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Pleiadian Ascension ~ Spontaneous Awakening ~ Suzan Caroll Ph.D - Aug.17th, 2012

...more and more of you are having Spontaneous Awakenings...You, the awakening ones can no longer hide in your illusions...The lies that you have been told, and that you have told your longer work to hide your disillusionment. The “things” you buy do not give you the same pleasure, those important people you befriended are no longer interesting...and the money you worked so hard to make is gone before you can enjoy it. “What is this all about?”...It is the Light...“Am I losing my mind?”...No, you are just uploading a new mental system...Congratulation dear Earth Friends. You are ascending NOW




August 16, 2012



Mytre Continues:



At this point in your Personal/Planetary Ascension Process, more and more of you are having Spontaneous Awakenings. These awakenings often occur after a long bout of depression, anxiety, illness or “bad luck.”


These awakenings occur because the multidimensional light bombarding your planet is so intense that the light quotient of humanity is raising to Critical Mass. Light quotient is not the same as the majority of people.


At this point, the majority of humans are still struggling through the third/fourth dimension. However, the light of the awakened ones is so intense that it over-shines the darkness of those who are lost in the briar patch of third dimensional turmoil. In fact, an awakened person holds ten times more light than their un-awakened companions.


The differences between the two expressions of human consciousness create chaotic energy fields because the juxtaposition between the third/fourth and fifth dimensional parallel realities is causing a paradigm shift in your world. It was the same in my world when we entered this phase of Ascension.



You, the awakening ones can no longer hide in your illusions. Thus, you must enter into the chaos of the many changes that are occurring within the NOW of your reality. It is the shift from the perceived safety of a familiar and apparently ordered world that is causing the Spontaneous Awakening.


The lies that you have been told, and that you have told your self to make life “good enough” no longer work to hide your disillusionment. The “things” you buy do not give you the same pleasure, those important people you befriended are no longer interesting, that job that made you so much prestige has become a hollow victory, and the money you worked so hard to make is gone before you can enjoy it. “What is this all about?” you ponder.



What you may not know is that your higher expression of SELF is overlooking you and waiting for this very opportunity to jar your comfortable denial. Your Multidimensional SELF gives you dreams, ideas, opportunities for change and constantly speaks to you in the back of your mind.


“What is that nagging voice?” you ask. “My life is JUST FINE,” you say, a little too loud. But as much as you push away the growing wave of transformation, the chaos of change expands more and more until you are overwhelmed. But, what are you overwhelmed with? You do not know. You cannot understand. Your life is just as it has been when you thought it was great. Why are you suddenly so miserable?


It is the Light. The higher frequencies of light are erasing the third dimensional indoctrinations and replacing them with the Multidimensional Operating System. With the download of the new operating system, your biological computer brain can no longer compute information in the same logical, sequential manner. Many multidimensional messages are swirling through your brain and altering your neurological circuitry. These surges of high frequency light are creating sudden crashes of old mental computations.


“Am I losing my mind?” you wonder. No, you are just uploading a new mental system, and right now you are in-between the old system of computation and the new system of Flowing with the Light. The many sequential details that have filled your brain are at right angles to the circular flow of the Light Language embedded into the higher frequency light.


Some of you know that you are awakening, and some of you have been awakened for a while. It is these awakened ones who need to connect with each other and with the newly awakening ones. In this manner, the awakened ones can learn to be fifth dimensional leaders and the newly awakenings ones can gain the assistance of those who have completed the process that they have just begun.



With a core group of humanity openly saying there is a reason for what is happening, the fear of mental breakdown is replaced with a hunger for change. It is at this point that your spiritual awakening begins, for fear has left that threshold. Many people may scoff at you, but once you have gone through your cycle of resistance, you begin to feel the unconditional love that is so much stronger than external judgment.


You remember now that there is important work to be done. You are here to assist your planet, which you can only understand once you have released your addiction to the third dimensional illusions. Through the thinning veil of illusion you can perceive and begin to enter the new paradigm of reality. In the third dimensional paradigm, REAL was comprised of third/fourth dimensional molecules organized into a physical form.


You knew this form was real because it offered resistance to your touch. You could see it with your physical eyes and hear it with your physical ears. This form had hard edges and familiar angles. However, your new mental operating system perceives energy patterns that feel alive to you. You do not know what these energies are, but you have a feeling that they are another reality, a life form or, maybe, a Higher Being.



