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By the time of the next U.S. Election, the Consciousness of the entire World will have already changed. A very spectacular thing is going to happen during the ELECTION PROCESS of the next America President. We will have people waking up to wanting a world of Love and Peace and we will have a candidate who is showing the people how that world will come to be through the very action that he takes during the election process. There will be a candidate who performs every act of the competitive process that we call the campaign through the process of Love. Watch for it. You will see it.

And you probably won't believe that this person will be able to win the election because there is no competition. There is no proof being shown of one being better than the other. There will be no argument about anything coming from this person. The candidate will be giving the public more reasons to vote for the opponents because there will be nothing but compliments on how well he or she sees the others, who are as much a reflection of the light as he or she is. This is how our new Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will begin. Right here in the U. S. of A.

There will be a true Freedom and Justice for all returned through the actual examples of the LEADER. That is how all Star Systems are run. However, the Leader eventually becomes the Consensus of Consciousness through a Telepathic Knowing and there is no government at all needed. Everyone on Earth can begin this process right now. It is the process of Loving your neighbor, your enemies, your family in a BRAND NEW WAY.

What we are learning to do at this time is going to tilt the Grids into the Light from the Darkness. What the few thousand of us who understand this process can do right now is this: Go to the other Side of the Veil. Walk into the magnetic mirror that creates the illusion of separation between the physical and spiritual. On the other side of that VEIL or magnetic mirror is the BEING OF LIGHT who is the REAL SELF- the COMPLETE self of the one we see on this side of the VEIL. The Veil is coming down. We can melt that veil away now. We can walk through the Veil and be with the Spiritual Self of everyone on this side of the VEIL. Each person came from the Light when they were born. Only a small percentage of each person came to this side of the Veil.

The rest of that person is a Light so Bright that it would blind you. You are a Light that shines a million colors of the rainbow. Everyone on Earth is a Light with a spectacular Spectrum of Light shining as their being. That perfect Light contains all of the Knowing, all of the Love of the Mind of God because it is a part of the Cosmic Soup of Light Energy on the other side of the Veil. We can now plug each person on Earth into that Light Energy on the other side of the Veil. We can do this by imagining every person we see as this Ball of Light that is so strong that we must put our sun glasses on to look at them. We must see this reality because it is in fact here. The only reason that most people do not see this light is because they did not go through my Candle Technique Training yet.

Each of us must learn to shift our vision from the five senses into a vision that sees things that we didn't know were there before. The simple process of walking your Consciousness into the Sun until you see the Sun turn Blue and then eventually you see spheres of blue around your body and around the bodies of everyone you meet. That is how easy it is. When you walk into the Sun, you have walked through the Veil. You have already done it. You already learned what the other side feels like. The more time you spend in the Full Spectrum of Light -- the WHITE LIGHT- the more you will feel the Frequencies of your Consciousness shifting out of the Physical and into the Spiritual Realm. This Light Energy is being Amplified, Projected, Flooded into Earth in 2016 because the Time Capsules that hold the Frequencies of our KNOWINGNESS will become activated. The Veil that kept us from that Knowingness will be removed.

There is a reason why we had to wait an extra 26,000 years for this process to take place. There were a group of War Like Tribes who invaded the Earth and broke apart the Crystalline Grids and then planted mine fields in them that made the energy of the Earth begin to explode. The VEIL had to be put up to stop that explosion. After that event, another event happened about 10,000 years ago called the Babylon Masacre which was the event where the same War Like Tribes created the Tower of Babel, which SCRAMBLED our Consciousness into thinking we were separate groups of Consciousness, instead of One Grand Consciousness.

That One Grand Consciousness is being returned now. Our state of amnesia that began with the Tower of Babel will end. Everyone will remember that there is no one to be at war with because we are all the same One. These things are all going to happen very fast once they are set in motion through the Time Capsules and the New Light coming from the 12 Waves of Starry Consciousness. We are going to return to a state of Normal (the human made in the Image and Likeness of God Template) for a short period of time, which will allow the Enlightenment of All to begin, and then we will move into a state of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The state of Consciousness will grow stronger and stronger until 2036 when we reach the level of Consciousness that shows we are ready to have Peace on Earth and with the rest of the Universe.

That is when we will begin new Galactic Relationships that evolve Earth into the new Inter Galactic Station of the Universe. The last event that will take place before we are invited to join the Emerald Covenant of Universal Peace, will be an Initiation of Earth leading another Planet through this same process that we are going through at this time. We must save another Planet before we pass our final Initiation. If you think you are too old to be around to see this grand new reality, just ask your Higher Self, from within, to reprogram your Cells into your Eternal Life Body. Now is the time we can remove twenty years from our body, twenty pounds from our body, return perfect health to the body. Now, is the time to begin to learn how to do these things because it can happen very, very fast now.

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