No Going Back: An Assessment of Current Events

Written by Wes Annac

Wow, have a lot of events been flying at us fast this weekend and this week. This is a good time to take a look at all that is happening around us at a physical and spiritual level, and assess where we are at as a collective and where events on our world thus far seem to be taking us. It has seemed since the beginning of 2012 that many foundational changes and truths have been given and exposed, but we have all felt the uneasiness at times that accompanies the continual waiting for solid, true and telling events to manifest on our world.

Our ascended and channeled sources have been telling us that once these changes begin in the first noticeable and real ways, the effect is going to be like that of a snowball; as we will receive one revelation and truth after another, after another and so on in a very rapid and accelerated fashion.

This was not always the plan for these changes to come about. In fact, it was originally planned that the many changes and disclosures would begin much sooner and would have a more gradual effect upon the collective consciousness. However, it is clear that much of the collective is still steeped in the very density and ingrained darkness that has continued to feed the elites, albeit much less substantially than was even so a fear years ago.

Because of this and because of freewill and karma-related Life experiences still needing to be experienced and transmuted even by many Lightworkers and Light Holders, the many intense events have instead been pushed back and compressed, to the point that we will be receiving many revelations one after another, and will find ourselves with little time to move from one startling truth and disclosure to another.

We’ve all been wishing to see many changes pick up and get off the ground, but have we considered how we will act when we begin to see the first signs and vestiges of change coming forth on our world? Consider that we do not and will not know quite how to act whenever so very many startling things begin happening one after another, and this is why our preparation has always been needed for these times in which we are rapidly entering.

We could perhaps, begin to be undergoing one such lesson as individuals and as a collective, in this very moment. It seems that events are beginning to heat up to the point that there is now no going back, for the cabals or for the forces of Light who are ready to freely and finally, initiate the roundup of the elites on our world.

Many of you have no doubt listened to the latest update from insider Drake, wherein it is stated that the cabals are attempting now to introduce the New World Order, One World government or whatever one wishes to call it. (Look up Agenda 21 as well)

From my standpoint, it seemed quite likely that the last cabals would use such a time as now to try to introduce their final plans for humanity because they had been given a clear date to surrender, initially expressed interest in surrendering, only for us to find out that surprise!They were deceiving all along.

The most interesting development of all though, is that of them now attempting to push through their One World Government-agenda in a way that is very brass and in front of everybody, and because of this development it seems again, that there is no way back now.

If looked upon from a certain perspective, it could make perfect sense that the last cabals would choose to skip out on their surrender date, as they have on many other things – only to attempt to finally introduce their plans for the world, nearly in the next moment. Anybody who knows the mindsets of these individuals are probably looking back now and saying ‘yeah, that makes sense’ – but it was still quite an initial shock.

Some may choose to be in fear over the fact that the cabals are trying to push these plans through but it should be expressed that fear is not needed, as it will only feed the actions of the very souls whose plans you would be fearing.

We’ve been told numerous times by countless ascended sources that the cabals would make their final stands in such bold ways, and we’ve been told as well that they will be unanimously defeated by the Light. Nothing to worry about, this is simply the effects of our world moving into ever purer states of consciousness, and such upgrades finally beginning to be expressed on our world in the ways that they have been naturally planned to come about.

The natural process in the evolution of any soul, be it human, animal, plant or planet, is that of clearing away the darkness and the lower residue that kept one within the lower dimensional experience, and this is simply what Gaia is performing. One could see the arrests and removal of the influence of the dark as an Earth-changes event, as this happening is going to vastly shift the collective conscious as much density and prevalent dark influence is cleared away from our world, along with the giving of many Lighted and advanced truths and technologies, the sheer Lighted nature of which will cause much more density to be taken away from our surface and transmuted.

This is a very natural process, so there is nothing to fear, ever. Just as we have been integrating and clearing away the influence of our various accumulated ego personalities, the Earth is now ready to clear away the influence of the ‘elites’ on our world as well as the lower astral entities who employ them – for the ultimate purposes of transmuting and forgiving those dark souls.

The transmutation of the elite souls on our world will be vastly different than that of an ego-self residing in the structure of a human soul, as this transmutation will be more steady and will include events such as their trials, as indeed they are not going to be punished but they are going to answer for what they have done, in peaceful ways.

Another very interesting development, is that of troops appearing in the streets of St. Louis. I have Lived extremely close to St. Louis my entire Life, as well as to the ancient city of Cahokia. I can say from my own inner-musings and questions to my Guides about this land, that it is and has always been extremely sacred land.

Just a few minutes away from St. Louis, one will find the remnants of the lost city of Cahokia. These remnants include giant and spectacular mounds, supposedly built by slaves for only the purposes of burial. This city was very advanced and thrived for a very short time before meeting its ultimate end, and it was one of many ancient cities in any given area of the world that seemed to suddenly develop and become very advanced, in nearly every area of their society.

Mother/Father God of the Galactic Free Press have been speaking to the significance of St. Louis as an important spiritual center in the immediate future:


“A Couple of Hours later An Earth Ally in Hawaii called us needing validation for some Information he recieved from the Agarthans. As soon as Reynolds shared this Information with us, then we shared our Session with Lisa and the Information she shared with us. A Huge Energy was sparked. The Truth Gave US all Goosebumps and we cried tears of Joy as this Validates the Lights Victory. 


He was given the information about an event He needed to accomplish, which would Move Humanity Into the NewtimeLine. He also saw in His Vision a Strong Light come from out of the Sky which Lisa Just shared about the GodHead Connection being a Lightbulb in the Sky.


