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8108723095?profile=originalChoosing Ascension, Again
4 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

When the ascension dates arrive, a call to all who chose to ascend will be made. Those who answer that call will know whether they are able to ascend or not, because they will once again be choosing to be the angel they incarnated to be. Are they willing to disappear to the world they know to ascend? Those who cannot are the ones who are not ready. Fear, doubt or desire for more of Earth's challenges will decide which mandate they will follow. Clear uncluttered minds will be the first to leave. Choice will not be a challenge for these, but it will be for those who are not yet able to agree.

My predictions are the advance call. When the call actually comes, those who are able to determine its content and its meaning will have an advantage over those who are not aware of what I have said about the next days and ascension. Can this prediction discredit my messages? Of course, because no ascension can occur without man's full agreement. When the call comes we will need that agreement once again. Saying "yes" will give us permission to activate the dematerialization of bodies. No number is required. Those not hesitating are going to ascend.

What will happen to you is your choice. Can you decide now and then alter that decision? Yes, and any one who does this can get on the next wave. But, are you going to give up an opportunity to live the best life you can make for others as well as yourself? You are the ones that can alter the fate of those not ascending. Only this big drama can get an absolute change in direction for all who need more awareness. Are they the reason to ascend? Yes. One of you ascending can deepen the light for them. Many ascending can manifest a new drama in their lives. We do not ask you to leave those you love. We want them to make the ascension with you.

All of my messages are my words, not those of my channel. She has no desires or concerns about any of these messages or their content and cannot determine their accuracy. We of the Great White Brotherhood are grateful to her for giving an unattached delivery of our words.

Can we have others deliver messages when we don't have this blog? Yes. Please do, but do so from an unafraid and unbiased clarity. No messages of this kind are to be delivered to those who are not clear. Channeling is not difficult for those with an open mind.

Can the comet destroy this planet? Yes. Will it? No, it will only make things more challenging. Will an asteroid deliver a final mass destruction? No, Earth will continue to exist with an opportunity to be energized again. When this energizing is complete there will be a New Earth.

Will you accept the offer to ascend when it comes? No details are missing from these messages. All countries have ascension candidates, even those with negative dictators. This choice is not the country's determination, it is yours alone.

Follow the lead of your heart. Making the choice to ascend is the heart's choice. An awakened one will not be led by an active ego. Count the days now. Enjoy all of your moments. Get ready. Put your affairs in order. Get a master plan to those who are going to assist with the next day's tasks. Place no one above the call of your heart, and depend on no one to answer for you. Be with the angels and claim the destiny you chose to have. Make this call the one you aspire to.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Nibiru Contact is a Myth
4 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
My messages have all been about the next days and ascension. My dear ones, your curiosity about future events does nothing to advance these two awarenesses that are most needed today.
Nibiru is neither a galactic death constellation nor a contributor to the axis change. It does not exist in your universe. Have the conspiracy theorists been able to concoct a new planet to frighten you? Apparently they have, at least it appears so.

Can you turn your attention away from current events or controller fear dynamics, including the threat of death to the planet from this or any other contact mechanism? None of these creative dramas are accurate. My comet communication was to tell you there will be many changes, not total destruction. No comet or other method of destroying Earth is needed—man has already provided an activation of destruction that needs no assistance.

Are you ready to drop your fear so you can ascend? Fear cancels the ability to accept the amount of light needed to dematerialize a body. Cancel your dream that includes death and destruction. Believe in one thing only: I AM THAT I AM. Nothing else is accurate.

The Masters and angels are all clamoring for ascension. No other detail that can deter ascension needs attention. Are you able to accept ascension as a reality? Are you afraid of this? Make a commitment to ascend before there are no days left to do this. Practice meditation or another form of being quiet. Allow the God within to make all your choices, and let gratitude be your approach to life, not complaints.

Make no mistake, when the call comes you will be notified as a candidate to ascend IF you have done what my messages have asked. My words about this have been clear. Your choices are the difference between ascension or not.

Being calm, clear, awake and aware are the candidates most important details. Fake gossip about anything and everything calls for your attention. Be clear that only inner direction is to get your attention.

