My Dear Friend,


I often get approached by people who ask “Why is it that I pray, meditate, and try to carry myself in a positive light and yet I do not feel my Spirit ‘awakening’? “
They will go on to suggest “It seems that everyone else around me is evolving on such a higher platform”
These questions are very genuine and carry a concern that many have. You see, in today’s fast passed media world, we expect things to occur on demand. To make matters worse, we will read stories or watch programs that highlight someone fast ascension to a Spiritual Awakening.
Well my friend, if these questions have been bouncing around in your own head, you are not alone. You see , most of us will not receive a late night Angelic visit, visual intervention on behalf of the higher spirits to bring us back from death, or even have a physical conversation with God to ensure that our feet are on the right path and to signal to us that our Soul has “awoken”.

So then, what are we to do?

First, I humbly suggest that you do away with the concept of ‘awakening’.
I realize that this is a popular phrase and that there is some level of attachment to it, but honestly…

You Are Awake.


What does transpire through the alignment of your mind/ego to your Souls spiritual path is a “Remembering”. That is why when you begin this process things seem to click with you and you find yourself saying “yeah, that finally makes sense!” or “that feels right to me.”


But you need not travel your path alone, for you have some amazing partners, Angels and Spirit Guides that have chosen to be by your side throughout your journey here. However you do need to reach out to them, acknowledging their presence and opening up to their communication and their Love.


As you go forward within this amazing journey, understand that the foundation of your Spiritual path is laid one brick at a time and these bricks are held together with the mortar of Love and Faith
Each positive thought, action, and vibration you send out is another brick within your walkway. Your Spiritual path.

Sending warm Blessings and Love,



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  • We forget that our Creative Parents/All That Is/ I am that I am are omnipresent nearer than hands and feet
    even the energy I use as I type this and receive the message to impart via the magical internet activating my
    mind. We have choice. I have a friend of mine, Mike who is a Senior Detective in the local Police. He had picked me up to enjoy a week away from the big smoke. We went out bush and as we were driving Mike said he had a splitting headache. He was feeling really stressed out. I sad that's alright as I had a solution for him. Mike when we stop find a tall gum tree, one that does not have an ant super highway on it, place your arms
    around it, and tell me what you think. We stopped the car at a lovely cabin. After a while I thought where is Mike, he's been gone quite a while. I searched around and found him hugging a tree. He smiled, looked at me and said, "Jeff I feel great, this is amazing. I can't tell anyone back at the office they will think I'm screwy."
    The trees take in carbon and breath back oxygen and they also take in negativity and neutralize it, all you have to do is say thank you to the Tree Diva for helping you. Send them love for their service. We are surrounded by help and only need to open our eyes. Thank you to Michael who posted this showing us that we are always nurtured and cared for when we least expect it. Lots of Light and Love Michael Kingjeff
  • Very beautiful message Michael, full of positivity, it is so very much needed in times like these....

    People are seriously demanding right now, and I think it's because they know something intense is happening, but are so confused by how they feel, so they don't totally grasp it....

    It's good to take a step back, and look at things from a clearer perspective :)

    Blessings to you as well :)
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