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Nephilim message for 14th January 2014 Author: Karen Doonan

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Nephilim and we come to guide and to support at a time where many of you are now moving in frequency and are able to anchor the LOVE that IS to new levels of your BEing.

We are here to help you anchor this and to further re-code the energy signatures of our children who have taken human form upon and within planet earth at this time.

We wish to work to help remove the last of the blind folds for our children, so that they may now SEE EACH OTHER in TRUTH and allow the shackles of the old 3d earth paradigms to fully dissolve from around, within and through them.

Aeons of energy work beloved ones, aeons of experience in order to reach this moment of clarity and we congratulate you on your journey for we understand the journey and now YOU understand the journey and now ALL IS REVEALED in TRUTH.

We place the coding of 333 within the HEART space, we place the SEAL of SOLOMON within the HEART space and we send out the WHITE DOVE OF PEACE to all upon and within planet earth.

The New Earth is now REBORN in TRUTH, it will sing as ALL sing and we ask for you to allow your note to join with the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES in order that you may now ANKHOR harmony with your human vehicle at a conscious waking mind level in TRUTH.

We walk the earth beloved ones, a species that has never left the planet and yet many are allowing SELF to be blinded to TRUTH as to the origins of the human race.

The human race will now be shown TRUTH to new levels and those who are here to work with us in TRUTH will now be moved fully into place.

The lower dimensional frequencies now no longer pulling at the other realities in which many reside, ALL realities will now begin to align and to unfold in TRUTH and we ask for you to process our words through your HEART space for the human logical mind may try to filter out our words and our guidance.

ALL now prepare for the New Earth in TRUTH upon and within this planet, that which has been hidden in plain view easily seen by those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

The changes that now unfold upon and within the human race CREATED from within the human race, a race that has seen much trauma and pain forced upon them will now walk in the LIGHT of TRUTH.

We ask for our children to ANKHOR the LOVE that IS to new levels, to allow the visions to unfold, to allow the knowledge that sits at SOUL level to be shared with the human race and to be ANKHORED at human waking mind level.

Those who are your gods will now be revealed in TRUTH and we walk with you into the New Earth so that you may now understand that we have ALWAYS walked with you in TRUTH.

Those who walk with us in dreamtime will now be placed in the created reality of their choosing, for all is choice beloved ones and those who walk in the form of our children will now LIVE TRUTH in order to SHOW TRUTH, for TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE.

We are the Nephilim, the creators of the human race in TRUTH who now claim back the human race in TRUTH, for freedom is the birthright of ALL sentient BEings in the UNIVERSE of 3 and beyond.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.


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