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Nibiru Was A Planetoid Battlestation - Now Under Federation Control

Dear Lightworkers,


All references to the Anunnaki coming from Nibiru were correct, but in a limited way.
They did not originate on Nibiru, because it is not a natural planet, but rather a vast artificial planetoid battlestation, not unlike the fictional “death star” in the famous movie, which also had the power to destroy entire planets.


Nibiru was a propaganda tool to present the awesome power of the "gods" to the post-flood limited consciousness human race. A means to gain control and retain it, through fear, which was the method used then…fear of annihilation.
The Anunnaki were masters of propaganda and created many mythologies surrounding themselves and their subjects…including the myth that they alone created the human race…which was false.

What they did help to “create” was limited consciousness two-stranded DNA and this was genetic engineering rather than creation, per se. In Atlantean times the experiment to create a slave race was brought forward and following the great flood, the survivors discovered that they had succumbed to mass amnesia and thus fell victim to the lies and propaganda of the Anunnaki “creator gods.” That ancient process is currently being reversed by the Divine Plan of the Prime Creator.


It is very, very important for Earth humans to realise that the Anunnaki “gods” of Sumeria, who founded the post great flood civilisations, where not following the Galactic Federation of Light’s agenda. They were actually renegades who originated from the Plejares (Pleiades) and were human type ETs, not reptilian, as so many assume…

Indeed, all the biblical stories of the Hebrews and Chaldeans describe “God” as “making man in his image”…and that image, or genetic blueprint was not reptillian, but human, for Earth’s inhabitants…

Likewise all ancient Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian art forms representing the “gods,” showed them looking human. The only difference being their size and the wings they were depicted as possessing, although not literal bird-wings..but they had the power of flight, of course.


These traditions of service to the Anunnaki, were transplanted to Sumeria's sucessor civilisation, centred in the city of which the Hebrews were taking into captivity by King Nebuchadnezzar, and granted freedoms to research their genesis in the extensive record libraries, from which they gleaned much ancient knowledge, including data with which to write the Bible itself...albeit, originally uncensored in those days. In the Bible, Babylon receives much bad press and condemnation from the Hebraic scholars that wrote so much about it…

“The whore, the harlot” relates to the Babyonian religious rights and Ishtar’s journey to Inner earth, “selling herself” at each entrance gate..Indeed, the “godess” did not actually sell herself, as Hebrew scholars supposed. Though, the Temple of Marduk did retain the tradition and made an impression of state sanctioned prostitution upon the visiting Hebrews…thus their hatred of all things Babylonian.

So, much of the story of Genisis was extracted from comprehensive Babylonian records by the Hebrews, during their exile in Babylon..Without Babylon’s extensive and thorough records, even the Bible would be threadbare, so strange for this attitude of sectarian bias among the scriptures, most obviously written by human beings with polarity issues…

If you read from Babylonian cuniform sources, you would also realise how much was censored from the Bible version of those greater records…as notable scholars such as Sitchin discovered.


The magnificent Temple of Marduk, which was the blue-tiled temple on the ziggurat summit of the Tower of Babel, located within the “Ishtar gate” walls of the city. “Marduk” was the patron god of the city and the King would assume the role of the “god,” in union with a prostitute (priestess) within the temple ritual….such things were abhorant to the Hebrews, who had a preference for animal rituals…thus their extreme dislike of all things “foreign” to their ways, as they wrote the Bible with it's missing historical gaps...Sanctified parts from the extensive library sources in a land they hated so much and grew to be jealous of...

Although, considering that King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Temple of Yahweh, in Jerusalem, that may be understandable..King Darius of Persia later liberated the Hebrews from their exile.


In Light, Drekx Omega


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Comment by Drekx Omega on Friday

The transformed solar system will harmonically resonate with the sun Sirius, instantly warping the space/time fabric [cosmic aethers,] reducing light-years of distance between the two resonating solar systems, from the current 8.3 light-years, to 3 light-years....

THIS WILL BE A PLANNED SOLAR LOGOIC INITIATION which creates the Solarian Star Nation [Earth a central cosmic hub, henceforth.]

Comment by Drekx Omega on Friday

Following Earth's upgrade, other projects are planned, such as Pluto being returned to moon satellite status around Neptune. Vulcan restored to parity vibration with the Solaris system. Asteroid belt reassembled into planetary body and terraformed back to waterworld, along with Venus and Mars, closer to Earth orbit. Uranus to be uprighted. Earth's moon replaced with two natural moons. Current artificial moon returned to restored Maldek/Pax. Nibiru planet placed at outer ring orbit:


An eleven planet system on 5th/4th dimensions........Earth 5th outer/inner exclusively

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on July 14, 2011 at 8:47am
Well Ross, it turns out that the real creation story is not the real creation story. I down loaded it and read  the 30 pgs. over the wk end and found that they used the Urantia book and the Keys of Enoch or rather small truths from them and then created whopping stories from them. Any one who has not studied these books like I have. would probably be fooled but remember this the Dark Cabal are masters at mixing truths and untruths, such as they have done here. You should know that there are false Galactic command & false Ashtar command.The ones in this old blog is false and even the info on planet-x is outdated and small. so don't waste your time to read it folks because much of it is false. Don't mix the two together, go with your feelings. Adonai
Comment by Christy Rapture on July 12, 2011 at 4:38pm

The Reptilian spect is the CORE to the Alpha of the separation of consciousness to cvreate individuations.  The human CONTAINS the reptilian brain.  The reptilians are much more ancient than the humanoids you call Anunaki.