They have Instructed Him to Complete a Stargate Activation for the Entire Planet and it would Be completed at The [Arch] in St Louis MissouriThe Same day of this Event matches what Lisa Gawlas Mentioned to us. WE would in couple of days after the Solstice receive An Energetic Step Up or Boost. (1)

In the face of information of important spiritual openings and activations occurring here in St. Louis, it is very interesting to say the least to see this military development occurring in St. Louis.

Of course, one can point to the mainstream description of what is going on in St. Louis – that of a ‘military exercise’ but does it not seem just the slightest bit suspicious that the military is suddenly performing drills wherein they march the streets and neighborhoods of a big city?

To continue on the discussion of the fact that there is now no going back, here is how I myself see things at this very moment – the cabals are so desperate with the passing of their surrender date that they are now trying to bring forth the One World Government that they and the generations before them have so dreamed of for a few centuries now.

The military presence in St. Louis, if it indeed does signify more than simple training drills, could only mean one of two things: the cabals would be attempting to station the military in big cities such as St. Louis for the preparation of riots and upheavals that the cabals would try to use to enact martial law (highly unlikely) or, if one wishes to go with the more likely scenario, the bulk of the military has long been on the side of the people, and many of the key military leaders not steeped in darkness have been reporting to the Lighted factions of the Pentagon.

Many have said that Drake was visibly (or rather audibly) shaken or upset having just realized the cabals’ attempts to push a One World Government through. Perhaps things are moving along more smoothly than we realize and in fact extremely smoothly, as the ‘Management’ forces overseeing this entire event knew that the passing of the 21st would go either in the direction of the cabals surrendering, or of them being taken out of power and wealth anyway as they desperately and hurriedly try to push through their final agendas for humanity.

Consider that our Galactic brethren have been waiting for that final reason to be able to swoop in and help their many Allies to begin the arrests and changes, as our Galactic brethren knew and foresaw ahead of time that the dark would now try to bring forth a One World Government. Obviously they have never been meant to succeed and they won’t succeed but guess what, they’re trying. What does that mean?

It is time for Lighted change, in very direct ways. The cabals have quite literally backed themselves into this corner. 9/11 has been one of their ultimate undoings and will be a key element of the initial disclosures given, and their fresh attempts to bring forth the New World Order are calling for the intervention of the Light in the direct ways that have been needed.

The forces of the Light can be likened to say, a security guard. You can yell at this security guard, you can insult this security guard, you can turn down his attempts at peace with you, but as soon as you throw a punch at this security guard, they then have the full authority to use whatever force necessary to neutralize you.

The cabals have thrown the first metaphorical punch at the Light forces and at humanity. They are serious and ready to bring their New World Order forth, as they now have absolutely no other options and no other ways out. This, for the Light forces, signifies a complete and unadulterated go-ahead to begin sweeping these souls under the rug so to speak, as the ‘game’ so to speak between these two forces has always been delicate to the point that neither has yet ‘drawn their guns’ in such a manner as the cabals now have at humanity and at the Light forces.

The problem for the cabals now, is that the Light and Management forces have always been more than capable of neutralizing them and ridding this world of their influence, and simply have not done so because of the freewill of humanity.

Well guess what, dear friends? Whenever humanities freewill is at stake to the point of near obliteration and slavery, this gives the Light forces that aforementioned, unadulterated go-ahead to intervene. As our channeled sources have been predicting, it seems that the dark have quite literally backed themselves into the corner that it was always prophesized they would back themselves into.

Of course, at this point with still no solid evidence of any military action in St. Louis, for or against the people, these are still just musings. It will be interesting to see what these next couple of weeks bring us, as with the cards that have now been laid on the table and the signs the cabals have clearly given the Light forces, it seems that there will be no more month-long waits to see how this all finally plays out. It seems that right now, everything is at least beginning to show signs of playing out in the real ways that we have been waiting for but that most of us probably did not quite expect.

As is so with the military presence, this overall event of the dark attempting to finally bring forth their agendas can only end in one of two ways – the dark are somehow able to push through their darker inclined agendas and force their will onto the people through military action, and all of the fear-based prophecies and musings expressed on the internet have been true all along. Or, the Earth Allies as well see the tremendous opportunity to move forth, right now or in the very immediate future, and they use the assistance of the military, much of which has been working for the Light forces for a very long time now, to bring forth the mass arrests or to protect big cities perhaps, from mayhem that the dark would be planning for such cities.

When the white men came to Cahokia and St. Louis, they saw the large mounds everywhere and the signs of a once clearly advanced and spiritual Native American society. They then took to tearing most of the mounds down and doing everything they could to cover up the truth about Cahokia and the Native Americans Living there; that is, that they were very advanced souls who built wonderful monuments and cities, rather than being the savages that the white leaders of those times had convinced everyone else the Native Americans were.

Why do I jump back to this subject, you ask? Because for me, it seems clear that the advanced nature of Cahokia and St. Louis alike were completely covered up while a whole new city was built over Mound City (now St. Louis) and the beauty, power and splendor of this area is still ravaged to this day, with many disgusting and polluting oil refineries and steel mills bringing the energy signature of this Lighted and sacred area down.

To me, that seems to have been quite on purpose and it would make sense as well that the last cabals would choose to attack for their last maneuvers, a big city like St. Louis with a rich, sacred and spiritual past.

Again, obviously they won’t be allowed to.

For now these are simply musings but the military presence in St. Louis and the cabals attempting to enact their dark vision for the future seeming to happen side by side, seems very significant in view of what we have been hearing is going to manifest in the immediate period ahead.

All I can say, is here we go.

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC

(1) The Galactic Free Press Daily Update, 6/14/12:

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  • I cannot believe the story which i just searched up about the military dispatch in St.Louis they state that they are conducting driving lessons for the military in APC's on major highways and roads. (Does not sound logical to me)

    Maybe they have sent these forces there because they have felt the presence of the energy's that you have aligned and may attract the light ships who knows?

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