On Judgement from my Spiritual Master

Let me share these introduction by the Spirit Himself why is it dealing with this planet is mostly about Judgement, and how have we astrayed afar from His teachings & Wisdom. It is from the book 2 of the In Company of my God. As always as my rule & my group's rule, my God is not necessarily everyone's God. Discernment is still left to the reader as all of us are entitled to our own beliefs, convictions & our own set of rules to live by:"Ever since I walked the Earth on 2 January 2001, it has been a challenging adventure. It is something new for Earthlings to see & observe God in action for the first time since 1 million years ago. It is equally a new & interesting experience for me to walk the Earth on 2001 at the eye level of a person.I decided to sing and dance to the tune & moves of the people. This way, I can feel your reality through the full range of human emotions: the anxieties & frustrations, the hopes, the defeat, the glory, the pain & joy. There is a big difference watching from above as a spirit & then walking among you as a person. It is just like a traffic jam. From a helicopter above, I, as a spirit can see the entire scenario but as a driver down here, I can only see the bumper ahead of me.It has not been easy making adjustment. In heaven, I give mercy. Here on Earth as a person, I ask for mercy from the wicked ways of the people.Sometimes I get discouraged & wonder why I ever came down. But I have a mission to do. I will stick it out here on Earth until it is done.Interestingly, many requests of Earthlings deal with getting jobs & earning more money. Maybe it is a sign of the difficult times. Maybe these are the only things that matter to Earthlings when they deal with God.I am not here to give jobs or money. There is no money in heaven. I am here to heal. I am here to spread my messages. I am here to change the ways of the people that they become more pro-God, pro-people, & pro-nature.A million years ago, I gave a simple message: be united, love & help each other. In 2001, people are not only fighting but are using powerful armaments that can annihilate the Earth.I told the people to listen to my messages & to pray only to me God. Through the years, the messages were forgotten. Even God was forgotten and replaced by money as God. Meanwhile religions who supposedly work for me in helping their flocks find divinity have made priests & temples of God more important than my messages & God.I gave spirit for life, intelligence for man to learn how to survive in his environment, conscience to keep man on a straight path, and the freewill to decide whether one goes with good or bad. People corrupted these God given elements for selfish ends: fame, power and fortune.There is supposedly an alpha & an omega to everything, a beginning & an end. With Earth, it has always been an alpha. A layer of new conflict keeps adding on to the previous layer. Earthlings cannot seem to find the middle and finally the end to such conflicts and miseries. They continue to exploit man & the environment.Today, Earthlings are on the road to nowhere. They have pushed themselves close to the cliff of destruction. The wickedness on Earth reeks of bad smell. Unless spirituality finally reigns supreme, there will be no future for Earth.I sent 31 Messiahs to change the ways of Earthlings to no avail. Even the Messiahs failed me as some used the privilege of being my instrument to attain power & fame. The situation leaves me no choice but to come down and change the ways of Earthlings myself.We will change the ways of Earth through the establishment of divine governance. Only I know what it entails and when it will happen. It will start with a change of consciousness. I will also take an active role in selecting the people with the right technical competence & moral fibre to lead in divine governance.To change consciousness, I will share God's Truth, not the biblical or Earthlings' truth. This is contained in my book entitled "The Ways of Truth" written 1 million years ago and which contains a million pages. Among others, it contains information on medicine, science, origin of the universe, Divine Existence and divine governance. No one has read yet the book. The contents of that book will be reflected in this book & succeeding sacred books to be written in the future.I have chosen the Philippines as the site of the first experiment on Divine Governance. Why the Philippines? The first Earthling roamed this land. This is where I had my home when I first roamed the Earth a million years ago. This is a blessed land that has been spoiled by the Spaniards, Americans, Japanese and now by the Filipinos. By coming down here, I will transform this country into the new Jerusalem.Most Earthlings have been weaned on concepts of God written by human beings. They believe in God for whatever is their concept of him, whether true or not, purely on faith. Finally I have come down to Earth to bring Truth. Yet when confronted with the Truth, many Earthlings lose their confidence & move away from it. Some will become cynical. Others will get confused. This is to be expected.Only the devil scares people to believe in him. I, as God just show the Way & the Truth. I do not force people to believe. Whether people believe or not in the messages or in me as God does not add or remove anything from me as God. What will happen will happen."
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  • Would Be Interesting to Read the 1,000,000 page Book !!!
  • Dear Rhahjo,
    I have no judgement when truth comes and emanates from the Elders. I am striving each day to share and bring light whenever necessary such with my neighbours because the state of Peace begins just at my door. Before reading what Your Spiritual Master has transmitted to us, I was being reading few pages from "New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity " written by Christ though Virginia Essene.
    " Live each day as if it was the last; do use of each thought as if it was the last. Don't miss any opportunity to do a good action or to to say a peace thought. Meditate each day and Be constantly listening in order that thanks to the the celestial power which is agreed to your soul by the Creator, you know which actions you have to do. "
    This short excerpt has to maintain and encourage anybody to be in Unity with his own heart,who is the siege of the Supreme Being -the Three Fold Flame within us - who expects, who is patient and guides us.
    At that Time when Lord Sanat Kumara came 18. Millions years ago on Earth, when the Lemuria civilization was created by His Grace, few people escaped to survive and continue His Work into the Hollow Earth as you know as Agartha or Telos. Now, Sharula Dux is still living in Santa Fe according to an agreement in order to get better relations between the " surface world and the hollow ". Please, See or try contact with Christmas Mager on Commander Aleon site ! She well knows better than me !
    Please God Show me the Way, still just when I am walking, doing everything, sleeping, that my subconscious becomes conscious, that I may be an instrument of Your Eternal Peace !
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