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#Occupy Disclosure (Mass Trip to the Neptune Mothersip to meet Grener and others and Bring Forth Disclosure) Updates Two and Three

#Occupy Disclosure Update Two

Hopefully I won’t need to post multiple updates in a day but today I do.


I’ve just had a conversation with a parent whose child, she thinks, may panic at the thought of visiting extraterrestrials or watching his mother leave to visit extraterrestrials.

Archangel Michael did comment on this. He asked people whose children stood a chance of reacting to extraterrestrials with fear to consider the welfare of the overall Disclosure effort and not join this particular trip.

There will be other trips. And later the planet will be more accepting of what is happening. But to risk having a child panic on board or leaving a child behind who may begin saying that his mother or father has been abducted by aliens is not a wise move and could cause a lot of damage to the Disclosure effort.

I have to ask you to act maturely here and not seek to come aboard if you have a child who is or may be worried about or afraid of extraterrestrials.

“Full Name” Emails

I had asked that people send us their “full names” and I see that I did not ask that only people who received invitations do so.

The reason I made this request is that we have a lot of email addresses on the invitation emails but not the full names that we need for the galactics to use in locating you.

The new, dedicated email account for “full name” emails is not yet open. It will be open soon. I will post the email address as soon as it is. Please do not send any more emails to BZ’s email account. Thank you.

What has happened is that instead of only invitees sending along their full names, everyone has sent along their full names. We now have a huge number of emails to sort through. We are in an almost impossible situation and it is all of my own making.

We’ll now use the folder full of email as a means of cross-checking the invited list against. That will allow us to know who is coming and who is not and provide us with full names. So we can salvage some of the situation.

But the fact that people sent in a response who did not originally receive an invitation does not mean (I repeat: does not mean) that you are now somehow scheduled to go on the trip. In fact you are not. Only those who already received an invitation will be going.

There is a second group of people whom I have been talking to today and whose full names I extracted in the course of our conversations. I then wrote them and told them they were confirmed. This second group of people does not need to send in their full names. We already have them.

If you received an invitation and have not received an email from me saying you’re confirmed, you may wish to send in a full-name email. Just to be on the safe side.

We cannot publish a list of names of those who are going because that will violate confidentiality. But perhaps we can publish a list of first names and a part of an email address or some other form of “code.” (I’ll leave the comments open for you to make suggestions on how to work this. But we will not answer comments – no time to do that.)

I apologize for the confusion I caused by my lack of clarity.

I’m going to post this right away because of this snafu and will add to it later.


I or AAM mentioned in one of the readings that we would discuss the return-to-Earth procedure. And then we did not. We have an urgent half-hour reading with AAM tomorrow morning and I’ll ask him to discuss the return procedure.

One-Day Trips

Someone asked if they and their family can come on a one-day trip. I’m afraid not. We have too many people who want to come for the whole ten days or slightly shorter to give away a seat to someone coming for just a day. Sorry. Wish we could and perhaps we will be able to later.


This is the first time we’ve ever attempted something like this and we’re doing it on short notice. We’re not trained travel professionals or anything of the sort. It’s almost predictable that there will be some snafus.

For instance, some people who sent in “full names” will assume that that meant they were going on the trip (even though we have said here it does not mean that) and then no one shows up to pick them up. Now they have cancelled appointments or shifts at work, etc., and are “stranded” and really annoyed.

So first of all be very sure you have an invitation from me before you cancel appointments. Don’t cancel anything if you don’t have an invitation from me.

Second, you may wish to consider not cancelling appointments at all but asking a family member or trusted friend to do that AFTER you leave and they know you have left.

None of us wants to inconvenience you or cause you a loss of income. But at the same time, we cannot conceive of all the situations that could or may arise. So please help us out by proceeding carefully and wisely here.

Thank you.

