Dear friends,

In the UK, many of us feel strongly that we don't want to be just another star on someone else's flag..

Things will have to change, as we feel like a prisoner locked in the boot of a car, going the wrong way...WE DEMAND OUR NATION BACK....Time for a change, with regards to the British "star" in Europe...Time for rebellion against the evil empire of the European Union.

The European Union is remote, in terms of caring about our national interests, yet highly intrusive and controlling, in so many areas of the national life...It can override our sovereign Parliament, in London....In terms of legislation created by the unelected Commission and in terms of the European Court rulings...Laws cannot be changed, legitimately....We cannot trade freely with the world, as we once did. We need INDEPENDENCE from the European Union, as so many countries have historically achieved, with regards to our former British Empire...Now it is our turn to fight for sovereignty and independence, the turn of Britons....We, as a nation represented on the European flag,  are becoming a restless REBEL STAR, which is not comfortable within the Euro-constellation....Now we must fall off that flag and rise in renewed sovereign independence, as a free United Kingdom, outside of Brussels diktats and rulings, that largely stunt our nation, rather than enhance it... 

We must vote to leave the EU on June 23rd and make that date, an historical date for UK independence...Our version of July 4th.....We need a new constellation to shine in. One we can shine brightly within and not suffer a lowered luminance, as forced upon us by Brussels...A one size fits all, in which we are simply another "small" European, among other little European nations....That can never be acceptable to us...We have a long and proud history. We must rebel against Brussels and regain the sovereignty of our United Kingdom...

That independence of the UK, will brighten our national sovereign star, taking us from one defunct Euro-constellation of stars, to a new and worldly constellation of stars, alongside Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth lands, under a British Trade Federation, free of tariffs and uniting all our peoples of these lands of common law, language and values...After independence, we could also join up again with EFTA and co-operate to the full with Norway, Iceland and Switzerland....We will be free to choose our national destiny.....

That can only be good and fair for our people and all those who respect national and individual sovereignty.

Vote to LEAVE the EU in June and make this dream of sovereignty and prosperity, manifest...

Thankyou, Drekx Omega

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  • Globalism is in absolute panic stations over the UK Truss government's fiscal policies, which are going against the orthodox grain of the IMF and ECB....We have had several US bankers in London today, pleading with the UK to get back on track with the great reset course...They don't want an independent, low-tax, competitive free market and potentially dynamic economy, outshining Biden's America and the EU....👍🏻😁

    They wanted us in the EU, so they could control us more easily....And now we are out, we're flying about above their heads and they can't catch the bird...
    The IMF and several big foreign investment banks, hate the idea of UK lower prices, making us more competitive....They are rattled by the new Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng, who is a Thatcherite Conservative, with a big "C," as well as a very patriotic politician......It also drives the left nuts, as well as the globalist bankers....A good sign...👍🏻😁

    "IMF urges Truss to reverse top rate tax cut in rare intervention. Highly unusual move by world's lender of last resort condemned by senior Tories"
  • 🚨 New British PM, Liz Truss, triggers the globalists of the IMF, EU and WEF......The UK is defying the dark cabal monetary orthodoxy, by cutting taxes and stimulating a growing economy, when the globalists want us to be like Europe and Biden's America, stagnant and declining....with rising energy bills and dependency on global institutions...

    Liz is rapidly becoming Donald Trump in a skirt.....Or maybe a new Queen Elizabeth I, standing firm against a 21st century version of the Spanish Armada....??

    Whatever your analogies, they are freaking the global elitist consensus, that wants a digital, centrally controlled currency and a great reset....Sending them into panic mode, as their small window of opportunity, to nudge the world into their green agenda, falls by the wayside...With the UK doing now, what the US was doing, under Trump....Stopping the great reset agenda...Forging national sovereign independence, from the central bank system's dark hegemony..👍🏻😁
  • Sir John Redwood does remind us of our vast untapped reserves of energy...I like to refer to this map of the North sea reserves in oil and gas...It clearly shows us that we have the lion's share, we just need to completely drop all the net-zero rubbish and get cracking...
  • It is always a good practice, to learn wisdom from past luminaries, such as Sir John Redwood, who was a Conservative cabinet minister, during the Thatcher years of economic boom, in the UK...
    He, like myself, sees the merit of energy independence for the UK, using our own vast and untapped reserves of oil and gas...He also mentioned food independence, by increasing our own farming output....I agree...👏🏻

    We live in difficult economic times, but with common sense conservative policies and the full restoration of our free-market capitalism, we can ride through these times, more gracefully, than many other nations...👏🏻
  • I ask fellow members to bear with me, on my continued UK mini-budget postings...I'm ecstatic, as we are truly returning to CONSERVATIVE principles, such as low taxation and high growth and reiterating our national confidence in CAPITALISM......And lessening our dependence on foreign imports of energy sources...This is indeed, junking the semi-socialist "conservatism" of David Cameron and John Osborne and returning to the Thatcher years.......It is truly what I have been working for, esoterically, with the Count's help and guidance..

    We are determined to engineer a resurgent Great Britain, on the world stage....And Liz Truss is a much better reception, than Johnson....It's happening now...The wheels are in motion....

    The dark cabal hate what is happening and want the UK broken and poor..They seek to destroy all nations, as part of a deliberate policy..

    🚨 Liz Truss DESTROYS Socialists With Real Conservative Budget
  • This mini-budget will set Britain on a path to recovery....Globalist "experts" don't like this, so it must be good...
  • We had a mini-budget today, that cut taxes, across the board...Making us a potential agile economy again....We are also slashing residual EU red tape, on the statute books, and setting it on a massive bonfire....👏🏻All the absurd socialist limitations to private enterprise, will go up in smoke...This is true conservatism, like back in the 1980s...Minus the EEC encroachments, back in those days...

    We are getting our country back, bit by bit...👏🏻

    "Mogg’s Brexit Bill Sends Remoaners BERSERK."
  • I agree with this sentiment, that we should celebrate the British Empire and it's influences.....
  • Good news in the UK, regarding online free speech....There was a bill going through Parliament, brought in under Johnson, to curtail "offensive speech," even if it did not break the law....However, the Truss government is removing elements of the "Online Harms Bill," which stiffled freedom....The new Culture Secretary, of the Truss cabinet, explains the details....Obviously still being debated in Parliament, but clarified....
    mahyar tousi - Bing video
  • UK government lifts fracking ban: Jacob Rees-Mogg answers questions in the House of Commons...'Companies who want to drill for shale gas will have to come up with packages that are attractive to local communities."

    Of course, the environmental fanatics and lefty types, hate the idea of Britain being energy independent.....Watch this important debate in Parliament...
    Note all the Labour party dinosaurs, like Corbyn, being wheeled out, to damn the policy....Rees-Mogg explains the positives of extracting shale gas, very well, in response.....👏🏻
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