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A group of scientists and philosiphers who call themselves neo-conservatives. altho they are atheists, advocate religion for the masses. In their veiw the masses need religion in order for a moral society to exist. not naming any one religion here I have observed that most advocate looking to an authority to guide one and while doing so be selfless and supportive of this or these authorative figures both feeding their emotional as well as physical-financial needs etc.  Many of human reactions in life are based on false assumptions, misconceptions, wishful thinking,and automatic reactions . Reality always points out our mistakes through the problems which ensue. A person mature an really desiring to solve any problem rather than evade them, is forced to focus their full awareness and conscious attention . Through doing so solutions are seen by the unique individuals choice to not look outside of themselves to some proclaimed authority for answers; yet to know they are the authority an more than capable of resolving answering and creating. Freedom of being ones own authoity requires continuous effort. An anology  can be made to modern conciousness" very existance. Its development was forced on humankind in a time of evolutionary crisis in order to survive. In order to survive crisis one discovers they must think , to introspect, to conceptualize to think independently.     Sacrificing ones own happiness  going against human nature causes anger , an so one rebels againt it.  A conscious life is a life with the ability to control ones present and future. A person in control is happy an will prosper an make healthy choices. They are honest with self an so with others. With the anger released one can then actually contribute that which is extremely valuable.
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  • ty, Don, conditional love isnt the love that will elevate or unify, its the type that confines controls an manipulates perhapes. An where theres lack of freedom on any level growth cant freely happen. That which prevails obviously will be that which has no confusion about what is in best interest of presevation for life on all levels.Love which has a genuine and honest aproach to consious choice prevails in that it seeks not a destructive path. Are there instances where the destruction of life is nessesary?  Some seem to belive there are some do not.
  • Hi Earthbearwoman


    Nicely put.


    IMHO There is struggle going on between 2 factions on the vibratory level and it is filtered down to our 3D

    universe as an edited time lag projection.


    There are those who favor free will, self determinism and allowing others to experience and learn from their mistakes and thus evolve.


    And there are those who feel that we should be told what to do, guided, corrected and punished if necessary "all for our own good of course" and in this way we will evolve.


    It's the difference between unconditional love for everyone no matter what they do and conditional love--- "I love you as long as you do what I tell you to"


    Which will prevail?


    Love, b

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