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There are plenty of world events to occupy your mind, and if you follow the news you will surely admit to there being a lot of unrest. This is due to the higher energies that are moving people out of their
old mindset, and are seeking a new way of life. Many have little idea of what
they seek, but suffice to say that they are aware that a new approach must be
taken. The old ways are no longer able to provide the promise of anything that
will establish a new paradigm that caters for peoples needs. Leaders come and
go and promises broken, and the dark forces have been able to prevent any
changes unless they first approve of them. Over many years their tentacles have
reached out and infiltrated places of high authority, and their policy of fear
has kept any opposition to them in its place. Bribery and blackmail have been
their hallmark, and successful for many years. However, they reckoned without
the awakening that has been taking place, and the Light has taken a firm hold
on Earth. Suddenly the mass consciousness has risen, and the people have taken
back their power.

Now you stand at the helm and are guiding your ship towards Ascension, and your focus is firmly on your goal. Nothing can now stop it speeding onwards, and as it does so, it gathers more souls that are
awakening to the Light. A new day dawns where everything will be powered by it,
and the problems of the past will be eradicated. Already the energies are
moving you towards completion, and long awaited benefits that are to lift you
up are ready to be implemented. Be aware that much work has been put into
ensuring that this period makes good, the many benefits that have been denied
you. Whilst it is true you have created your own reality, nevertheless it was
hoped that by now you would have changed it through your own efforts. It was not
to be, and you were overwhelmed by the darkness that engulfed your world. With
a concerted effort where we have worked together, in a very short period we
have grounded the Light on Earth and set up a powerful grid system. It has
grown in strength in a matter of just a few years, and acts through powerful
beacons of Light at the nodal points.

You have Dear Ones, achieved what at one time was thought as impossible, and successfully defended yourselves against the dark Ones. Where you may have suffered the same fate as the fabled
civilisations Atlantis and Lemuria, you have risen up just in time to avert
another major catastrophe. Whilst there will still be incidents that cause
damage and loss of life, it will not be allowed to engulf you. Cleansing is necessary
anyway, but will be carried out in a planned manner that will take into
consideration your well-being. Once we join forces you will be informed of the
actions we are directing, and made aware of exactly what is to happen. Your
safety will be paramount in our minds, and we have a number of options if it is
necessary to move you.

You are patiently waiting for an announcement that will admit publicly to our presence, and we are pushing for it, as we desire to get started on the mission we have come to carry out. It is nearing
such an occasion, and we do have many friends who carry much influence that can
bring it about. Those who still try to prevent it will not succeed, and it is
indeed quite pointless because we have the highest authority behind us. We know
it is something of a game that you all play in duality, but it still has value
as a means to become experienced in handling the dark Ones. The experience has
severely tested you, and here you are now awakening to the truth of who you
really are.

The curtain is gradually coming down to end a long period darkness, which has sorely tried your ability to overcome it. You will toil for a little longer but in the end your sovereignty will have been
restored, and you will proudly align your Light with the coming of Ascension
and move into the higher dimensions. It sounds simple and it certainly is not
difficult, and we continue to advise you to focus on the Light. Live by your
new understanding of what you are, and give of your self wherever you can. By your
example others will follow, and you will help them also uplift. Lightworkers
are known for their peaceful countenance and their service to others, and many
have already achieved this level. You are the pioneers of the New World and
your presence paves the way for our arrival.

You may wonder what we have been doing all of the years since we have drawn close to you. The answer is that we have never gone away, and the Galactic Fleet has been permanently stationed around Earth,
with our larger ships in the outside ring. There has been much to do in
monitoring your Earth and ensuring her stability, as she does experience the
“wobbles” from time to time. Also the tremors are registered, and adjustments
made to lessen the likelihood of severe earthquakes. We have also carefully
applied our technology to keep pollution to the lower levels, and have been
particularly concerned with the effect upon your atmosphere. By doing so we are
always aware of what state the Earth is in, and able to predict any changes. These
have however, been interfered with through the ability of the dark Ones to
control your weather. For them it is a weapon that leaves little in the way
proof that they are involved, but we are aware of their plans and act
accordingly. You may ask why we do not stop it altogether, and we have to tell
you that we are not allowed to interfere in your karma and your freedom to
create for your selves. If you make the wrong decisions it is your place to
deal with the results, and it is the Law of Cause and Effect that you invoke.

Naturally in the Creator’s realms there are many laws that maintain harmony and balance, and it is through experiencing them that you become responsible citizens of the Galaxy. It is only in recent times
that you have for example began to understand the Law of Intent, and it has
helped you where Ascension is concerned. As we often take pains to tell you, it
is where you place your focus that attracts results. You are in general very
easily distracted but then again you have so much going on around you, and that
is all the more reason to keep focussed on what you want.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and note how much you yearn to be our friends. Those wishes shall soon be fulfilled, as it will not be long before we are joining hands together in friendship.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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