#Occupy Disclosure Update Three

Just so you know, my email has more unread messages than I can possibly read at this moment. You may wish to make your headers descriptive to help me determine which emails to read first.  Only email please if you must; otherwise

Also please don’t switch to leaving Skype messages. It would be problematic to have to keep opening Skype.

Pat Donworth: I wonder what the cost is of phoning from the Neptune. Probably astronomical. (Indeed! Actually we will be able to phone home from ET.)

Dedicated Email Address

We now have an email dedicated exclusively to this trip:

As it stands now, people are sending me email, BZ, the Comments form, the Article Suggestion form, and we cannot man all these channels of communication. We run the risk of not seeing your email.

So from here on in, we ask that you send all communications regarding the trip only to grener11.

Casey has temporarily disabled the “Comments” and “Article Suggestions” form until Saturday morning, with apologies to Pat and her team.  I’ll ask Casey to make them operational again before he leaves.

Flight List

Staring at noon today Pacific Time, we’ll begin posting a “Flight List” so that you can see ahead of time whether you are on the list or not. We’ll post only first names, last initials where there are two first names the same, and a small portion of the email to cement identification.

If anyone wishes to be removed, they may write me at putting the words FLIGHT LIST in the header and ask to have their names removed. Please stipulate whether you are simply asking that your name not be displayed or whether you are asking not to come on the flight.

Scouting Trip

I’ll be speaking to Grener or Archangel Michael today at 10:00 Pacific Time.  Dave has suggested that I ask him to take me on a scouting trip to the Neptune ahead of time so that you can see that this is a real event. G or AAM may have a reason why not to grant my request. We’ll have to see.

But if he does, I’ll have a friend photograph my departure and get that photo to Pat. Perhaps wait before cancelling your appointments until that has happened so that you can see evidence that this project is real.


I said that we will take all members of a certain translator team with us, only to discover later that there were more members of the team than all the seats we have so far been granted. I cannot keep granting more and more seats to the team, I’m afraid, unless I can persuade Grener to increase the number of people who can go.

Even so, I think it fair to the general population of lightworkers not to give all the seats away to this large a team. So I intend to put a cap on the number of translators who can go on this first trip. I regret my error in having assumed that there were only 15-30 members of the team and apologize for disappointment or inconvenience.

Reading with Grener or AAM

I’ll be asking Ellen or Ruth to do a quick turnaround on the reading with Grener or AAM this morning and I will post the tape as well. Please join me in thanking these two for their yeoman service.

I’ll be asking them to describe how you will be picked up and dropped off.

I will be asking him for reassurance that, if we make a mistake with you and are made aware of it, the galactics will rectify the error by coming to pick you up.  We will make arrangements before the flight for a means of being in contact either through this site, the discussion group, or some other way.

Late Pick-ups

We’ll also be asking G or AAM if the galactics will come back and pick up a small number of prominent lightworkers who may only realize this is a true event after it starts. We honor people’s concerns that this is not a real event and have no desire to embarrass anyone. We simply want everyone to be included who has worked long and hard for Disclosure and represents this community. It would be a shame if some people were left out who decided afterwards that they want to come.

Pat Donworth and Mods

Pat will be staying behind to edit the 2012 Scenario and attend to all business below. We will be bringing Pat up for a day or two mid-trip.

Andrea and the 2012 Scenario moderators will be going so we may need temporary moderators. One member of the Bridge Fund will be remaining behind but will not have contact with … the guys we can’t mention.

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Comment by J Ash on February 2, 2012 at 10:02pm

i truly resonate with the info but and like everyone else would love to be on one of those ships he he he:-)

BUT, why would the galactics need your email and full name?? i have heard many times that the Galactics, know who you are, where you are, what your energy is, and if you are willing to go or not, based on your understang, acceptance and your energy...the can just feel it right?  so no sure about the full name thing...any comments?



Comment by Nathan Lawcynell on February 2, 2012 at 6:42pm

Man oh man do I wish I could go.  I think my work would understand.  



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