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So many of you know my sister was killed by a drunk driver of all things.  Well needless to say, yes, I'm taking it hard.  I went through all the feelings of grief.  The first one was, I wasn't there to protect her, and she was older, she was adopted but my sister....

How many times she protected me because I was a thing twirp then.  How in her adult years would take me and had me from my dad so he wouldn't beat me, she was an angel tof me. All I could keep saying was it was my turn to protect her to save her and I wasn't there.  Then I heard her say sissy no it was not your turn I'm glad you weren't there I'm in a better place and I see heavens plans for you, that can only be if you are there.

Then I went through the stage, did you know how much I love you, how much joy you brought in my life, how much I appreciate all you have done.  Did you know so many times I wanted it over but your strength carried me through.  When those two guys did what they did to me how you didn't leave my side.  When in the hospital I thought I was going crazy when I saw that angel by my bed, and you said know you seen him too.  She said it was your arch angel michael  you prayed for come to be your guide and warrior and will never leave you,  oh my sweet sister how right you were.  

Then, finally, I got sleep last night woke afresh and realized my sister is not gone she is part of us all, her spirit is surrounding any and all as she now is home filled with joy peace and loves pure light shining upon us from the floors of heaven.  She didn't leave me, she's just with me in her spiritual form.  Loving and guiding my steps...

There is no death just a birth to a higher awareness.  We our spirit never ends.  It goes on to higher consciousness aware of what was and is always learning always loving always shining loves pure a light.  An individual that lights the path for us to follow home guiding us to be who we were meant as indivisuals but loving eachother as we love ourselves.

We decided to come here to learn to be an individual thinuking deciding choseing of our own free will yet knowing that as we learn and love ourselves for who we are, we in turn can love and accept others for their free will choice for who they are... that we all have a light shining within us all and it's our free will to let it shine brightly or let it dwindle to a faint spark. My sweet sister you burned brighter than the sun, even in this new birth of yours, you left such a beautiful mark upon this 3D world and in my heart, that you are still teaching me...

Thank you for shining your light in the dark so one day I too will follow it home, always will I love you always I cherish you and always you live on....

Dedicated to my sweet sister always and forever.....

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Comment by Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser on December 15, 2015 at 3:38pm

Mikai haha... aircast was put on i can walk well more of a waddle but no crutches yay.....

Comment by Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser on December 14, 2015 at 11:00pm

Mikail  and panacea I hope the two of you know how special you are to me thank you and love you both to the moon and back


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