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Crystal Magic

This is how I take journeys into Inner Earth where the Cosmic Dolphins and Mermaids sing through me. We must first prepare our bodies to become zero balance energy with the spiritual and physical. We must first line our bodies with the garments of white light linen, with the golden dust garment, with the cloak of many colors--the rainbow energy or irradesence energy. We can then walk through the Diamond Door. Our Consciousness must be raised into these frequencies of the white light, the golden light, the rainbow light, the crystal light energy before we can truly walk through the diamond door.

Many can do this in bi-location mode or Glide mode. But to truly Orb through the Diamond Door into our Future Selves who contain the Standing Wave Pattern of the New Star Earth, we must be fully robed in Divine Consciousness. We must truly turn into the LIGHT BODY through the alignment of the Neutron into oneness with the Proton. We must truly practice and stay in this RESONANCE that is IN TUNE with the Crystal Light Energy, the Star Dust Energy, the Divine Love, the Divine Omnipresent Consciousness of Source, our Divine Creative Principles of our God Selves, our Angelic Selves. These are the principles of Ascension taught and practiced through our new Cosmic Magic workshops. We walk through the Diamond Door and walk into our Future Selves.

Our future self must already be resonating with Star Frequencies. It must already be clothed in Star Dust Energy. We are now ready to dive into the Liquid Light Turqoise Blue, Irradescent AQUAFARIA Ocean that leads into the Underwater Cities of Light. We walk into our FUTURE SELVES. We walk into a Room made of white light and stardustenergy. We keep walking forward in our futures selves. We walk toward a golden dust mansion sitting on top of a tourqoise pond of water. We walk into our golden dust mansion. We walk into our bedroom.

Cinderella -my Oraphim Dolphonoid Mermaid Mother, meets us in the bedroom and carries us deep down into the Aquafarian Ocean. We dive into this sparkly irradescent tourqoise blue liquid light ocean of cosmic light energy. Cinderella carries us deep inside of the Sun that is under the water. We swim and glide and swirl through the sun and collect all of the frequencies of the Earth' Sun. Cinderella then pulls us deeper and deeper until we come to a Crystal Cave. The Cave is made of hundreds of crystals. Each crystal is a different color, and it has a different tone.

Cinderella takes us into the cave to meet the Mermaid Choir. Cinderella is a mermaid and I am a mermaid. We enter the cave and feel the frequencies of the crystals. Then the mermaids begin to sing. They line our cells with glowing frequencies to resonate and become crystal cells of sparkly light that sing and harmonize with their voices. This alignment of their voices and their breaths of consciousness into our crystal cells allows us to begin communication and alignment of understanding this new reality.

They are reprogramming our consciousness to resonate with all of the crystal cells of the music of the spheres. Cinderella is singing this song through my breath


All is love and love is light We swim and dance in love to make all things in love we love to know that’s all we want and all we have our love for all and all is love we pray to know the love you were You bring it back We sing once more We swim we fly, we need no wings Our love so grand We pray for light from love and swim it's all so easy where we live We need your love we swim at night we weave to send a day more bright Our rainbows bright We made before to love our family like once more We breath and pray for love more light We wish we make the sparks ignite We form whatever things we wish That made in dreams of love our bliss We fly we swim at speed of light to be where ever love ignites We pray to know a world more bright We bring to your bed tonight To sleep in dreams our melodies We were once your family You now will know once more We wait for you so eager bright to bring you back to sing tonight We hope you'll come back home once more Our love more liquid like once more We swim inside your home you make We wait below we swim to night To bring home and memories were We love to make your melodies Your liquid light we made and make more love to know Whatever things that we might need Besides our love our love our melodies We fly we swim at speed of light to be wherever love ignites We pray of love our crystal we bring to your bed tonight To sleep in dreams our memories We were once your family you now will know once more We wait for you so eager bright to sing tonight We hope you'll come back home once more Our love more liquid like once more We swim inside your home you make We wait below we swim tonight To bring you home where memories were We now can make our family made to love through liquid light We breathe and make more love to know Whatever things that we might need Besides our love our melodies We do not know of anything that we could need besides our love.


All of the recorded channeled songs may be heard at

After we sing with the choir for one hour, Shajinka -my Orca sister, meets us at the door of the cave and pulls us deeper into the ocean to enter the City of Lights. Shajinka pulls us around and through the crystal pillars and temples and crystal caves. We weave and stream liquid light tones of rainbows that sing and resonate into and through the crystals of the city. Our harmonic convergence with the crystal cities becomes our tone of home. We feel and hear the sweetness, the harmonies, the colorful, glorious tone of home. Shajinka pulls us back up into the Sun of Inner Earth. The feeling is warm and light and tingling through the skin in the tiniest little morsels of sweet light crystal energy. We weave and breathe and stream our consciousness of the crystal frequencies through the sun's consciousness and light energy. We create rainbows of layered sounds and colors of consciousness.

We paint pictures of our new reality with these streams of rainbow colors. We ride the rainbows up out of the water and sit on top of a cloud. We are met by a Unicorn named Apollo,who invites us to ride with him. He prances on the clouds and jumps through the rainbows. We feel and absorb this new frequency that contains no gravitational pull. We feel this new standing wave pattern and become a part of it. We are met by many unicorns who dance and prance around on the clouds. Next, we ride these unicorns and they become a merry go round that is dancing and singing as they twirl round and round through the rainbows. Next, they dive down into the tourqoise irradecent aqualene water.

They turn into sea horses when they enter the water. They show us that we can become anything we want to be. We turn into star fish, and then dolphins and then mermaids and then we disappear and turn into rainbows and into crystal pillars of light and then we become mermaids again. We swim back into our bedroom in our golden dust mansion. We lay on the bed in our room and Zorak -my starry brother, creates a golden portal of golden white star dust energy that he streams through us as we sleep in our bed. He wraps us in a cocoon of this golden dust energy. When we wake up we transmute from this cocoon into a beautiful blue butterfly. We are now able to fly beyond all holograms of the past and create a brand new star system.

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