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The flow of energy into the chakras comes from outside of the body. It comes from the sixth sphere and the fifth sphere- meaning cosmic consciousness and source consciousness. If you were to draw five spheres around the body, and then see the body rising up into the first, second, third, fourth, fifth spheres that are above the body, you would be in the area where the energy or frequencies are flowing from. As long as energy is retrieved from within only the first sphere or the second sphere, there would only be a retrieval of dead energy. There would be no improvement of frequencies. We must always gain our frequencies from the Cosmos, the pre light and pre sound, and from Source's original divine blue print. If the energy or healing is done at any place in Consciousness below that reality, there will be error, miasms, distortions, twisted, reversed rotations of spin. In other words the energy will be blocked. There are many on Earth who have been doing healing work that only retrieves energy for healing from within themselves, or by channeling some certain entity who calls them self a god, or lord, or master or archangel. That type of healing might bring about a glorious feeling of ecstacy for a short period of time because it is basically a form of hypnosis. That is not healing. When the true healing procedure is followed , the healing connects the body into the Source field of the original divine blue print. Once the new picture is taken in the Mind of God and that Negative is developed through the mind of the Observer, a new reality will exist eternally. Unblocking the chakras by removing those seals would restore the frequency flow between all chakras. Presently chakras 2 and 3 are disconnected from 7-12 chakras. That is the cause of the ego problems, jealously, envy, etc. When chakras are connected through harmonic alignment we regain our super consciousness. This means all chakras are connected instead of disconnected. Presently the second chakra of social consciousness is disconnected from the mind of god consciousness so we have made our man made social consciousness- the god of our present consciousness -instead of the god within us that exists only when the chakras are connected through sub harmonics. When the frequencies coming into the chakras through the Hova bodies and Eiron bodies are flowing through the Guardian's - Elohim, Azurite,etc 12th dimensional consciousness that has been realigned through the Earth's Grids from Urtha's Core and the Aquafarian Frequencies aligning us into the Aurora field and the bridge zone to connect to the frequencies of the Stardust Ascension Grid The INDIVIDUALIZE ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM is created to align each Individual into this new Light and Sound Conversion taking place at at an OMNIVERSAL LEVEL. TIME HARNESS We must get freedom from this time harness. Our reality is presently broken into three reality windows that never merge together. We live in a future us, a past us and a present us. We must merge these three realities in one in order to start creating the realities that we want to appear. Our 12th chakra is presently stationed in the future and our second is stationed in the past. We must realign the past present and future into the Now,. That is being in Oneness or in Atunement. That is how multidimensional time fields are created. We align into all times in this Now Reality. There are these encryption lattices that intersect into the ley lines of these tiny little bodies that are within and surround our physical body. These tiny bodies are called hova bodies. They look like spheres. If you were to draw circles along your arms, around your head and within certain areas of the boy, you would attach consciousness to these encryption lattices. These are the points were the frequencies from all of the five spheres enter into the chakras. The frequencies don't go directly to chakras, they go to the hova bodies. These hova bodies were designed by the guardians to allow the flow of the frequencies that were blocked from the ckakras to to regain their flow. The energy flow into the chakras was blocked by the lowering of the base pulse rhythm and the blockage of the sub harmonic resonance. We must realign our present past and future into the now in order change the disoriented reality that we seen to be in. We can do this by creating a link between the reality fields of past present and future. For instance: I have always been aligned into the stardust of my 48DNA template, I am aligned into the stardust of my 48 DNA template. I will always be aligned into the stardust of my 48 DNA template. We must create this reality by stating it and confirming it day after day until we flip our consciousness into that NOW reality. If we do not make the continuous conscious effort to translate our reality of NOW, we will remain in the old 3D world of the illusions that were created through the NET. The Nibiru Electromagnetic Time displacement template has displaced our reality into the consciousness of dark, fallen angelics and demons who have only one use for us-- their new source of energy. They would continue to use us as the replacement to the energy that they could have continued within if they had remained connected to Source Consciousness. They made the choice to disconnect from Eternal Life energy of Source. Why did they do that? Why would anyone choose to be cut off from Source's Eternal Life Supply of Energy? Once a raceline makes the decision to obliterate a part of itself because of anger, revenge, outrage or whatever, that part of