Nonsense Time

The Lion: tell me, how did they release demagorgons in CERN?

The Horse: They teared time.

The Lion: I guess the particles there are travelling faster than Wednesday.

The Horse: Or perhaps you are using your mind to try to  understand something beyond understanding.

This is the kind of language they use nowadays. They were told 'God is beyond understanding'. Then they did the half assed reasoning that so something that is 'beyond understanding' must be God. Unfortunately though, even nonsense are beyond understanding! Non illustrate this than the use of the word 'time'. This word resorts to both a concept and a physical object! It is both straightforward and also impossible to understand!

It must have been a chilly day when men converted the concept ' time' into a road. No! They said you are a 'bedbug' trapped hopelessly in a cosmic toilet paper. Your motion along the tissue paper is the 'passage of time'. Then they said that you are moving only along the toilet paper only in one direction: the future. If you tear the tissue paper, demagorgons can come from the future and mess with you. If you don't understand these, it is because our minds are trapped in the 3d. These are 'beyond understanding'

Once they convinced you that you are steadily moving along the road into the future, you now see that the possible is actually impossible! By merely moving backwards along the road, you can actually kill your own grand mother before he gave birth to your own father! What a demagorgon will you be! But this impossibility is very simple. What does it prevent you from making a U turn along the  road?

They also created a problem instantly. Every minute, you are waving an everlasting bye bye to something since you are moving along the road in only one direction.  Then they created a solution to the problem they created: time travel. But if time is not a road, as your commom sense tell you, time travel is a solution to unknown problem. We are not waving any bye bye at any moment. There is nothing that we left in yesterday to time travel for. There are no telephone poles demagorgons and unicorns that we passed by along the road in our way to a town called 'future'.

In new age, time is a road, a fabric and also it does not exist! There is no past and no future and time travel to both the past and the future is possible! It is like saying that there is no moon but-but we can travel to the moon any way! We can visit the moon without the moon being there! They also say 'now' is all there is! It is like saying 'this number' is all there is, there is no other number! A side from not specifying any number, numbers have meaning only in relation to other numbers. without 4, 5 has no meaning. Similarly, without 'then', now has no meaning.

Actually, 'time' is not even half  complex. If your pants got tethered yesterday, you can sew it today. Poetically, 'you can affect yesterday today'. You can 'reverse time', er, reverse the event of tethering of pants. You did not leave your pants yesterday like a telephone pole you passed by. You did not leave anything! Indead there is no such a location as 'yesterday' to 'time travel' to.

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