My fellow contributors to these messages and the Masters and Mankind blog do not want to control or disturb anyone, only prepare you to make the most informed choices. Now is the time to be very careful about accepting any man's conclusions about the future. Nothing is carved in concrete to be made an absolute. All can be altered at God's call.

Many of you are able to ascend. Count the days now, as only days are left. Weeks? Maybe. Months? No more to be counted. During October on your calendar there will be an amazing door to ascension. Are you able to go through this door?

Be with the angels as you go. Be one of the angels and lead others. Be as you are, an angel in human clothing. Remember this concept and let others know: "All of humanity is matter that will go back to dust."
All the best.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Awaken and Ascend
4 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

Concentrate on the conspiracy theories and you will not awaken and ascend. Not that these are not accurate, most of them are contributing credible facts to man's cabal awareness. But this is not to be the focus of those wanting to ascend. Why? Because this helps negative attitudes grow. Anything "against" counts as negativity, no matter what topic is being attacked. When man chooses any opinion that is "against" another, his mind is caught in the dream.

Nowhere does it say this dream is Reality. Man does not have any understanding of Reality. Are you concerned about any conspiracy or controller dialog mentioned by this blog, or from other sources? Then you are not awake yet. All of these things are part of the dream, my messages as well as every other contact with Masters and angels.

An awakening is to master life with no belief in the dream. When you awaken, you become aware that the dream is a dream, and all of those still dreaming are not awake. "Am I going to ascend?" is a question the dreamer asks. "Are we going to awaken?" is a more aware question.

All the conspiracies are not theories. Most are accurate accounts of the dream that is being acted out as a dream. None of the "hands on" descriptions are being made up by those delivering them to man's mind—except the official ones. No official claim about man's condition comes from an accurate account, only from manufactured data to lead you away from what is accurate. But, neither of these two scenarios will take you to the awakened condition. Both are distractions! Mental conviction for either matrix of materialization contains no accuracy in the big picture, only in the keyhole you are observing it through.

My message today is not about whether there is a conspiracy or no conspiracy. It is about the dream or no dream.

Chances are you do not agree with anything being claimed by me today. Why? Because we are talking about waking up to a more accurate picture than the one that is meeting your eye when it is seen through the keyhole.

Please don't allow your mind to cancel this message before it learns the next attributes of being awake:

1. Clarity about how the dream is mesmerizing the mass consciousness.
2. Awareness of the Truth that mind cannot grasp.
3. Change in the consciousness of an adept to awareness of the higher realms
And beyond.
4. Cancellation of those attitudes that have defeated the ascension.
5. Answers to all questions about the dream.

Making a leap in consciousness can be a direct result of discontinuing your mental concerns about the drama being enacted by all dreamers. Placing all of these dramas in a category of "dream not Reality" is a good way to begin. Next, move your attention away from all the deliverers of control vs. Victim material. All of this is part of the dream and you can detach from it. Convincing yourself (or anyone else) about the accuracy of any data is mental destruction of the light.

You only deliver light from the essence of your being. Your guide to awakening is in the core of that light—in your deepest inner depths—not in the mind. Forget all the change data, all the mesmerizing conspiracy theories, all the data about human affairs, and go to this depth for your reality check. Not just for a casual glimpse, but for a deep, clear acceptance of what is found in the awareness of your own heart.

Allow the dream to be your entertainment, not part of your ongoing creation. The mind is your director of mis-understanding. Clear your mind of all outer news and open the heart for awakened awareness. We need more awakenings for the change of mass consciousness in the dream to be achieved.

We are near the ascension, and we are not content with less than all of those who chose ascension to be on this next wave. Are you awake? No? When the ascension occurs you will not be leaving.
You can awaken NOW—it needs nothing other than what I just told you in this message.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
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  • I will not hesitate to say," yes I am ready "
  • Thank you very much! 


  • Many thanks for posting,

    Many blessings, much love.


    In Lak'ech Ala K'in :-)

  •  Great amount of wisdom reality and purpose.

     Thank you Drago. May violet rainbow bubbles bubble from

     deep within your/our hearts 24/7 and transform us for the Transition Kingjeff

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