itself is gone forever. There were many wars in heaven over the past hundreds of billions of years. The greatest war ever was called the war of original sin. It was when the Annunaki blew up the 12th star. There were 12 stars in the system of our universe. The universe is considered one complete raceline. When a part of a system blows itself up, there are dire consequences for a very long time. We have the opportunity to become reconnected to Source Consciousness. We do not have to stay in the Mind fields of those who chose not to. Since we are created as the Human Angelic Race with the 12 DNA potential of Source Consciousness Energy, we are very sought after by Fallen Angelic Races. Stardust flow comes from Aquari -HU3 Christ Consciousness Elohim Angels. That flow can be engaged from 12 inches above head- Christ consciousness Rasha self or 36 inches to Jada Body. Bring flow of Stardust or Star light and sound into Pineal gland and create a flow from right ear up to Elohim and down into left ear or use the Rasha Body and increase frequency by using crystal star merkaba spin a t speed of light. Fill the mid brain with white light sparks and then fill head and down into medulla oblongata now exhale down into crystal heart and increase the sphere of stardust out around crystal heart all the way up to Jada orb field Bring in luminary body to ignite ephemeral body. Fill with stardust flow and connect into Earth's Christic grid by attaching into cosmic earth's core and out into Urtha field of silver star dust frequencies. Create the silver stardust frequencies throughout omnions of quarks in body and connect silver seed frequencies into Earth’s grids. Attach to aurora field to create and blend zone into rainbow bridge. Watch the carbon -inorganic chemical substance, melt into organic spiritual substance. The silver seeds of stardust as the silver seed awakening begins. This is the Highest potential for Orbing. That potential is becoming activated now until February 2014. Continued activation may be achieved for five years- 2017. That will the be the point of MASS ASCENSION, but we don't know how much of the masses will be awakened to the new reality. The rest of the galaxy must become ready for bardoah by 2047 when those who are on the EVAC team on Earth begin to move all of those from the Fallen Milky Way Galaxy back to the Andromeda Galaxy through Inner Earth and Higher Earth. Dear Members, I have received the remark from a few noble confessors that this information is too vast, too much, too fast, makes our heads spin. YES, THIS IS A LOT OF INFORMATION. You probably can't understand it and you can't keep up with the massive loads of information that I place in your newsletter emails each week. We are being given information that the masses were not to have for another 2000 years. That is EXACTLY the reason why I create these musical frequency transformational CD's and mp3 recordings. All of the understanding, all of the correct use of energy, all of the collecting and alignment of frequencies and grid lines, and retrieval of information for the Elohim of Hearing, all of the knowledge within the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse is used to create the musical albums that UTILIZE all of this Knowing and correct alignment So that you don't have to learn it all. I have tried to give workshops that teach these things, and I have found that it is mostly a waste of time. I am giving you the basics of understanding. It is good to understand as much as you can. But I'm giving you a HUGE FREEBEE. If you listen to the music, you are getting the correct alignments of frequency activation placed in your body. KNOWING IS BETTER. But, I know the amount of knowing that it took to create these albums, and I know that there is not enough time left to transfer that knowing. However, the Frequencies are the key to the entire Ascension Process. These frequencies have already been given to me. All you have to do is buy yourself an Ascension Kit to get started, and when you get really serious about this process, find a way to purchase an Individualized Eternal Life Album. Crystalai STARDUST ASCENSION GRID The Stardust Ascension Grid has been created on Earth in order to transpose the Frequencies of the Earth from within Earth's Etheric Core of Urtha into the Veins or grids of Earth that will flow out into the atmosphere and into our biological structure. This process of preparing this grid included moving the Earth into a different Earth. There are many Earth's and many of each of us standing in the exact same place in the universe. However, we are shifted in different angualr alignments which gives us completely different realities. The Guardians couldn't even begin this process until we were moved into a New Earth. Now Our Consciousness must become aligned into the New Earth or we just keep seeing the old Earth. The Earth must be tilted 45 degrees in order to align back with Tara. However, there was a problem with that alignment. The Guardians knew that humans would need to have at least 4.5 DNA activated to make that 45 degree shift. They were afraid that they wouldn't be able to save the majority of the population. So, instead, they created what was called the Bridge Zone Project where we could shift half way at 22.5 degrees, which would align us with the accretion level of Inner Earth - Agartha and Shamballa. This bridge zone makes it possible for those who are not ready to orb into Tara and Gaia to be able to shift into our glorious Inner Earth, and from there those may begin their ascension training that will allow them to ascend into Tara and Gaia at a time when