Archangel Michael[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved Humans, this is I Archangel Michael speaking. Today I am bringing you a Message of Love. It is LOVE which has been a mystery for many thousands of years and many have tried already to explain or describe this phenomenon.

No-one has hitherto succeeded to manifest what it is about what is called LOVE. You cannot describe LOVE as it does not need any words of any language and it is something beyond any comparison with anything here on earth and above.

Only those understanding that LOVE is all depending on each individual’s perception may be prepared to accept LOVE as it is in its true essence and pure being.

Here I want to recall to you what is the real meaning of LOVE. True LOVE is to accept everything without any evaluation as it is - from being oneself to all surrounding one individually. There is absolutely no need for any evaluation including that of sentiments and feelings. Everybody comprehends LOVE on a different personal level.

LOVE will come when your heart is set on LOVE. As long you are unable to receive LOVE you also may not able to give LOVE. This is one of the most essential Laws to be considered when referring to LOVE.

It is the Power of LOVE only which may overcome time and space! It is by LOVE only - being part of all divine energy - that ways are being made through all hindrances. And thus LOVE will never - ever be fully understood by Human Beings. And there is no need ever to comprehend it as it is meant solely to be fully lived out in the essence of it.

Only those living out their inner LOVE will be able to receive it in return. Only those to give way to LOVE into their lives - do know and learned it is the most beautiful matter you may receive here on earth and everywhere. Everything will and may be placed and submitted to LOVE. Since LOVE begins at the very point where everything else has its end and this is one of the Great Secrets of Love.

Thus go forward my beloved Humans here on Earth. You are LOVE, pure divine Love of God our heavenly Father. Being aware of this fact you will be able to receive His Love, Love from Our All-Creator. If you are able to receive this kind of LOVE with your heart you will then experience LOVE on some quite and totally different level.

With great love to you
Your Archangel Michael


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  • Wonderful definition of pure LOVE.Thank you Archangel Michael.'


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