I can see a lot of frustration in many people here and this blog is a response to some comments I saw. Some accuse Obama and the Galactic Federation and held them responsible for their own disappointment and anger. Obama is bad and GF is a fake. The negative energy is just right onto your face.

I guess as the end of 2012 draw close and “nothing” has happened make some felt betrayed. They put so much energy into hoping and it looks that it is an “investment” has no return. Fear starts growing in them and they lashed out.

Hoping miracle happens to change one’s unpleasant situation is typical 3D thinking. For people who commit themselves to raise their consciousness, so much has happened to them in such a short time.  They can now see the whole picture of the ascension and how it unfolds. For those only looks the outer world for clue of changes, it is not only disappointing, it is a torture.

The outer world is the reflection of the inner. The new world is the reflection of a new level of collective consciousness. Without film, you will see nothing on the movie screen. When some are so excited with the new “movie” that is being made, others look at the empty screen feeling being lied to. As a light worker, your job is to participate in making the movie not waiting for it. Otherwise, you would be like the rest of the population watching the change unfold or wondering what has happened after the world changed.  

About Obama  Is Obama a light worker? People who truly connect to their heart will know the truth, it doesn’t matter one consider himself a light worker or not. In oneness, you feel his energy. If you want “concrete” reasons, please refer to this blog:  http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/obama-is-a-light-worker-1

About collapse of economic/financial system  What type of changes do you want, Revolution or evolution? One with higher level of consciousness would want an evolution and one with lower level of consciousness wish for a revolution. I will explain why. Revolution is based on separate consciousness, with one side overcome the other.  It can never bring oneness and harmony because the level of consciousness decides the manifestation. Evolution means a peaceful transition. It is the manifestation of an ascending consciousness.

Some say let the system collapses and it doesn’t matter there could be bloodshed on the street. Are you ready to sacrifice yourself? Or you hope someone else will pay the price? Whose blood will be shed? Light workers! When dark rages, it is the light that will pay the price and you want this? Pakistan’s child activist Malala is the latest example.

If war or chaos occurs, what will happen to ascension? The bloodshed and pain will cause so much negativity that the vibration level of the collective consciousness will drop.  At the same time high frequency of comic light is coming to earth (this is a cosmic events and will not stop or wait for earth to adjust).  Imaging what is going to happen to pour boiling water to icy cold glass. You get the picture.  The only solution then is to “shell” the earth to some degree. However, there would be a lot of souls lost their chance of awakening and the ascension because of the lower vibration level of the collective consciousness and less light coming in to activate their DNA.

About Galactic Federation

Does Galactic Federation exist? I know it exists from my personal experience. However, I am not going to pursued anyone nor can I.  Believe GF or not has nothing to do with your personal ascension.  As long as you raise your consciousness level, you will ascend regardless you heard of GF or not. It is to do with your mission here on earth.  If you follow GF’s messages, you are likely a member of it and you have your tasks to be accomplished.  However, weather you follow your inner call or ditch your post; it is entirely your personal choice. Some blame Obama did not do a good job but I can see many here have much worse performance.  And these ones are often the ones that accuse the slower than expected progress and you wonder why? The ground crew did not do the job! So who should we blame here? Maybe ourselves.

It had been foretold that there would be a lot of lies and fake gurus at the end times. It is up to us to discern.  To deny GF because of misleading messages, you might have to deny the UFO phenomenon all together.  Does it make your wonder: why these beings with more advanced technologies would leave earth alone for so long? Apparently they are different from the earthlings who always want to claim something be theirs at the first sight. Think about that.

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  • Yes. This is the Hollywoods "mantra": to achieve justice through violence and achieve peace through destruction.  All the movies follows the same theme and many are conditioned.

  • I think the issue is that some people are hoping for some kind of apocalyptic horrible ending...  

    They think that is the only way to creating the golden age when it's just the opposite.  It is our responsibility to raise our consciousness - so we can take our evolution to the next level.  No one else can be responsible for that, we have to do the WORK.

    Continuously "hoping" for destruction and collapse - while simultaneously talking about connecting with ET consciousness seems so wrong...

    To me wishing for Destruction doesn't have anything to do with becoming enlightened, and it surely isn't the path to true compassion either.

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