they are prepared. The frequencies of the Sphere of Amenti which holds the 12 coded divine blue print of our race line has been placed in the Etheric Core of Earth. The frequencies of that divine blue print will be released completely into the body templates in 2017. Those who prepare their 5DNA template now and learn how to turn their body into a light orb, can rise into Tara. There will be many who can activate their 6DNA and 8 DNA and rise as far as the Meta Galactic realm. This reality that awaits for us is the realignment of the Spirit Body which is now rotated 22 degrees clockwise from the Physical template. We can engage in realigning the liquid light spirit body into At One Ment with the Physical Template by breathing Stardust Frequencies from our Aquafarian Families into the Quarks in our Atoms. We align into the Aurora Field of Plasma Energy which is Aquafaria. That is the portal of Oneness of Atunement with our Entire Soul Matrix in Tara and Gaia. That portal is open and available now. Our Aquafarian Family has been sending in Stardust and Singing through my Atoms for five years now. That is why my activations are in high speed.. The Ascension Grid will be reactivated within the Crystals of Earth's Grids as more of our own Stardust Energy flows from Aquafaria into our Atmosphere. The Christ Consciousness is being reborn through each breath we take. Namaste, Crystalai There has never been a more important and more opportune time for partaking in our conversion from physical matter into spiritual substance. The principles of conversion are based around the keylons. They keys to our creation. The keylons are star language, meaning photons plus phonons or light plus sound. The Light part of this activation is doing its part. We are having an abundance of solar flares, CME's, showers of meteorites all showering us with the substance of what we were originally made of - the essence of stardust. The light is coming in bucket loads. All we have to do is add the sound to the light. We were once Breatharians who lived within this natural process of inhaling light and exhaling or breathing a new form of light back out into the atmosphere. We lived within this eternal life process of the light coming in and the light going out. Our body structure was in its natural form at that time without the miasms in the tailbone and pineal area and within the entire chakra flow system of the body. Now, while the stardust from our original stars of our creation are flowing down into our atmosphere, we can once again practice that process of the eternal life system of creation. We can do this through Consciousness and the breath. We attach consciousness through the Elohim of Hearing at this time because this entity has always remained in the original Star System, within Gaia, where the Galactic Eternal Life system connected into the Universal Eternal Life System and the Cosmic Eternal Life System connects into the Original Source Eternal Life System. The Elohim of Hearing represents the Sound portion of the process. The crystal liquid light, crystal dust and crystal gel are all components of the prana within the light that is being sent. We breathe the Cosmic Frequencies into the Light of the 14th dimensional heliotalic silver pastel frequency to ignite it. We do this with the use of the Merkaba Vehicle because it travels ten thousand times the speed of light and can bring the activation of the multidimensional time and space frequencies directly into our bodies. We have talked about hydrolaise in past posts. We are going to describe the entire conversion process that takes place in the body and in the Earth's body when the hydrolaise is utilized in this process. First, the manifest form of hydros and the Oron crystals within the gelaisic layers of reality are called hydrolaise. The hydrolaise conversion is the equivalent process on the spiritual side of reality that our bodies go through on this physical side of reality, when we breathe in oxygen and use oxygen in our cells. The oxygen is used to fuel the cells. It gets the cellular process going and then we emit carbon dioxide. This process is much closer to the process that plants do called photosynthesis than what the human body does because plants are more in line with spiritual atunement than the body. The plants didn't have miasms placed all through their structures like we did. There is a direct relationship between the the gelaisic spheres within the Oron crystals which are within the Crystal light Body in the etheric layers of the eternal creation found within the pineal and thymus areas of the body. The hydrolaise conversion is a part of the natural prana exchange cycle. This cycle used to happen naturally in the spiritual body. It can now be replicated by progressively re spiritualizing the matter through the prana exchange building charge. It builds progressively by allowing you to move forward in time by re-creating your spiritual body's frequencies through the eiradonis body, crystal body or etheric body within the physical body. Hydrolaise conversion would be natural in a living star system. It is a process that creates a frequency in the water that causes the a bubbling and lightness that causes the body to float. Every element here in the physical has a corresponding element in the parallel spiritual realm. This is the Atorai and that is the Adorai side. When we bring in more spiritual substance into the Atorai elemental side, the substance is transformed. Just as there are natural reactions and interactions between elements in the physical universe there are natural reactions and interactions between elements in