New Message re: First Contact Paradigm 5/10/2009

Please feel free to forward this message to whomever/wherever you like, as long as it is forwarded in its entirety. Thank you.Love and Light,Anya*****************************************************************************************************************************Anya, we return and are here, aha! You ran to the computer like a bunny rabbit, aha- we are a collective of beings in the ninth quadrant of this galaxy attempting to facilitate communication with the planet through non-violent means and we WILL have our day in court as it were. We WILL settle our differences through non-violent communication and through listening and being.All is one in the spectrum, Anya, always know that! You have a mighty task at hand this evening: Will they come through with what they say they will come through with?We don't know, quite frankly. We will continue to speak with you further as the time allows and give you messages to post on Magenta Pixie's and many other web sites as you see fit, aha!You are already expecting an avalanche of email again, aha! You know it will be a much different world in a manner of speaking, dear heart. In a very short period of time we will be announcing our plans to create a new world through peace and non-violence and cooperation and unity. It will all be shown through the spectrum of others eyes as we see and do fit, as others understand it, and as time allows, aha!We will be shortly engaging you in another exercise of peace and love and unity for the planet through and other sites of interest, look for it soon enough.The message is thus: WE ARE HERE AND YOU MUST GET USED TO THIS FACT.There is no other message to receive so loud and clear, aha!We are a Union of Souls in the ninth quadrant of a star system Lyra known also as the Pleiades. Yes, no one lives there per se, it is too hostile an environ to create homes for us, but we are galactically inclined, and we do quite well for ourselves on spaceships, light beams, and the like. Sort of like you would be on a floating city that never leaves the planet. As the gentleman from Safe Space who went to Jupiter and returned to Earth would have you believe. (Note: I think they mean the guy from Or .com? That guy had an INCREDIBLE experience, check out his Coast to Coast AM interview on Youtube, it's GREAT- Ed.)It is a major incident that we have created by announcing our presence so directly with you, Anya. We know this will spread far and wide, and we know it will take on an element of surprise for many- "caught unawares" as it were. All the better, then, aha, to "spring" this knowledge of aspect consciousness their ways as well, aha!We know you are tired and wish it a new way of doing this "message thing" aha, but we know also that you can't afford to miss a minute of this exciting time in the lives of every being on this planet who resides on the spot you now sit, aha!You are an envoy, a messenger of love for humanity, Anya, and we will see to it you are taken to new places and given new information. In time all will be revealed and all who reside in the heart of all that Is, Was, and Ever shall be are near and dear to our message of hope as well. It is not for you to say what will occur between now and 2010 or 11, it is our time however that we must reside in peace of heart and mind and that we will see to it a new day, a new way of being and doing that incorporates a new way of being and consciousness, that attracts our most vociferous candidates, and then releases the information to the world, aha!We are announcing our arrival through you and many channels like you, Anya, because we know the time is right for disclosure and for truth of all kinds: spiritual as well as numerical, and so forth. Yes we mean to say "numerical", because geometry is the way of the future, and sacredness is its role. We have much to discuss in that regard, but for now, eat your dinner, aha! It grows late and we must step forth beyond the veil of consciousness ourselves and convene with higher aspects of reality consciousness that play also a role in our personal development.You are a dear shining light to us, dear heart, Anya, and we wish it you know love and light and knowledge of the Ascension and all its inhabitants always, dear one. You are a bright shining star in the night sky for many followers, although they are not followers per se, but merely spectators to history unfolding!It will be a glorious day of reckoning when we can finally meet and be as one, dear heart, and all others in this planetary system will as well unite as one and become friends to the universe once and for all, dear heart.Glory be to God most mighty on high and glory be to Humanity most mighty on high! You are a treasure for us the star beings, as well as for yourselves!You have no idea how treasured and loved you are in the Universe, Dear Ones, and you come so beautifully through now the ether of our reality into the reality of your being-hood and doing-hood, aha! There is that word again, aha! BE-ING is key to DO-ING dear hearts, and all will be well as long as you adhere to notions of beauty most fragrant, wild, unadorned, truthful- in short, the magnificence of your beings are tied intrinsically to the magnificence of your doings!Do well! Be Well! Selamat Jarin! Selamat Ja! (All is well! All is as it should be in Sirian) Love and light to you and yours dear ones, all of you the human race of this Planet Earth stepping forth in the light now as you do this you WILL see truth in a new and better light, all is well, dear hearts, all is as it should be! Selamat Ja! Selamat Jarin! Love and light to you and yours dear ones, all is well in this plane of existence so that others may see the light of theirs.Amen Adonai Amen AnyaGoodbye for now and thank you. God Bless you all dear ones of planet Earth, thank you Anya, Goodbye for now, later we will meet and continue, AmenSigning off,The Galactic Federation of Light with Love and Light to you all Humanity Dearest OnesLove and LightGoodbye AnyaLove and Light to you dear one,Love is Light All is One,Love and Light to the masses of dear humanity of Planet Earth Amen Always and Forever magnificence is grand in the eyes of God and Source Energy is grand in the eyes of God and all is God, all is One Amen
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  • Thanks Anya. This message causes my heart to laugh and sing for joy. We are fortunate on a grand scale!
  • hm at least from text i can feel it`s like all what you need to do just to be in this being and doing state :) and all other things will follow. and that it`s like already all ok and everything is in motion, just as it should be :) and it`s like their plan is fulfilling :)
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