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Remembering Our Dream

Remembering our dream of the past

Of whom we were

Only reminds us of what we are now

God is everywhere

We awaken from the dream

Nothing is what it seems

Make me one with everything

Is the soul’s desire to sing

Our essence is the same

Our being-ness

Reflects what we proclaim

Inside the kingdom of eternity

Are we lost in its reality

Who we really are

Goes beyond

Our wildest star dreams a far

To expand, to grow

Changes all from what we know

Tell me now,

What really is my dreams for?

Somehow if we reach our hand out

Our guide is there

Make a place for him

Where once there was despair

Darkness is but

Absence of the light

Our shadow is

A reflection in the night

                                                Copyrighted; by Rev,Joshua Skirvin

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