Mothership Decloaks ✨

Hi Folks, 

On March 22nd this year, the mothership I'm most closely connected with in the Ashtar Command gave a single flash high overhead, in a 'triangulating' position to the stars Canopus and Sirius. I've seen angelic beings and lightships flash at the apex of a triangle formation to those two stars (the two brightest stars in the nightsky) a number of times this year. This is something new to me in 2021, and on March 22nd, a mothership I know as the Meri'Ashar (Mary's Star) decloaked in that position, clearly revealing her large disc-shape of bright white light, rimmed in rose-violet, with aqua light flowing through the white. 

There's a rectangular-shaped ship docked beneath the mothership, with a smaller bright white ship to the left (see cropped photo below, with the ships circled).

I'm thrilled to be able to share this photo, as I've seen her many times as a tiny point of light flying across the sky or giving a few flashes, but never this close, and openly revealed...given as a signal of how close the convergence is now, for the fleet to be able to reveal more of its presence, and ultimately, openly to humanity. Onward!










With Love to All  ✨💗


PS: There's a page about the Meri'Ashar here for anyone this resonates for, who'd like to connect with her.

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  • Yes, Gaia's always talking to us, her ascended 'earth body' already IS, we just need to tune in to it's frequency to bathe in the 5-6D vibrations, and anchor them through inner peace and universal love into the 3-4D frequency bands. 💛🌏

    In terms of the matrix's telepathic field, I see/feel many channellers and intel lines will come free of its long influence, among those whose intentions are of goodwill and aligned with ascension...there will be much clearing and release...and many tensions in the lightworker/starseed communities will dissolve....and the reason that field is weakening is because there's enough high vibration in the Heart of Humanity now...and as that field loosens, so humanity's vibration keeps uplifting, including the Ascension already is, which is why so much is exposed at the moment, this year, in the way people treat each other, treat animals, nature, the Earth....with ever growing awareness, and commitment in certain parts of the collective, to live in a way that benefits ALL.

    It is indeed an amazing time to be here on - and with - this beloved planet!
    Love, Peace & Joy winging back to you SiStar 🌞😇✨🌻
  • Dear Amparo, I also see much coming to fruition, in the deeper convergence of Light coming through this year...and motherships of the AC decloaking now sends a strong signal...and vibration, into the field... 💖
    Two days before our ship the Meri'Ashar/Mary's Star appeared so visibly, the Phoenix flashed overhead, and sent through a beautiful interior light emanation which I'll post on a new thread (haven't worked out how to embed pics in comments since the forum's posting format changed). Friends living nearby have also seen the Phoenix above...and at the moment the Meri'Ashar flashed on the 22nd, Ashtar was on board...his soul energy is also vibrating through this photo...

    There's so much in progress, I hear/feel the lower matrix's telepathic field around the Earth is now loosening to a greater degree than ever before in this Ascension process...because there are enough 'love anchors' on the earth plane holding the Ascended New Earth steady in their hearts and visions....and when that field is loosened more, many lightworkers/starseeds will be able to connect direct and unfiltered with the motherships and star family/their own higher dimensional soul expressions on board the ships, visibly, tangibly, in ongoing connections that open the pathways to open, loving contact more and more...
    Much filtering that people are unaware of at this time will fall away, connections will 'go direct' so to speak...there's so much beauty, joy and crystal clarity pouring around the planet... 🥰✨

    I/we don't always focus with the lunar cycles (for meditation)...this one came up strong through, from March New Moon, through the Equinox, up to Full Moon...with a focus on clearing and lifting the sublunar 4D field in particular (which is connected with releasing the telepathic field generated by the matrix, among other things)...
    Thank you for joining in...and blessings of the One Love winging back to you SiStar! xxxx
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