the spiritual universe. The hydrolaise conversion process is the natural process of creating an eternal life form. Think about the helium relationship with water or the effect of helium on water. The natural water that is not mutated because of the molecular base is not mutated has qualities like the H20 has here in the Physical Plane of reality. The water in Aquafaria, which is the spiritual essence of Earth, is H2O2HE3A. The A stands for Adori, meaning Spiritual Plane of reality. The water in this reality is a substance that you can drink and swim in like our water, but you can also walk on it, or walk through it. The atmosphere is much lighter and you have the ability to fly through it, only if you learn to maintain your own balance and focus. There is no gravity, so balance and movement is completely a skill that is learned. We are always met by our friends and family in Aquafaria to carry us in the same manner that we would be riding on a dolphin. They sometimes let us go and begin the learning process of interacting with the hydrolaise. They begin with swimming because swimming is done the same way. The balancing process of walking on water and in the air is a little more difficult, but we always have friends to help us. When we turn our water into a substance that becomes bubbly and lifts us up and smells like flowers the water has become hydrose. Hydrolaise is a substance that is deeper down in the living star. As the star goes through certain conversions, it begins sending the hydrolaise, which is the precursor to hydros up to the top and when it gets out to the surface part of it goes off and it looses some of its elemetns, it gets lighter and it goes up into the air and it becomes hydrose, which is this type of water. The hydrose is then formed through the hydrolaise conversion process. So, this sounds something like what we think of as an ionic conversion or a Cosmic Water Plasma Ionic Conversion. It is like breaking up water into smaller pieces like when the waterfall splashes. We must translate this process into the spiritual reality of the star system that is the normal reality that we came from. The process of the planet Earth is not normal. It is a destorted system created by reversed angular rotation of particle spin. The Earth has always set at a 23 degree tilt and upside down from where it would be if it was still Urtha. The Earth cannot be corrected. However, our consciousness can be corrected, and in that correction we can shift our reality into Urtha, who in essence is the real Earth or the Higher Earth. Hydrolaise is the key to making this shift into the reality of Urtha or Aquafaria or Inner Earth, Agartha occur. Hydrolaise is the natural form that we used when we were breatharians living in the normal system of Gaia. Urtha, is in essence, the original form of the true star that Earth was a part of at one time. Earth is being held within Urtha so that we can reattune to those original frequencies. In the normal system, we would take these elements in from the air or atmosphere. These elements were the crystals within the Orons. We would bring these crystals of crystal light, crystal liquid light, crystal dust and crystal gel down from our higher atmosphere. ( some of you may remember reading the story that the Elohims told me of how Mary Magdalene's father would bring these magical crystals in three spheres down from the cloud cities and give them to his daughters for presents). This is the Krystic reality of how things were supposed to work. That reality was brought back to Earth's consciousness through the help of Mary and Jesus. That reality was completely erased from the consciousness of those races on Earth prior to their teachings, and again afterward. The stories were re-written so idiots could understand them. The people in those times were reduced to idiots. They had their brains and souls removed by the fallen races. We have come a long way in the past 2000 years. We now have the intelligence to be given the true scientific stories of how we were actually created, where we came from and how we had this reality removed from us. If we do not know the truth, we will never be set free. It is our selves that will set us free. If our selves keep believing in the teachings of the fallen angelics, we will just keep plugging our consciousness into that old trap. We can't be set free until we can discern the difference between technologies that trap the mind in finite reality systems and those that fee the mind into eternal life systems. There is a breathing process where we would be breathing LIGHT. It allows for the conversion within the body that sends parts of the converted hydrolaise energy back into the prana seed, or the ORON. It keeps the Prana flow open. It then sends a part of itself into the Blood to circulate (like oxygen would do in the physical body) and it releases it back into the atmosphere through breathing the hydrolaise. It then goes through a conversion in the air, where some of it becomes water and some of it becomes a gas in the air. We then breathe the gas in and the body converts the gas into the type of hydrolaise. Part of it goes in to fuel the natural body system and then when they release it back out, it releases a form of hydrolaise back out that puts more back into the air and creates water emmissions. It comes out as air. But then the air splits and part goes into a lighter element of gas and part goes into a denser form as a water based element of H2O2HE3A. There is an entire elemental chart of the adorai side(spiritual) and the atorai (physical) side, and how the two will interact to transmute the elements