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  • Greetings Rhahjo,

    I AM sure you will read this present message. Recently I have had close contacts with a Being from Altair, whose name is Commander Val Thor (for the Earthlings ); he is the Supreme Commander of the Altair Fleets, a sistership of Ashtar Command. I was in charge to translate his messages in French (such these sounds we can hear around the planet which are triggered by the Earth Core and who might trigger the energy gases laying in the atmosphere). He said that " most of the scientists of the Universe are aboard of my ship - Victor One " ( on January 24th 2012, terrestrial time).

    Surely you know Krom from the Great Central Sun who says that all these energies have been triggered by the Source to allow the Light Return and to allow to the Earth to become a Sacred Planet...

    The 24 Melkizedek have said that the Earth circumference will go from 6.000 to 10.000 km ( on www.autresdimensions.com) , which explains the increasing of the core.

    I AM expecting what will take place in the next weeks  as for the consequence of this.

    I send you the Orionis Salute (enclosed ) !8114028273?profile=original8114025894?profile=original

  • Hi,


    I have asked our geobiologist GiRa about the 'predicted California earthquake' message described in the article of Goddess some days ago.

    Seemly, since October, there is 'trouble' in the ground region California.

    Among GiRa, we can do a lot (reduce any possible earthquake) by performing on collective scale some energy work (sending 5 to 15 minutes energy).  But, we need more people for it than just the core GIRA team.

    Further instructions (shaman techniques) that can be performed, will be given later on.


    So, this is a call for all people who are interested to help California.

    Please, do contact us via the following website: www.earth-healing.com

    --> contact form --> title: California energy sender


    We need people worldwide who are willing to sacrafice 5 to 15 minutes of their time, especially people from California!


    Thank you!

  • All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga,
    The soul by taking part in Sri Vraja-dhama parikrama can achieve the very rare jewel of prema and our guruvarga are distributing love and happiness from spiritual world! If you would like to get the key with some valuable hints how to get it please take part in this year kartik month Sri Vraja-dhama parikrama! Do not wait-please harry up.For more info please visit www.purebhakti.com.

    Chant and be happy
    Your servant
    Markandeyarishi das
    Featuring lectures, essays, and books on the science and cultivation of pure Bhakti by Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja.
  • hello. have a nice day.
  • .:.*.:.*.:.*PEACE BE WITH YOU THIS DAY AND ALWAYZ*.:.*.:.*.:.

  • Greetings Rhahjo !
    I have forgotten to mention another book written recently by Laura Knight-Jadczyk " The secret History of the world and how to get out alive" Red Pill Press...She talks with the Cassiopaeans...One of these famous beings is Ascended Master Apollo ! Through this awesome book (almost 800 pages) you could discover the secret story of the earth and its inhabitants.

    Have a Blessed Day !
  • Greetings Rhahjo !
    Thanks for your reply ! I appreciate what you reveal to me, each detail about your world, your story and your teachings and especially Your Master !
    Jacques Fresco is indeed remarkable but I could not understand how he could be involved with the Raelian movement...I was a young member in 1975 and followed Rael or Claude Vorilhon his true name when he was in Clermont-Ferrand as sport reporter. He invited us (few members) to go and sit inside the Lassolas mountain (old volcano) and meditate in order to have a connection with the E.T...At that time, he had only seen an UFO. You know, it's easy to change the reality ! Few members helped him to move from Clermont to a small village he had bought - "La Négrerie" close to Brantôme in Dordogne - (with the sells of his first book). One of the members could channel four outer civilizations and another, a woman who lived before close to Le Mans had made an etherical journey and met 2 E.T. (at least 3 feet) in her garden. She showed me the place where they landed ! She followed Meher Baba teachings.
    I have heard that Mother Mary is located in the Second Universe according to the "Testament of Love" written...in 1941 where Master Jesus came for His Second Coming in Glastonbury and moved also in France !
    Did you ever have contact with Val Thor (before the site collapsed)? Do you have also heard about Beings who come from Venus and have meet with human beings close to the town of Henderson, Nevada, where Wayne Peterson lives ? (The french Peak it seems to me). Mr. Peterson wrote a book "Extraordinary Beings, Extraordinary Times" Emergence Press. I met him in Paris, april 2001.
    Have a Blessed Day !
  • Greetings Rhahjo !
    As human beings we are normally with the breathe which is vi-tal. And about the "h" of Max Planck's Constant, it comes an idea about the breathe you say : "H" is contained in "Inhale " and "Exhale" but these words are only available in english not in french. You have to know, maybe I have already said : AH ZOUH NAIGH is the great Invocation revealed by Christ for Almighty God or the Primordial Source who comes from Tula, The Great Central Sun. AH means the call to I AM ; ZOUH is the power of creation and NAIGH is the energy of physical creation which follows the spiritual. When you say these three words, say without loud voice the two first and the third briefly.
    May I know where is Gorzania exactly on the seven Universe ? Is Hubble can see it ? Ashtar Command Mainboard too ?

    Have a Blessed Day !

  • with Love...
  • Ihzawaï !
    It's a pleasure to see you again !

    Have a Blessed Stay among us !

    PS When you think about the Main Creation, the Primordial Vibration, you could say : AH ZOUH NAIGH ! AH is a call to I AM ; ZOUH : power of creation ; NAIGH : Energy of physical creation which follows the spiritual
    We could also use the Golden and Silver Rays which are emanating from the 12th Universe !
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