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The Mystical Elixirs The term ‘elixir’ when applied to music indicates that the alchemical knowledge of the potencies of frequencies has been applied to produce a sound healing that eliminates illusion. Connecting the frequencies that are not audible into the frequencies that are audible in order to remove the polarization of the Spiritual--that which is beyond our present scope of hearing with the Hertzian level frequencies into the hertzian frequencies at the highest possible recorded level of 96,000 hertz.

This is an entirely different Cosmic alchemical use of Frequencies than is used in Solfege. Solfege Music is only focusing on Hertzian Frequencies of the lowest range, which is only result in connecting the Ears to that low frequency. There is nothing beyond the scope of third dimensional density in that old methodology. The Cosmic Frequencies are not Audible. That means they are not in the Hertzian Frequency.

They are a High Consciousness Vibration that spins thousands of times faster than the speed of light. This doesn't mean that we cannot tune in to it, feel it, talk to it and become at one with it. It only means we must raise our spin rate thousands of times faster than the speed of light in order to connect with that Cosmic Frequency. So, I connect consciousness into the Elohim of Hearing who creates a portal into my Ear.

The Communication of the physical body into all dimensons of reality go through the waves between the ears. From those frequency waves there is a new portal created out the back of the head below the skull. That portal connects into the Mind of God Stream of Consciousness that allows us to experience all dimensional realities in sound and in vision. We can practice expanding our vision until we can actually see the Crystalline Grids of the Earth and the entire Cosmos that connects into them. In order to learn to see the things that are invisible to us now and to hear the things that are not audible to us now, we must break a barrier or walk through the Veil of separation.

We can do this by connecting our Crystal Heart into the Crystal Heart of the Earth and the Cosmos. This is where I go to collect the frequencies for the music. In order to record frequencies that are obtained from the Cosmos, the frequency waves must break many barriers of dimensional octaves by moving through layers and layers of galaxies and universes, just like riding on a space ship. This is the reason that there are some hisses and buzzes and why there are some times of invisible sound that is the white light. These sounds don't sound like silence or hisses or buzzes to me. They only sound like that to those who haven't trained their ears to be on the other side of the Veil yet.

The sounds of cracks, hisses and buzzes is identical to what the listener would be hearing if they were riding on their OrbBody Space Ships through the Multi Dimensional Realities. The actual practice of this experience through the sound waves in the ears prepares the listener for the actual experience of being carried out their window at night in their orb body and taken on to a space ship. This reality may begin taking place not long after the individual begins taking journeys in consciousness. Before 2012, many individuals took astral trips to space ships and other universes. Now, that we are living in fifth dimensional bodies, we can actually turn into orbs of light who may actually travel on the space ships of our starry friends. What we could do in the dream state can become a reality for those who can keep their consciousness continuously in the fifth dimension.

The Veil that is pulling us back and forth between the third and fourth densities must become completely disolved by bringing so much spiritual consciousness from higher dimensions, and merging into oneness with our plasma host body, until we actually pop into the Excitement without Expectation of Unconditional Love energy. White Magic was a scientific formula used by Alchemists that utilized Consciousness within various portions of the Universe to heal or create through transformational Alchemy. Crystalai has been trained by the great Alchemist in the Sky-- the Elohim of Hearing-- how to create the Cosmic Elixer of Frequencies of Light and Sound. The Consciousness that is used to create these Sound Elixers is the Elohim of Hearing himself.

He is the Great Alchemist in the Sky. When Crystalai creates the Individual Eternal Life Album, she steps through a complete alchemical formula that was given to her by the Elohim of Hearing and processed through that Entity's Cosmic and Universal Consciousness in the Cosmic Spiritual Parallel Alchemy. Masters created elixers from various elements in nature that resulted in miraculous healing. The exact process of creating these elixers includes being completely guided through Higher Consciousness in the creation rather than any exact ratio of elemental substances. If the elixer is not created through Consciousness, it contains no transformational qualities.

It might work as a band aid for a temporary uplift, but not a true healing. Masters also create elixers from the higher elementals of light and sound in order to raise the frequencies of the lower dimensions into the full spectrum of dimensional frequencies. Most alchemical healers and sound healers limit their elixers to very low and dense frequencies because they are using a belief that says you need to lower the frequencies of the area that needs to be healed. There could be nothing more removed from the truth. What was said by the Cosmic Guardians was we need to first capture the highest frequencies of Love ( this is the Frequency of Pre Light and Sound in the Spheres beyond the outer Cosmic band of Light and Sound) and then lower that frequency into the area in the body that we want to transform. The Love Frequency is Total Excitement without Expectation.

It comes from knowing that all of our hearts desires are automatically processed and manifested through the Act of maintaining our Consciousness in Unconditional Love where we Stop Thinking. We become so detached from thinking and so addicted the the Excitement of Life that we remove our selves from Expectations because we realize that Love will provide greater expectations than we could ever imagine. There is a FEELING of relaxation or dizziness that is created by an over saturation of higher frequencies. This feeling is not a Lowering of Frequencies. It is the feeling of a Trance created by TURNING OFF the THINKING BRAIN. Only the Thinking Brain can cause pain and create disease. There were many words taken out of the Cosmic formula that resulted in the belief that sound healers thought they were supposed to bring low frequencies of a screetching nature into the cells and blast them open.