The repilian survival consciousness was the first derivative from the whole which could create the fragmenting trouma that was required within the ONE consciousness to split it into infinite levels of awareness within that One Consciousness.


Denying the Repilian aspect in any way is denying the core disharmonies within the self and ensures that ascension will NOT be reached *in **your** awareness.*  The Alpha and Omega must combine to gain WHOLE DIVINE UNITY consciousness.

Comment by Drekx Omega on July 11, 2011 at 11:22pm

Yes, under the temple of Dendera, upon a stone wall, which I have personally visited, here are bass reliefs that do display bi-pedal reptoids....carrying what appear to be large lightbulbs, connected to a power supply.....

But that would be in Egypt.....and many gods and godesses are animal-headed, such as the god Sobek, who had a crocodile snout...

However, almost all Babyonian Anunnaki god depictions show giant humanoids with wings...

And the Sumerians likewise displayed their humanoid gods sitting upon thrones and giving orders to priests and kings...Very few Mesopotamian reptiles with wings, if any, are depicted on the clay tablets,so I must disagree..

Thankyou, Drekx Omega

Comment by Drekx Omega on July 11, 2011 at 1:44pm

Yes indeed, I would suggest to anyone who is interested in the nature of the Anunnaki to please obtain as many Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian tablet photos that depict the "gods" and you will see that the image is that of man and they are ALWAYS bigger and with denote their status...delusional though they may have been, they are an important part of modern earth culture...The Anunnaki invented the followng common use concepts for earth human use today:


12 months in a year

12 inches in a foot

12 signs of the zodiac (not 13, the correct number)

12 planets in the system, the 12th being Nibiru

Earth was counted the 7th planet, outer to inner

7 days in a week

7 days to "create" earth

7 seas, and so many other examples of the septenary, including the number of steps on a ziggurat pyramid

60 seconds in a minute

60 minutes in an hour



Comment by Drekx Omega on July 11, 2011 at 10:04am



The legend that describes the destruction of Maldek (Tiamat) by Nibiru (Marduk) makes subtle reference to the fact that the destroyed waterworld was indeed a base and SOL outpost for the Reptoids in competion with the Anunnaki for rulership of earth...the prize taken by the latter species....who became the "gods."

As I suggested, the Anunnaki were also exponents of ancient propaganda and for them to suggest that humanity were "created" by them alone, was a lie...Many galactic races contributed to their earthly offspring.

The fall of Atlantis and flood was DIRECTLY related to the aborrance felt by the way in which the Atlantean elites abused universal laws of creation, with their genetic monstrosities engineered for sport.


The floods were caused by the fall of the vast FIRMAMENT ice layers upon the earth, as well as the meltdown of vast glaciers...

Comment by Tiamacious on July 10, 2011 at 5:54pm
Hey drek! kisses of the heart to you!
Comment by Drekx Omega on July 10, 2011 at 8:55am

Thankyou for your kind words, Joshua...

Yes, the Anunnaki propaganda was a lie about the origins of humanity, as they did not create mankind at all...They dabbled in genetic engineering, which is not the same as an act of sacred creation...So Sitchin's records, though facinating reading, when deciphered from cuniform script, are based on ancient disinfo...


As for Nibiru, it was used against planet Maldek in ancient times...during the galactic wars.. Maldek was a waterworld planet, like Earth and orbited between Mars and Jupiter....the destruction debris, of which, constitutes the vast asteroid belt...

Nibiru is again under proper divine authority and will be placed on the outer ring of solar system orbits, once vectored into the correct place by our Federation pilots...


Blessings, Drekx Omega


Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on July 10, 2011 at 8:19am
I just got off of the FOL site were I was writing a long comment on this exact subject from michael blake blog. And what a mystery it is  of I should say that it is a ongoing Saga.I also wrote about this planet -x ,ELEnin in my e-book and on blogs here .So I am running out of time.. Any way I agree on much of what's been said about it being a rogue planet system that just this year was reviled that it was a sort of military base that could be maneuvered . But I didn't know it had fire power and could destroy a planet.I have Sitchens books but don't believe the story of the Annunaki's,especially the one of creating man. Because I have been reading the Urantia book for nearly 40yrs. but I did wonder why the FOL would let them get so close to earth as to cause great and dangerous earth changes.I am told they have repented, if so then they need to remove the planetary system from earth. Next I would say I also agree with ROSS potter comment or at least what I know about NEBADON and the grand master universe, again  from the URANTIA BOOK. I do wont to read the story he was so kind to present the link to. I skimmed it and am familiar with some of the subjects in it. It may be what I have been looking for.It seems the best knowledge come from channeling.GOOD work both of you, keep it up. ADONAI


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