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Meditations to raise your frequency ,and small yet BIG! steps to a better world for all beings.

Hi . I just wanted to share some things to help us all as we  open to more love in our hearts and we all blossom gradually to return heaven to earth! 

1; Meditations ; Meditation is one of the best fastest ways to grow and develop. Great ones online ,many are free ; ask-angels/ Melanie does fantastic Mediations to 'Raise your Vibration 'and' Earth Healing', you can listen on ur computer,download or put on ur MP3. Really help. I listen to them every day and  if I wake up in the early hours and they are very gentle yet powerful! are great too.

2;I am an Angel  Healer, Therapist , Meditation,Yoga Teacher,& Workshop Facilitator based in the U.K.I can help by phone if its not practical in person;please visit We have had some wonderful results in all areas of life from helping people transform relationships, finding their life destiny path to healing cancer! Also of course Global Healing and Blessing.I would be honoured to help you in any way. No problem is too big or too small for your Angels! The power of love can transform anything!

3; Please visit and ask for a friendly daily reminder; just a click feeds the hungry and it's free! Also links to click on others at the top of the page;animals,rainforest,children,health etc. Please spread the word to heal our world! It just takes a few seconds a day to make a big difference and saves lives.Thank you.

4;Join and  know that u count  and can create fast positive changes as part of a massive nearly 10 million people strong global force making rapid transformation!!! Anytime you think or feel change isn't happening fast enough just log in and see millions joining and taking actions every single second of every day! It's awesome and truly inspiring, especially if u feel alone! God bless them!

5; Watch Zeitgeist 'Moving Forward' its free online on You Tube. Moving from problems to practical solutions to create a sustainable free world.The movement is growing and creating  awareness of the alternatives to the system of slavery as it  strangles itself.Incorporates The Venus Project,I'm sure the amazing Jacques Fresco is Leonardo Da Vinci reincarnated. Seriously.

6; Read '2012 and Beyond ' by Diana Cooper for support and understanding through the immense transformation Earth is going through.Contact they are fantastic.

7; Look up Jennifer Hoffman and for great helping hands over  the bumps in the road as we ride the rollercoaster of ascension!

Love joy and peace to you and our beautiful world  and "keep your face to the sunshine and you wont see the shadows" Helen Keller .              Pippa at xxxxxx

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