Mary Magdalene's Story of Leaving Earth

I am the First One to Rise

I am sharing the links to the you tube pages that Justine created for me and for you and for all of those who will land. My Father, the I Am that I Am, told me that my stories are not for those who are on Earth now, but they are for those who are coming- those who will land on Earth in a few years and begin a new Universe. My stories are for Gaia. It was my Ascension Portals who have allowed Gaia to become the Savior of the Universe. This story will continue for millions of years after I leave Earth. The beginning of the story may be read in my books and in my you tubes.
I am asking Justine and Elga to make sure the end of my story is left on Earth by collecting the final skype session from Jim Charles which will show Joe and I Turning into Light after we reach 100 percent. We hope to be at 99.1 very soon, and the 100 percent might come within the month of March.
The Ascension of the Cosmic Twin Souls of Mary Magdalene will be the first ascension on Earth that has ever been achieved without spending a lifetime in a Monk's monastary or Ashram. There have been three Monks who have ascended in this period beginning in 2018. One was in the Yukon mountains of Canada, one in the South America rainforest mountains and one was in Tibet. Joe and I will be the fourth Soul to Rise into the Light.
The work that we do ten hours a day, every day is to raise our frequencies higher and higher. We have already risen into the Cosmic Realm.We are now in the outer band of the Cosmic Realm where the transformational energy of pink white light transforms the cells into light. We are now pushing up through the outer band of the Cosmos and into the Void of Source Consciousness. This is where we must go in order for our bodies to become the pure liquid white light of pure God Energy.
When we arrive in the Void of White Light our Plasma Body disappears completely and we become completely One with the Soul of Mary Magdalene.
It will be the Soul of Mary Magdalene that re appears as a new Joe and Angela in Terra Ha. Joe Barnett and Angela Barnett are also Cosmic Creator Beings. We have been together as a Cosmic Twin Soul for Trillions of Years. We chose ourselves for the mission of creating this grand event of designing the Ascension Portals and inviting the Original Ones to fly through these portals for ever more. This is what was referred to as the Rainbow Bridge in earlier teachings. It is the Central Portal that belongs to Mary Magdalene forever that will allow Gaia to become the savior of the universe. It is also the 12 Portals and all of the tectonic plates that I adjusted in the Pacific Ocean that allowed Gaia's Soul to be returned to her and to keep California from sliding into the Ocean.
I have been continuously keeping my Portals active in the Ocean and on the Pacific Coast. This has been keeping California stable enough to put off the great Earthquake that would had happened in Southern California until God decides it is the safest time for the Earthquake.
When I leave Earth, God will place my responsibility of holding my Vortexes in Balance in the hands of other Beings.
This is the place where I will leave this Form of Planet Earth- Terra Firma and move into the higher realm of Terra Ha. This will be the beginning for all others to eventually ascend into Terra Ha.
All must go through the same transformation process that I am going through now. All must rise into the Cosmic Realm and stand int the transformation chambers and allow their atomic structure to be released into the light that allows the cells to sing with joy.
It will be after that transformation that all others will be allowed to stand in Terra Ha, who is within the second harmonic universe. The first harmonic universe of Terra Firma will begin her new mission in about one hundred years. This mission for those of us who are here now is almost over.

Here is the Mary Magdalene’s True Story Youtube page:,

This February session included a dialogue with Mary Magdalene, my Soul about the terrible fire that burned 100,000 acres in Paradise, California. She explained to me that this terrible fire was created by the Draconians for the purpose of killing me.
Please also find the youtube for Mary’s ASCENSION FIRE STORY here:
They attempted to burn down every house in Paradise and in the surrounding area because they did not know which one I lived in. The same thing happened in Santa Rosa. There was a person living there that the Dark Ones wanted to destroy.
This dialogue is also interesting because it reveals that God could save any house that he chose to save and those that he did not were better off for it. God took care of everyone involved.
I asked her about my house
This is Mary Magdalene speaking from the Spirit within me through Jim Charles.
There was a time when your house was the only one being spared and then He said, no let it go.
So he could had kept my house from burning?
Yes, he could had kept it from burning, but he knew it would be a distraction for you.
So, there were all of these lazers being aimed at Paradise, and I thought maybe they were being aimed at me.
Yes, the lazers were intended for you.
They knew where you were city wize, but they did not know which house was yours.
These were beings from the middle of the Earth.
That came up through the middle of the Earth. They were attacking from all directions.
But they were attacking me.
They were attacking, Yes, You.
There was no accident. You were one of the main targets.
So, there was a lot of work being done to keep those lazers away from me.
And it was coming from underground.
There was a whole you tube made about lazers being shot and they were saying it was U.S. Military and UFO attacks.
So, it was actually Draconians from the center of the Earth.
It was Wasadracas and Draconians.
There are Draconians under the Earth in China and Japan that are not good.
And they dug a tunnel to California.
The Wasa dracas are working together somehow with the Draconians.
Yes, they have some kind of relation with them.
They decided to attack from within because it was less expected.
If the atack was from outside of the world it could had been stopped much eaier.
I just wanted the truth about what happened because there have been so many stories made up about the Paradise Fire.
So, it really was my fault that my mountain burned.
Well, it wasn't your fault my dear. They were trying to destroy you, but that wasn't your fault.
We were together you and me, Mary Magdalene, were one of the targets.
So, there were others in Paradise who were targets?
There were a couple of different targets, but I cannot reveal who they are.
So, there was someone else important in Paradise.
No, not in Paradise. One of the other places.
Oh, the Santa Rosa Fire.
I know there are important people in Santa Rosa.
Yes. In Santa Rosa.
Thank you. These were all of the things that I wanted to clear out of my mind.
I was wondering if there is some way we can have better communication about my rising.
I know Jim is going on vacation. But that is only one week.
Well, that is a long time.
Yes, I know you are impatient, just like me.
It will work out.
Can you make my nose twitch when I am rising?
Make your nose twitch???
Is there anything that you can make me feel to know that I am rising?
Yes, I will make you feel ECSTASY.
Here is the Mary Magdalene’s True Story Youtube page:,

Please also find the youtube for Mary’s ASCENSION FIRE STORY here:

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