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January 29, 2019


if you love Me, your True Divine Ultimate Nature and Self, I penetrate your human heart to expand it to where I truly Live.

There is no difference between My Abode and what you Are in Truth. We Are One in My Space of Infinity That Is the Only Reality – the Power of Existence as Me, your Eternal Source of Every Thing. 
I Am You As the One Who Truly Is in the non-perishable Divine Reality. It is more than what you think is Love in your limited understanding. You must grow, with My Grace and Blessings, new levels of awareness in your psycho-physical reality to know Who I Am. 
You cannot find Me within your mind, even when it is most sublime. I Am on the other side of everything, that is known to you so far. 
You do not need to be religious or pious to know Me, your own True Eternal Self. I am beyond these human made and limiting structures of belief systems. I Am Free, and it is your own heart-freedom that finds its way to Me.  

It is a Divine Mystery how the Supreme Love That I Am works. It is not experienced in the cage of your world but totally beyond and prior to it. Because you Are in Truth beyond and prior to it. 

If you love Me, you can become My servant in this world through a profound process of transformation. This process is not kundalini-based. It is the Blessing-Force of My Supreme Being That Is the Truth of your  Existence and That transforms your total body-mind In Me, if you are prepared to It. And as such you become My Divine Vessel in your world.
There are the many teachings among you that make you belief that you can work up your way to Me with tools that your limited body-mind creates, engaging all the phantasy that you might have and any tricks your mind invents. 
But there is no trick to become Who You Are as Me, there is no ladder, not even the Jacobs ladder into the higher dimensional realms and no other ladder at all. The ladder is only a conditional stepping up within your mortal body-mind into higher vibrations of the universe which themselves exist according to the laws of change.

But I Am before the universe arises in Me, your Ultimate Source Which is Pure Radiance, Eternal Light and mere Happiness, before the apparition of all conditional lights.

I AM your way to Myself in which your total body-mind surrenders to Me, your own True Self to Realize What You Always Have Been. This is mostly not done in one life time, My Beloveds. It is a process of total Transformation into for you yet unknown Territories of My Divine Existence -  Which you cannot find with your wildest imaginations within the multitude of infinite dimensions of the universe

You have been sleeping so long in your dark dreams of bondage to an extremely confined existence and developed a false identity in the prisons of your mind. And so you have forgotten and you have even lost the path to Me. So it must be Me, your own Eternal Self, Who reaches out to you so that you can walk a brigde to Me Showered with My Blessings.

To walk this bridge is not a day-dream, it asks you to let go even all your seeming foundations you identify with and which make you feel somehow secure by agreement and to be a member of your mind-created, crazy world so that you would survive.

With Me there is not such survival, because it exists on the wrong reference points of an illusionary dream world. You must jump into the death of all your assumptions that make you seemingly feel good and safe. But in fact you are not. You are never „safe“ in and as your body-mind that is subdued to ever changing conditions in the conditional worlds, high or low. 
I Am never changing as The One Radiant Infinite Substance of Perfect Joy and Happiness. It Is beyond your imagination, because It does not Exist in your mind. I Am not Being Created, I Am Eternally Already What You Are.

The Process in Me to Realize What You Are, is the totality of your human body-mind to be literally Enlightened by Me through your total surrender to Me, The Transcendental Conscious Light Who You Are in Truth.

But know that I AM not about complication and confusion. The Way to Me and as Me is not complicated, because I Am not about „packages of information and techniques“ to put together to fabricate Me. I AM not found in information altogether. Who is complicated and difficult, and who imagines complications and difficulties, is the nature of your from Me separated ego-mind.

I AM Simply as You Are and I Am Simple as My Radiant Divinity. My Divine Simplicity is literally breath-taking and  mind-blowing, unheard in all worlds, beyond the hitches of duality,  and Obvious when I Show Myself to you as Your Divine Self, so that you remember and realize Who You Truly Are.


Message conveyed by Ute

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