible, that you can anchor Light, that ye may have direct contact with us. We only expect one “ok” from you to your communication.

At this moment, I find myself inside the Athabarian ship and on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light bless you and wish you love and blessings to you all.
Be in PeaceBe in the Light


Gabriel: Thank you, dear SaLuSa, by your sweet presence.

SaLuSa: Dear, as you usuallysay: “the reciprocal is true”.

Translation: Carolina Bar


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Comment by Taika on July 29, 2013 at 7:52pm

Thanks ever so much for ongoing encouragement. It is indeed happening, and we must always remember the support we have in spreading the Light. Aroha for all always.


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