into a higher form that is less dense. We must first have our bodies converted into the elemental chart that is used in Aquafaria before we can go to Aquafaria. The hydrolaise conversion is what happens when a body is bringing in the Eiradonis light energy body. When we bring the light body into atunement with the physical body we are bringing back the natural ability of the body to go through hydrolaise conversion. The easiest way to understand this process is to realize that we are a part of the complete light spectrum- all the way up to the gamma or the plasma. If we focus our consciousness into the Sun we have placed ourselves within the entire Plasma Consciousness of our creation light. The blue light is a result of going into the allness of the light spectrum and then coming back out the center where the invisible light and the visible light spectrums intersect. When we are engaged with that point, we see a blue sphere. That blue sphere is our Soul Matrix. It is our Blue Body self. That doesn't mean that we are only 5DNA. That means that we are the 12 DNA of the Invisible light who is coming down into the visible light spectrum in order to EXPERIENCE the SELF. We can't be 5th dimensional without being all of our entire 12 coded DNA. We are the complete Soul Matrix. We were just turned off for awhile in order to protect our race to become reactivated at this time. RETURNING TO OUR NEUTRON BODY Dr. Angela Barnett (c) 2014 Crystalai Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in other forums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai, copyright 2014 and include the website url. CRYSTALMAGICORCHESTRA.COM There have been many stages of preparation to begin the alignment into the 12 subharmonics in each DNA strand, turning back on the Christic Grid, preparing to remove the Frequency Veils, and now bringing in a massive dose of LIGHT ENERGY that will allow the process of turning back on the fifth dimensional NEUTRON BODY. The activation process is taking place now. I've already experienced it because I have been working on the Star Gate Activation as each star gate opened over the past 12 years. Each time a star gate opened we were able to activate one more strand of DNA. It takes about two weeks for the activations to catch up with our hormones, and about five years for the activations to take place in our chakras. Of course this can be done instantly through the use of alignment techniques given by the Guardians. The hydrolaise conversion process starts in the Aquafarian Shield of Urtha. Urtha is like a rainbow bridge allowing the spiritual elements to flow back into the physical earth through this process that uses the Eiron flow fo crysal light energy from Source consciousness to flow into our bodies and the Earth's body uitil we become saturated with it. This allows for the transmutation of the physical back into the spiritual. Don't forget how the story started. Earth was originally where Urtha is now. We used to have our heads up in the clouds. We used to live in the cities of light that are now where we see clouds. Earth shrunk. We became more and more dense. However, there are those divine ones who kept their consciousness in that reality and did not densify. Those Aquafarians have prepared a way for us to become less and less dense until we rise back into the clouds and walk up the stairway to heaven just like Job did when he retrieved the crystal light, crystal dust and crystal gel spheres of prana to give to Mary and her sisters. So, in the same manner that Earth shrunk, Earth can also have its density removed by transmutting lower dimesnion frequencies int ohigher dimensional frequencies, which are lighter- less dense. The density that we have knwon as our reality has been hertzian, infra red and visible light. Those are the only three dimensional realities that we have known for a very long time. However, the Aquafarians in Urtha know other dimesnonal realities such as Invisible light, x ray light , gamma and plasma. Of course , we know about these light forms. But we don't understand how it is possible to live in a sun or in a star. When in fact, we are living in a star right now. The Earth is kept within Urtha, the star which will starfire in a time not so distant from now. When Urtha starfires, we must be moved off of this planet and into a dimension of reality that will allow us to continue to ascend. That reality field is the Aquafaria, the Cities of Light the Inner Earth. This is a part of the process we are now going through as we wait to be transported to Tara or Gaia. In reality we live inside of our sun, inside of a star. This reality will be revealed to us in the near future. The Guardians planned the Star fires to occur far enough in advance that everyone would have 5 DNA strands fully activated by now. However, the Indigos or Star Seeds already had the 12 DNA capacity when they arrived on Earth. That is the reason only other Star seeds are capable of understanding what I am talking about. Those who do not have the coding within them will not be interested and will not be able to understand. Those are the Earth Seeds who will be activated by the Star Seeds. The activation of the MIRACLE is all about PARTAKING in the Opportunity. Only Star seeds will partake in it because they are the only ones who have the codes in their genes that are awakening the activation at this time. Each individual will be guided by their Soul to partake in whatever activity is needed at the time it is needed. That reality will begin now that the NET is no longer attached to our consciousness.

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