Greetings, Friends!

We have some information and joy here! The wheel keeps turning and the dominoes keep falling!

We were allowed to say another “Hello” with a brief report! As more escape attempts by the clumsy scoundrels occur, more of our fleets are allowed to enter this realm, as they have severely violated the protocols of the Sacred Galactic Code!

You, dear Allied Friends on Earth, keep your heads high and in confidence as the next few months are going to be very eventful. Our ground troops have begun to advance towards the surface.

It is a matter of time, not too long, before the first objective signs begin to appear.

In the meantime, you dear allies, will be called upon to more discipline in your human duties, such as caring more for nature as a whole, and that includes your bodies that are part of that realm.

Nothing will ever be like before! Literally! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The Heavens are still rejoicing at your uninterrupted progress! And of course, we continue to emphasize tranquility…

There will be peace, have no doubts! There are our allies in the eye of the hurricane negotiating peace.

There are forces outside this realm in direct contact with your most warlike leaders and warning them that there is no chance of nuclear detonations that will harm nations.

Do not fear false flags! We are excited to have more transmitters in preparation! We have prepared two more of them for our messages! We currently have this one who writes our messages directly now (Rafael/Neva) and we are preparing two more!

One on the European continent and one on the Asian continent! Hallelujah! Another victory in this kingdom! We will have three certified transmitters to bring our direct messages!

In the meantime, be on alert, for the closer the time of revelations approaches the more they will try to impersonate us!

When our other two transmitters are ready, we will announce their names and certify them, authentically! Hallelujah!

That’s enough for now! There is more information coming. Be ready! We will be reporting more and more as our Elder Master Teachers authorize! It’s a brief message, but no less loving than the previous ones!

We are happy with how things are going. There is little time left on your human count for our most direct contact! In the meantime, look for us in the most rural areas! It’s easier for us!

Every day, a new domino falls and pushes another one to the next move! It’s the growth cycle!

Keep taking the steps that need to be taken without fear, understanding that certain retreats are necessary, but this does not mean loss, but a strategic action!

Know when to stop or back off! Use wisdom! Borders are being dismantled! Unification is near! Love will prevail! Heaven has decreed, and so it shall be!

This is not just our will. This is a DECREE! Know this, Friends!

Oh dear ones! Know that the Countless Fountains and Endless Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours!

We will return when appropriate! It’s good to talk to you again! It always is! See you around!


Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL): Grateful, beloved Friends of Light!


Galactic Federation of Light: Do the Cards

Good morning to you. Well, there’s some monkey business going on! Many are writing, asking if this latest ‘monkeypox’ that’s going around, is Fergus the Fungus in disguise? What are your thoughts, please?

And a Bright Good Morning to you, Blossom and all.

Hardly bright outside my house, as the rain continues to cause havoc over Queensland. Yet, I guess that is another story.

Regarding your question. Our thoughts may vary from others, and yet, we would say this is more of a hype that is going to die down and go away as soon as it came.  

Much that has taken place in your world over the last few of your years has taught many lessons, to many souls. One is no longer ready to just accept what they are being fed and are recognising the lies within the propaganda.

So, would you confirm that the ‘monkey disease’ is not going to see us all in lockdown, swinging our arms and scratching our armpits?

We cannot guarantee that, Blossom. Yet, if we were to ‘do the cards’, they would currently give the answer of ‘No. This is not lockdown material’.

Remember, that what is put out there on your internet is immediately spread worldwide … be it a Truth or untruth … and that is far more deadly a virus … if we may put it that way.

You may. I am happy that Fergus hasn’t presented itself yet, although here in Australia and I believe other parts of the world … the mould is causing much havoc due to the rains, and as we know … this can make people very sick.

So, let us look at that. These rains are indeed of a nature that is unnatural. In fact, if you look at your weather systems all over the globe, it is obvious to many now, that there has to be something behind the bizarre state of your skies and the sun, wind, rain, and snows, that appear from it.

Yes, I think many of us know the weather to be controlled, and certainly here in QLD the rain is causing so much anxiety for souls. What is its purpose?

For a start, Blossom, we certainly would not call it ‘cleansing rain’. In fact, if anything, we would call it ‘Dirty rain.’ That which is leaked into your atmosphere contains many chemicals and ‘health weapons’ that are designed to maim crops, animals, and indeed, the human Being, both physically and mentally.

Maim’ is quite a strong word.

Yet, appropriate. Yet, there are also other reasons for rains to perpetuate and cause damage and destruction.

To the reader this may seem unexpected, yet, we seem to be having trouble with the flow of our conversation, today and yesterday? Any idea why?

The wrong subject, perhaps.

What’s a right one?


Oh, OK. Go ahead. Uplift away.

Blossom … we ask that you take into account that our role, alongside yours, is to do just this.


For those who choose to ‘inquire’ about other things … they are able to find their needs from others who bring information through.

Yet, as I said before you have talked of things like lockdowns etc. So, I don’t quite get why we can’t always discuss it. Take for instance this monkey business.

Did we not answer your question on this matter?