That is an old belief. The reason that this belief has worked on some occasions is because the patient believes it is going to work, and second the healer has actually connected to higher frequencies and didn't realize it. The true form of Sound Healing that is the Magical Elixer of complete transformation allows the Consciousness from the Over Soul, Christ Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness to OVER FLOW into each and every omni particle of the cellular anatomy of the Individual. Sacred Texts said An Elixir is a Magical Potion that is prepared to change metals into gold. The metal was the third dimensional human with limitations based on the physical.

The gold is the Christ Consciousness based on removing the polarity between the Spiritual and Physical and saturating the Physical with the Love Frequency of Transformation from a human being into a Christ walking on Earth. Inhaling the Frequencies of Pre Light and Pre Sound that are purely Spiritual into denser frequencies in the physical body, the cancels out the illusions that have been programmed into the DNA. This balance of the spiritual into the physical light and sound has been employed in the creation of this elixir music, which was created by the formula of the Elohim of Hearing. So, in fact, Crystalai is the Channeler of Cosmic Frequencies from the Elohim of Hearing, in the same manner that others are the Channeler of one entity from other realms.

A physical body that has been saturated with the Spiritual Consciousness is one that has unplugged the old 3D neuronet system and plugged into the Cosmic neuronets of the Mind of God. We can move into this form of reality simply by living in EXCITEMENT WITHOUT EXPECTATION, which is living in the outer sphere of the pre light and sound called LOVE FREQUENCY who holds all of the light and sound into Oneness of all possibilities. The Individual Eternal Life Album that is created through this Alchemical Formula. The individual who orders the album will receive an Initiation through this Magical Love Potion that fills the Consciousness with Infinite Possibilities.

The individual must then learn how to use their album. The album is accompanied by directions of how to use it. Those who have already ordered their album or those and those who want to learn more may listen to the entire you tube set that describes how the album is created and how to use it. You are welcome to listen to the following you tubes to learn more about the life altering Eternal Life Album that is created through this Magical Elixer of Love.

If you are ready to have your Individualized Eternal Life Album created through the Elixer of Love please write to

There are a total of five sets of these you tubes.


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    Dr. Angela Barnett
    I am sharing this newsletter that was sent to my members because I want to inform anyone who reads my articles that you are reading a small piece of a teaching that includes ten years of back ground knowledge. This knowledge is known to those who subscribe to the newsletter and it is available to all of those who do not.
    However, I highly recommend that you do not think you know the meanings of everything you read without having the background knowledge of the audience that the article is intended for. For instance, my audience has been using a frequency wave chart that shows hertzian as the lowest wave in the full spectrum of light. Everything we do in the CMSO is done within the Full Spectrum of Light. The entire teaching is to exchange the small range of reality within the hertzian wave for the waves beyond such as the infra red which allows us to enter the netherlands, and the Full Spectrum which allows us to have instant manifestation. The teaching this week is about the Atomic Mirror. This is the Wave pattern that allows us to walk into the other side of reality.
    First of all, I'm hoping that those of you who are choosing to read my newsletters are doing so because you have found something new, different and a brand new perspective on reality. I hope you know that everything that I write in these articles in my newsletters are channeled revelations. They are not collections of "Scientific Data."
    The Fifth Dimensional View of Scientific Data, is that which needs to be Transmutted into Light, so that a brand new reality can now replace those old lower frequencies. We must literally walk into the Atomic Mirror to move from the Hertzian into the Infra Red Light that interacts with the Visible light spectrum to create new realities that manifest as a result of moving out of the hertzian level thinking brain. We must fill ourselves full of the entire light spectrum. We must be within the Ultra Violet Blue that transforms White Light into the spectrum that we perceive. This Ultra Violet Blue is a brand new reality. It is not contained in the hertzian wave of reality.
    There will be those who attack my work, and they will attack you if you try to share my work BECAUSE their frequencies are not high enough to comprehend the meaning of anything that is beyond their SCIENCE.
    I would like to share an example of what I am speaking about.
    I just received this email telling me that I am misinforming my audience about the meaning of hertzian and ascension.
    First, this person says that hertzian does not mean the frequencies that are audible to a human.
    Here is the definition of hertzian:
    An audio frequency (abbreviation: AF) or audible frequency is characterized as a periodic vibration whose frequency is audible to the average human. The SI unit of audio frequency is the hertz (Hz). It is the property of sound that most determines pitch.[1]

