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  • Thank you for the Friend Request Azekiel! I am honored to be your Friend!
  • thank you my new brother for the friend request...!!!!!
    May the Lights always be with you
  • Hi Azekiel thank you for your friendship!
  • You also rock brother :)
  • Dear Brother and Friend, Azekiel.
    T am honored that you asked me to be your friend and accwpted wih all my Love.
    I love what you stand for, so open and honest you are..
    In Love and Light
    Soli Trinsia of Sirius
  • Manaste love to you my brother in light... its all true but i cant explain just fell
    ALL OF MY LOVE 2 YOU!!!*
  • Thanks for the add Sunshine. Loz. X

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the higher realms


January 25

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i am a star seed from another dimension ( recent revelation) i am here because i was called to earth to help the earth ascend

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alexi,alexandra and roselyn and my surroundings

azekiel posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
azekiel left a comment on Mayan 2012 and Beyond
"well i feel that the earth is a living organism. and like most living organisms the earth has become ill.and is currently purifying her self of everything toxic and dark. Upon this fateful date in history the earth isnt going to end in a…"
Jun 13, 2010
azekiel posted a photo
for the past three -ten years ive been havin visions of beings and other phenomean and its remained during my concious waking life this is one of themwho or what is it? explanatios welcome.
Jun 5, 2010
azekiel posted a discussion
      Culture shock will be a 1 week festival that incorporates every brand and genre of music,art and entertainment from around the world. in hopes of showing everyone everywhere that we have more in common than diffrences. Culture shock is still…
May 29, 2010

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3 hours ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"Kirlian photography and Delbruck scattering are due to auras. So we must define aura etc well as 'the unseen entity that surounds the seen object'. The 'non-physical' provision is out dated as physicists have moved beyond what the seventeenth…"
8 hours ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
Daily Update Good day,.I hope you've been having a lovely day and evening so far.Below I have 3 videos to share with you.Click on the links or images below to access each directly.  Today's Videos ICYMI: Q&A With Simon Parkes & Charlie…
11 hours ago
Pet Rock left a comment on Comment Wall
"Somebody figured out how to photograph auras and spirits were captured on celluloid film and now digital all the time"
11 hours ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
Hi Rev.Joshua, Confirmed, Patriots Have It All, Good People Are Acting On The Information - Ep. 2457...Is Now AvailableClick For Podcast & Video (a&b)Watch On Private Server Or Use Your App On Your Mobile DeviceUse These Two links To Find Out…
11 hours ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
We are witnessing the gradual shift to our new world. It’s been very incremental until now, and unless you knew what to look for you could easily miss the signs. We know what to look for.What can we expect in the next week or so? The Bo Polny…
11 hours ago
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13 hours ago
Steve Hutchinson posted a discussion
  Abundance In Its True Form By Natalie Glasson &Lord Melchizedek  I am Lord Melchizedek. Greetings and welcome in my Divine Light, Love, & Truth that I now extend to all beings. I am a collective energy and yet you may see me as a single source, a…
16 hours ago