im not good with the whole sharing and i just have to get it out .its 4:41 am

and i just saw something that disturbed me to the core. so bad iwas seeking someone to talk too. but no one i know is on line. Anyway what i saw was: it was a warm day the sky is clear and not a singel sign of rain in the sky. and the bodies of water all over the world are emitting steam like a vapor and the vapor mixed with the suns heat sets forests on fire all over the world this happens for months at a time then the rains come and fires become floods and the water becomes ice and when the ice melts there is nothing left because the fire mixed with the ice and as the ice melted it slowly isnt happy or anything like that. i dont like it anymore than who ever may read this. But this is the only way i knew to get it out of my system.and since i couldnt tell anybody.this was the only out let. though let me clear somethings up.

1. i learned love im living love and being love..there is no room for animosity in my life.

2.if there were another outlet for me to communicate this then i would have done so.

3.Please dont base your opinion of me on what ive written here.

4.if u want to know me check out my page here.

5.most importantly thank you for your kindness.

6.this is just something i saw not on tv or a movie. But in a vision

This is not a prediction or anything . I just had to document it

so it would quit bothering me.

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