Yes. I guess you did. Yet, I seemed to get stuck after you said there were other reasons for the rains. For the second time this week, I felt I should abort the mission for the day as the conversation wasn’t flowing.

The reason the matter of the rain was halted is because that would take us into areas that would not be in alignment with our cause.

Blossom, we ask you to understand … to get to grips with the facts that we do not wish to delve into areas that do not serve The Whole.

What a struggle it is today. A no go. I shall leave this and perhaps pick up again tomorrow. Very annoying to be honest, as I had wanted to get it done. Hey ho! I’ll try again tomorrow. Thanks anyway.

Ok. It is now tomorrow! Good morning! More and more writing in about the ‘Monkey business’, mainly due to a rash being one of its symptoms and you had said a rash was one of the Fergus the Fungus symptoms. Just saying!

And, Dearest Blossom, we are just saying that we have said our piece on that matter. Let us move forward.


In your Heart, Blossom, and in the Hearts of many, there is a desire to ‘see through’ that which you came to do. So much of that ‘mission’ is based on a KNOWING from within.

And as I have said many times, we don’t know what that knowing knows … yet, we know we know. As ridiculous as that sounds.

Not at all Blossom. The construction of that sentence is plausible.

For this KNOWING that you KNOW, yet, don’t KNOW, comes from a place that reaches far deeper than the ‘everyday’ Knowing … that you are here for a reason.

As ‘time’ moves on/through these following ‘times’, that KNOWING becomes Stronger. Not that you shall KNOW … yet, the FEELING of KNOWING will allow for more understanding of your mission.

So, at what point WILL we KNOW?

We shall confuse you by saying ‘You already do’.

Yep! You confused me.

You see, Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls, who have been drawn to our friendship as unified Beings in Oneness …


So many of you already have this feeling and as Each One becomes more aware of the Divine Soul Self that they are … the more obvious the feeling of KNOWING becomes … and yet, there will not be ‘a moment’ of KNOWING ‘something’. It will not be a case of ‘I get it now’ … because you already have it.


Ok. So, you have said many times in the past ‘When you Get it’ … yet, you are now saying that will not be the case.

Because the ‘Getting it’ … is the feeling … and you’ve got it.

I don’t wish to confuse, yet, for instance, although not a case of ‘I get it now’, I do sort of get it. I have got it. Yet, ‘Getting it’ seems to change, in its depths of understanding as I change in MY depths of understanding … if you understand?  What an odd conversation yet, somehow, I am following it.

You are following it, as are those who walk alongside you on this Earth Journey, Blossom Goodchild.

Why do you do that? It’s odd when the ‘Goodchild’ comes through.

Our reasons are for frequency purposes that are coded within your name.

That makes sense. It is very rare when I am asked my name, that someone doesn’t say … ‘Blossom Goodchild, what a lovely name’. To which I reply, ‘Thank you, it took a couple of marriages to get there’. Yet, I digress … back to KNOWING what we don’t know!

Oh, Dearest Souls, if we were to have one wish from the wave of a magic wand, it would be for Each One to KNOW … TO RECOGNISE … IN FULLNESS …




The Being that you are … that comes from afar.

The Being that volunteered and was chosen to be upon Planet Earth during THE GREATEST TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE.

For if that were to take place NOW … not in days to come, yet, NOW … FOR ONE DIVINE GIVEN MOMENT … how your entire LIFE would change instantly.

Yet, don’t tell me, you left your wand in your other handbag! Ah, dear! I even made myself laugh out loud with that little gem!

Not only yourself, Blossom, yet many … and that is the Joy of ‘You’.

Well, how kind. A lovely compliment. It brings me great Joy to make others Laugh. I consider it to be a Blessed Gift. We keep digressing. So, would you compare that KNOWING of our True Self with that which one experiences when having a near-death experience?

Very much so. Yet, in Truth, one does not have to ‘die’ as many in your world term it … in order to experience.

In fact, we would say … one has to ‘live’ in order to do so.



You can choose how to manipulate this experience in a manner that either serves or does not. That is the wonder of the experience. For it is for Each Soul to ‘Find their way home’.

Funny! I was sent a video link from way back entitled just that, this very morning, and to my surprise, I was in it! I will post the link below. So, is the KNOWING that? The True recognition of the Soul Self?

Yes. For within that recognition, within the TRUE SELF … lies ALL KNOWING.

I’m really not trying to be awkward by pursuing this yet, are you saying we cannot KNOW THE FULL KNOWING until WE KNOW THE TRUE SELF?


I have a feeling though, that the TRUE SELF cannot be ‘witnessed’ upon Planet Earth … in its fulness.

Here we must correct you. Your physicality is but another experience that your TRUE SELF is experiencing. We allow for the KNOWING that the density within/upon/surrounding your Earth can dampen the feelings of the TRUE self.




Yep, yet, here on Earth, am I ALL of my True self?

You are an extension of your TRUE SELF.

To conclude …



Perfect place to conclude, as my brain cannot and has no need to argue with that. Well, hip hip hooray! Third time lucky, as they say. We got it done! I enjoyed this muchly! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.


**Channel: Blossom Goodchild


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