I’ve come to be with you at this time, in this auspicious time, in this momentous time that you are approaching now. Not so much just for the eclipse that is about to happen, solar eclipse, but because of the shift, the change that is coming over all of you, all of you that are ready, all of you that have been preparing and working moving ahead in this time frame, in this timeline that you have created. And yes indeed, you have all created as a collective consciousness here on the planet, you have created a new timeline, a new timeline that is diverging from the old, the old biblical timeline, the old prophecy timeline of Armageddon and destruction.

That is not to be, as you have heard many times now, as we have been telling you this, guiding you, guiding you along the path, along this new transition into this new timeline.

Know that you have been chosen for this and chose yourself to be a part of this, a part of this new higher light expression. And know that after the solar eclipse tomorrow, you will feel this new higher light expression. You will feel the light. You will feel the intenseness, the vibration in the air itself.

Those of you that are tuned mostly to nature will feel it in nature itself as if nature has awakened further.

You will feel it in the breeze through the trees. You will feel it in the birds that are flying overhead. You will feel it in the touch of the grasses on your feet and the flowers that are blooming everywhere. This is the beginning of spring, spring in this area of the country.


Feel it in the air.  Feel it on your skin.

Know this as you experience this, as this becomes more and more attuned to you and you attuned to it, attuned to the higher expression coming through this solar sun of this solar system.

A gateway opening up and allowing these new higher energies to come through. Again, bathing the earth, bathing all of life here, and a precursor to the great solar flash that is as of yet still approaching this world.

As always, my friends, trust in the process. Trust in the process within yourselves as you are moving further and further along through this transition. This transition that is taking you, each and every one of you, further and further within yourself and further and further away from the old illusion of the third dimension.

Know more and more and more as those things develop around you in the external world, within the illusion, know that it is actually just that, an illusion. The more and more you become aware of that, the more and more you become awake to that, that it is simply an illusion. And you find yourself more and more not being attuned to that illusion, not being trapped in that illusion any longer in the old program.

Trust that the old programming is fading away more and more. And the more that you trust that, the more it shall be so. Not only for you as individuals, but for you as a collective as well. All of those that are ready to awaken to who they are, are a part of this transition now.   And you’ll indeed move through this ascension.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace and love and oneness, and that you continue to move forward, always moving forward, always stepping forward, not backwards any longer. And if you find yourself slipping every once in a while, just remember, that you have the violet flame, that you have the light within you and around you, and it is always protecting you, as well as all of those of your guides, and the angels, and the archangels, and the galactics that are all there, working through, and for, this ascension process for you.

Trust. Continue to trust in yourself.

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