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Let your fear of change go and walk happily into your future - Archangel Gabrielle through Isabel Henn


My loved ones, I would like to tell you a few words of encouragement. Much has happened and developed invisible for you. The divine plan has meanwhile entered the stage of manifestation.

Behind the scenes, has been worked around diligently and tirelessly.We Archangels along with the Masters, your relatives of Inner Earth and your stellan brothers and sisters have worked on various missions that fall like one gearwheel into the other, leading to the events that will manifest now in this month.

Many of you have during their night time, when your bodies recover from the exertions of the day, contributed in partly difficult and dangerous missions to this success. Especially among lightworkers and wayshowers are great and old souls, whose powers and abilities provide valuable support and are sometimes crucial to the successful outcome of a mission.

So do not wonder if you are still tired despite adequate sleep and a feeling awakes in you that you had worked through the night. You are in this case our precious earthly staff members. In truth, however, you are beautiful lightbeings from different dimensions or universes that are incarnated on Earth in order to bring about from the inside out the radical changes and the paradigm shift.

You are in this sense systembreakers and some of you have incarnated since thousands of years on earth, or like my channel for just one incarnation.
You have worked tirelessly for these events, often without remembering who you really are or what your mission is.

For you all the same task is to send out your light like a beacon in the night or in stormy weather and to ignite with it and your love the spark in your fellow men. Your Earth, Gaia, is now covered with a light grid, as it can't be more beautiful than this and it is widely seen in your galaxy.

Gaia herself has changed from a planet into the shining star again that she had once been, before her descent into the third Dimension. This is for the most part your earnings, we have supported you only.
In all of you a wakingpoint is programmed, but it is your free choice to continue to sleep or to wake up and to start your mission. The majority of the Lightworkers and Starseeds is now awake or in the process of opening their eyes and to look astonished into this changing world.

Oh, my beloved could you but see it already, but it will not be long now and one domino tumbles after another and this will pull the last veil of sleep and illusion with it. Expect great things my beloved beings of light. The reunion of the Twin Flames of the Archangels and Ascended Masters is imminent and it will have a series of events in the aftermath.

Please forgive me if I come back now with the for you so unpopular word "soon", but we have no other word for it. And I mean Your "soon". Your world as you know it will change soon in all, if you let it happen and accept the changes. Let your fear of change go and walk happily into your future, for which you had to give up and endure so much.

We honor you for your courage and your great achievements and applaud you for it. A little bit more and you may harvest and enjoy the first fruits of your labor. Yet for this month of March, the first month of spring in the northern hemisphere, we expect not only the reawakening of nature, but also for you, the first large visible signs and easements.

Equally, as I envelope my beloved incarnation - who is a lot more to me than I can say for this time - in my infinite love, so I envelope you in my deep and infinite love. I am your Archangel Gabrielle.

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author's name and the link to the original site is given.


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