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  • I feel that a huge majority of Robotic Intention, like many things we create that is unnecessary, are manifested, structural/material expressions of the lack of humanity and the lack of self worth or self fulfillment. It is a manifestation of our griefs and struggles doing the mundane jobs we hate to do, so we create a robot to express that experience so we "Dont have to" in an escape from doing that job we dislike. However the irony is that when we have that freedom opened to choose that job that we DO like, or the job that we DO want to do (which we should have done all along), we have screwed ourselves because we have created bots somewhere in the world to replace the job we Truly wanted to do, but since someone else didn't want the job WE Truly wanted we can't ever do, the thing WE wanted to do. There is a bot now taking our spot doing our beloved dream job. Its a double edged sword.

  • However if We use this right, with good intent we can expect to experience something like droids from our favorite star wars films. But of course even in those Films droids weren't overrunning the economic and material production or maintenance of every planet or every job. Its hard to imagine a good world with that kind of technology but I know like everything else there is a possibility of a positive and negative perspective through every outcome, and many times exist simultaneously in an illusionary parodox, but truthfully the paradox is not so.
  • I wonder what kind of world would we experience with AI running side by side with humanity? Will the world already be in a state structurally fit for such consciousness to exist, or will it be an illusionary experience of a "too soon" Artificial Life Form overrunning and destroying our economy even farther, creating further poverty and slavery?
  • This reminds me of my thoughts on technology in general while I pondered through meditation not too long ago. This may give you hope about technology and AI: In fact that may be the answer to this question of AI, a simple sub-topic of the generality of "Technology". My question to self whilst I attuned to the knowledge and truth of my own vibratory frequency, was that of the generality of Technology and what its nature is. I wondered what its place was on our planet, what its existence and expression is in our consciousness.
  • I came to the understanding quickly that it, first off, is an illusion that expresses the abilities that we 'believe' we do not possess, in an effort to make ourselves in a sense, fulfilled or even better than we already are ( But we all know we cannot be better, for we are already the way we need to be at the moment). But anyways, the first thing I came to realize is that it is an expression of our 'lack'. So this is similar to the AI expression I was speaking of earlier. Technology in our collective consciousness, is almost in a sense playing the role of our separation of self with nature and other aspects of our self. So it is creating a separation between us and nature, our social experiences, our dreams, and other such things. It is a symbol that is teasing us of the things we need and the things we truly are but at the same time keeping us from them. 
  • However, the second part made it more clear, for in time, certainly, when we learn to grasp the things we feel we lack... Or regain and understand the 'aspects that technology provides, we had all along', and when we're in a not so far away future where we are starting to understand we have more abilities (psychic and all) than we thought, then technology will be playing the role of a support and reminder, rather than a tool that is a replacement of our "lack" of skills and abilities. It will be a reminder of the things we already possess.
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