Your “feelings” are changing right along with your thoughts. “Feeling” used to be emotions or your sense of touch. Now your feelings are similar to a new kind of perception that you experience through your mind. Furthermore, you now realize that your mind is not just in your body. In fact, both your thinking and your emotions seem to be emanating from above you. This above is not above in space, but above in frequency.


Those of you who have been awakened long enough to become familiar with your new version of SELF are hearing a call to put all that you know to use. You are tired of keeping quiet so “they” won’t judge you. You want to talk about what is happening in your body and in your life. You want to share your new world with other people who are experiencing the same thing.


In other words, now that your Multidimensional Operating System is fully integrated into your third/fourth dimensional brain, heart and body, you KNOW you cannot go back. You don’t know exactly where you are going, but you WILL find out. Unfortunately, you are not sure how you will find out because you are still “in-between” who you were and who you are becoming.



However, your ever-expanding Unity Consciousness is telling you that you are connected to everything and everyone. You are connected to the Planet, as well. In fact, you ARE the Planet. It is the realization that you are the Planet that allows you to remember that you are also the Higher Beings that you are hearing, seeing, touching and following into the unknown.


You don’t know where you are going, but you have remembered to follow the feel of unconditional love. How did you get from the frightened, disillusioned one to following the Flow of unconditional love? You don’t remember, and you are not looking back to find out.


Congratulation dear Earth Friends. You are ascending NOW!


Ashtar Command

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Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on November 7, 2014 at 5:44am

Dear Suzanne,

Thanks for posting...

Comment by Lynn Mystic-Healer on August 22, 2012 at 11:12pm

Time to develop new earth cities of enlightenment and peace with new earth focused heavenly Civil Services!

Comment by Rhiannon Yellow Star on August 20, 2012 at 5:00pm

My friends I offer my assistance to help you learrn and grow into the KNOW.  It's a bumpy ride at first, but well worth the take off...............


Master Rhiannon Yellow Star

Comment by Alina on August 19, 2012 at 6:37pm

Great, I was so confused, but now I know...  I am on that way... I dont know where I am going, but I have a very deep feeling of stay still and wait, everything will come in time ... yes I feel to comunicate everything happend to me, but in this moment I only finde it trough the internet, because people around me think I am crasy, what a pity for them.... Love Alina

Comment by J'Tariah En Ra El on August 18, 2012 at 10:32pm

E V E N T ...coming our way...buckle your LIGHT belts, get ready for the PHOTON belt, and delve deep into the INNER PEACE of your eternal SOUL! MASSIVE EVENT incoming, yes...a total merging with your true self in every multidimensional asp

ect, so that you are ONE being...non-fragmented...aboard your ship in another dimension...with your ETERNAL TWIN FLAME...and STARSEED FAMILY.... Time to love yourself...time to be here now. be here. be! E V E N T ...coming our way
Lightworker 404:

Lightworker 303:

For Lightworker 202:

Lightworker 101:

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST-OFF!
Comment by Joe Lavoie on August 18, 2012 at 9:29pm

In February of 2012, I left a high paying ($250K+) job because I was not in alignment with that reality of the last 7 years. Somewhere along the way my frequency changed and it was as if I didn’t want to be there anymore. I seemed to fallout of favor with the team as I was not vibrating with anyone there anymore….. My awaking is progressing at a great rate today having all the symptoms and I look forward the next second, minute, hour and day of this progression…Bring it on baby…Ya…I love you white energies, and you all and love too everything above and below and so it is so………

Now I mentor in a social club, within I help people to have, be or do anything in their life, Law of Attraction stuff. J We send out free CD’s and if they decide this club is for them, they can join with other like minded people…Currently we are were now over 40,000 in 180 countries and meet 5 times a year at major events…

Love & Light



Comment by Seek and you shall find on August 18, 2012 at 8:40pm

Mytre and Mytria are awesome!

Comment by Joe Lavoie on August 18, 2012 at 5:58pm

Yes, I am, count me in :)

Love & Light


Comment by Chris Faugere on August 18, 2012 at 9:25am

Thanks Mytre. I find that the new crap that comes up are thoughts like "Will I be useful in this new reality?", "Will my skills that were not recognized in 3-D, be finally recognized in 5-D?"; "Will I play a more prevalent role in helping with the new reality, given that other people prominent in my profession function under the old paradigm of selfish greed?". The ego is tricky. Just trying to stay awake.

Comment by norway on August 18, 2012 at 12:06am

YES I AM :-)





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