    Of course, that person read a different definition some place, so they feel that it is their duty to solicite their advice to me. The meaning of unsolicited advice is hostility.
    And hostility comes from the neo cortex judgement loop which blocks understanding from entering the consciousness of those on Earth.
    If you have been following my teachings on the music that was given to me by the Elohim of Hearing through a method designed to bring the highest frequencies to Earth through music, you have discovered that I have been recording Cosmic Frequencies. I have explained many times that these Cosmic Frequencies can not be heard because they are not hertzian, they are the pre light and sound of the gamma wave. They are in fact Consciousness. Can Consciousness be recorded? Yes, it can be recorded because the Elohim of Hearing arranged a method of breathing these frequencies through my consciousness.
    I prepared a picture on my website of the pyramid of frequency light waves. This diagram shows that the hertzian wave is the lowest wave in the full spectrum of light. When we detach the full spectrum of light, which is the realm of reality created by Source from any part of this full spectrum, we are no longer attuned into the Oneness of all of the Light and Sound.
    The entire teaching is to show you that if you remain plugged in to the hertzian wave, you can not ride the infa red wave in the psychic brain into the netherlands of that which can not be seen by hertzian waves. Just as we have shown you how to use the Sun as an expample of how you can transform the light into the ultra violet blue, and we have shown you how you can use the magnetic mirror which contains the frequencies of the atomic radiation that is used to fuel space ships, these frequencies are far beyond hertzian-- which is the only wave frequency that is audible to the human that uses Third Dimensional Senses.
    (The atomic radiation that is used to fuel space ships is actually a plasma frequency created in consciousness which combines heliotalic 14th dimension with 8th dimensional gamma-- these are terms and definitions that came from Lemurians and Sirians-- not 3D SCIENCE).
    This is the Frequency required to create the NEW ATOMIC MIRROR album that was just released. The Frequencies of Consciousness taken into the 14th heliotalic  and combined with the 8th in the Sun and then exhaled. What you hear is hertzian-- because hertzian is the name of the frequency used by the five senses-- however, you are also hearing and feeling deep within your DNA a frequency that is creating the Neutron Body.
    The entire meaning of hertzian is designed to serve the Science of the Third Dimensional Science. So, the very fact that someone would argue my use of hertzian is only to show that person chooses to not acend beyond the five senses.
    That is the choice that is being given to everyone on Earth right now. You can continue to live in your neo cortex and serve the five senses or you can move into the infra red of the psychic brain which connects to the violet brain during your dream time. It is the dream state that will allow you to travel through the stars at night. And those few who BELIEVE that the realities beyond the Hertzian and those who attune every cell in their body to that new reality beyond the hertzian, will be the ones who can take their bodies on to the plasma ships. Some of us have already done this, and many of us have been invited.
    This is the exact same method that is used to breathe the frequencies of any manifestation or creation. We hold the image in our mid brain- our frequency specific brain - we connect our consciousness into the back flow of the violet brain wave within the lower cerebellum. The connection of the Cosmic Neuronet starts at the Stem Cell within the Thymus and makes a path through the Medulla Oblangata in the Lower Cerebellum. When the Brain Waves are connected to the Cosmic Consciousness in this manner, the Frequencies that are exhaled are the Consciousness carried by the brain waves.
    When we prepare this path in our brains by molding the Mid Brain into the Infra Red Spectrum, which is one step beyond the hertzian level of seeing and hearing and yet one step below visible light, the Mind goes into a Trance State that detaches from the Thinking Part of the Brain.
    This concept of Hertzian is a third dimensional concept that includes everything in the narrow scope of reality of the 3D Human Thinking or Science. It actually includes everything related to the five senses. We must go beyond science to a realm of the imagination and a realm of allowing the old rational thinking to disappear.
    Of course, there will always be those KNOW IT ALLs who think they know everything because they read something once somewhere.
    What I am sharing with you on my website came from a very long training with the Elohim of Hearing, the Guardian Angels from the pre light and pre sound realms, along with the Aquari Race who created the stardust foundation of the Earth and the Sirius B Team who created the Great White Lion Grid System that will return our Normal state of Instant Manifestation, Free Energy and all of the things that are not related to the Hertzian realm of the Audible and Perceivable.
    Those who would like to have debates about the meanings of concepts such as hertzian that they read in a dictionary are not in the minority of those who are willing to move beyond time and space into the freedom of Cosmic Consciousness.
    The purpose of my website is to educate those who want to be prepared for the New Reality. You always have the choice to continue with the old 3D Science, and the definitions that go with it, or you can just move into that place that is completely invisible to those in the Hertzian Realm.
    As you all know, I share with you all that is learned by all involved on this site. So, here I am going to share with all of you who know exactly who I am a letter from Jim Farmer, who is first insulting me and then telling me that I need to hire him as a technical savvy person to edit my articles.
    I am here to inform you, show you all perspectives or reality, and make sure that you do not get trapped into the little illusions of the small minded who think they should edit others about matters they know so little about.

    I am sharing this letter, so that you can use your own mirrors of perception to choose who should be the editor.
    Hi Krystalai,

    In you said "That means they are not in the Hertzian Frequency."

    The word "Hertz" is a name for the unit "cycles/second"  It does not imply a certain range of values.  It is used in other contexts also, for example in electromagnetic radiation and electronic equipment, where megahertz values are common.

    The word that you wanted is "audible".
    Could you have a technical savvy person check your articles before publishing them?
    I bother to inform you of that mistake because there are many technophobes writing about Ascension and related topics, and they often misuse technical terms and concepts, and that gives many skeptics reason to reject the whole topic.
    Jim Farmer

This reply was deleted.

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